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Review: Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier


If you're planning to take your dog with you on an airplane, train, or bus, you need to purchase a carrier that will meet the size guidelines set by the transportation company you'll be traveling with. Sometimes these guidelines are quite small. The Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier meets the sizing guidelines for most airlines and has expandable sides that provide more room when needed.

The size needs to be the top priority when shopping for a pet carrier, especially if you're going to be traveling. You need to take note of the interior measurements of the carrier and the sizing guidelines provided by your travel company.

Pet Peppy Expandable Pet CarrierLet's say that you're planning on flying with your dog. You need to do some research on the airline's website or make a phone call to confirm the size guidelines for pet carriers. While the Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier (and many other similar products) claims to be “airline approved,” all airlines have different guidelines and there is no guarantee your carrier will meet their requirements.

Remember to keep your dog's safety and comfort in mind when shopping for a carrier. I know you have to meet the requirements set by your travel company, but if your dog isn't going to be comfortable in a carrier of that size, you may need to think twice about your travel arrangements.

The Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier may be a good option for you and your pooch. In the following review, I'll give you all the details about this product and its unique features. Is it a good value for the price? Keep reading to find out.

Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier Review

Pet Peppy Airline Approved Expandable Pet CarrierAs I mentioned, this soft-sided dog carrier claims to be airline-approved. When the expansions are closed, it measures 11″W x 18″L x 11″H. The expansions add an extra 10″ long space on each side of the carrier. This carrier is recommended for pets weighing less than 15 pounds.

While this is a soft-sided carrier, it's not as flimsy as similar carriers. There is a thick wire frame that provides stability for all sides of the carrier. I'm not a big fan of soft-sided crates, because the sides will fold over on your pet and can make it challenging to get your pup inside.

This carrier has a zippered door on the top, which allows you to place your dog inside very easily. The added stability from the wireframe keeps the sides from caving in on your pet, too.

The wireframe also keeps the sides in shape, allowing you to fold this carrier flat for easy storage.

Pet Peppy Airline Approved Expandable Pet CarrierEvery high-quality soft-sided crate should have a safety leash to clip to your dog's collar. The Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier has one of the leashes, and it's very handy to prevent your dog from jumping out the minute you unzip the door.

This carrier from Pet Peppy comes with a fleece pad to provide extra comfort for your dog. This pad is machine washable. It also comes with a collapsible travel bowl, which is handy for providing water to your pet while on the go.

If you plan on using the Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier for traveling on a plane with your dog, I think it would be a very convenient option (as long as it meets the sizing guidelines for the airline you're flying with). It has a shoulder strap that makes it easy to carry smaller pets. There is also a side strap that fits over the handle of a standard rolling suitcase.

Pet Peppy Airline Approved Expandable Pet CarrierYou can get this dog carrier in black, grey, or red. There is also an option to get a black carrier with an attached play tunnel. I think this option would be best if you're going to travel long distances with your canine companion.

The Pet Peppy Expandable Pet Carrier sells for $39.94 on Amazon. Compared to other similar products made of the same quality, this is a reasonable price. Keep in mind that soft-sided carriers are not for every dog. If your dog is going to scratch or chew to try to get out, he will easily ruin this (or any other) soft-sided carrier.

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