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Review: PetFusion Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed

You may think that dog beds are just a comfortable place for your pet to sleep, but they serve more than that purpose. In fact, the best type of dog bedding provides numerous psychological and physical benefits to your canine companion. The PetFusion Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed is comfortable, and durable and keeps your dog cool when he's lounging outside.

A quality dog bed provides comfort and support. A bed gets your pooch up off the cold, hard floor. This isn't just a benefit for older dogs with joint problems. It's also a great preventative measure for young pets to help ward off hip and joint problems for as long as possible.

Perhaps the best benefit of a dog bed is that it will give your pooch a comfy space that is all his. Although dogs are social creatures by nature, they still enjoy resting by themselves now and then. Having his own bed gives your dog a place to relax when he wants some space, time alone to chew a bone or just a quiet place to enjoy watching the hustle and bustle of your family.

PetFusion Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed Review

PetFusion Elevated Outdoor Dog BedThere are 2 sizes of the PetFusion Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed available. The large size measures 39″L x 31″W x 7″H. The extra-large size measures 43″L x 43″W x 7″H. As you can see in the photo above, our Labrador fits just fine in the large size.

The frame is made of steel. There is some assembly required, but it only took me about 15 minutes to put the bed together by myself. It was simple, and the directions are very easy to follow.

Polyester fabric is used to cover the frame, which is more comfortable than the plastic mesh that similar style beds are made with. The cover pulls tight to provide an elevated outdoor dog bed that is comfortable and allows air to flow through constantly – keeping your pup cool during the hot summer months.

The fabric is water- and tear-resistant, which is ideal for outdoor conditions. It's also a must-have feature if you have a “nester”, like my Beagle. In my video review above you can see that she likes to scratch before she lies down. She's destroyed the cover of many dog beds in the past, but we've had this elevated outdoor dog bed for months and there are no signs of wear and tear yet.

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dog on bed outsideThere is a solid foam bolster around the back and one side of the bed. Unlike bolsters filled with polyfill, this one keeps its shape and doesn't flatten out. The bolster provides additional support and prevents your pet from falling off the bed in his sleep.

The bolster cover and liner are machines washable for easy cleaning. You can also see the non-skid feet in the photo above. In my video review, I demonstrate the included weatherproof cover, which is handy if you plan to leave the bed outside year-round.

You can purchase the Large elevated outdoor dog bed on Amazon right now for $119.95, and the extra-large size is currently selling for $159.95. This is quite a bit more expensive than traditional pillow-style dog beds stuffed with polyfill. However, it is comparable with other dog beds of the same quality.

You have to take into consideration the use of steel in the frame construction and the durability of the materials used to make the surface of the bed. This bed is specifically designed to hold up to outdoor elements and resist wear and tear. It's sure to last many years, and possibly even through many dogs. For these reasons, I do believe it's a good value for the money.

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PetFusion Elevated Dog Bed

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petfusion-elevated-outdoor-dog-bed-reviewThe PetFusion Elevated Outdoor Dog Bed is comfortable, durable and keeps your dog cool when he's lounging outside. It's also water-resistant and available in two sizes. The large size measures 39"L x 31"W x 7"H. The extra-large size measures 43"L x 43"W x 7"H.