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Pal Pak Is An Adorable Way To Keep Your Dog Safe

Pal Pak Is An Adorable Way To Keep Your Dog Safe

Walking your dog with all your stuff has never been easier. The Pal Pak by Outward Hound is an innovative adjustable walking harness that has a functional and fun pack added to it. It's basically a fanny pack for dogs! The Pal Pak is perfect for tucking your keys into, carrying treats for your buddy, or even stashing your cell phone.

In addition, it also has a “secret” dispenser bag compartment so you will always be stocked up and ready for your pal to “go.” Pal Paks are not just practical, the whimsical designs are absolutely adorable. They include a feisty pirate, a unicorn, a happy monkey, an owl and even a three-eyed monster.

These Paks also come in three sizes that fit 15 pound pooches all the way up to 80 pound dogs.

Pal Pak Is An Adorable Way To Keep Your Dog Safe

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All of Outward Hound's products are made with our pets in mind. For that reason they are durable and tough, along with having fun and functional designs throughout the entire line of products. Their mission statement is on-point by striving to make merchandise that offers a level of convenience to the lives of both pets and their parents with better innovation and meaningful designs.

Pal Pak Is An Adorable Way To Keep Your Dog SafeTheir dog product line includes toys, life jackets and other gear, dog games and bowls. This company is not only focused on bringing quality items to our lives, they are giving back in a big way by supporting pet therapy programs and animal shelters in their area.

In addition, Outward Hound is dedicated to helping the environment by using up to 40% recycled plastic in their Dog Games. The company's Pooch Pick Up Bags are also biodegradable in the open air within 12 months, due to the useage of Symphony D2W Plastic. This company is also a proud member of the Pet Industry Sustainability Coalition, which measures the social and environmental impact they are having, so they can work towards a more sustainable future for us and our fur babies.

Pal Pak Is An Adorable Way To Keep Your Dog SafeOutward Hound has already made an impact on the pet world and has been recognized with several big name companies such as People, Today, the New York Times, Barkpost and many more. Plus, they were awarded the 2015 Pet Insight Vanguard Award for dog toys and they won the 2016 Editors' Choice Award, Pet Product News.

Not all companies are this thorough when it comes to both their products and the world around them, so Outward Hound is definitely one of those worth shopping through. The products are sure to please, not only the finickiest of pet parents, but also those pampered pets.

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