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DIY Dog Bed Made with A Recycled Tire

You can buy a dog bed at any pet store. Most of them look the same. They're plush pillows, foam rectangles with soft covers or elevated beds that lift your dog off the ground. While commercial beds are a great option, they're expensive and have a generic look. If you're looking for something more creative, this DIY Dog Bed made with a recycled tire may be just what you're after!

Some dogs like to snuggle up in a nest-like bed, while others enjoy sprawling out with their belly in the air. No matter how your dog likes to sleep, chances are you know his sleeping style. This means you also know the type of dog bed that would best meet his needs.

Making your own dog bed also allows you to use any material of your choosing. You can find an outer material that will fit in nicely with your home's décor or a flashy material that shows off your pup's personality

This bed recycles an old tire to create a unique looking bed that is perfect for small and medium breeds. This circular bed is ideal for “nesters”, or dogs that love to scratch and nest before lying down.

DIY Dog Bed Made with A Recycled Tire

DIY Dog BedThis is a very simple project. All you will need is an old tirea can of spray paint and old blankets and pillows for stuffing. You don't even really need the spray paint, but this DIY dog bed looks a lot better if you give the tire a coat of paint.

Wipe down the tire to remove any dirt or debris before you paint it. As you'll see in my video guide above, I put the tire up on an old sawhorse before painting. This kept the mess to a minimum. You could paint the tire on the ground, but you'll leave a ring of spray paint on the ground when you're finished.

I recommend using a paint that is specifically made for outdoor use. You also need to be sure to buy a paint that will bond to rubber. Some spray paint is specifically made for wood, metal, etc…

Once you have the right paint, you can give the tire a new look. I did two coats of paint to make sure that the tire was evenly covered. You're going to want to let the tire dry and “air out” for a few days before allowing your dog to lie on it. The fumes of the paint could be very dangerous to your pup.

Once the tire is finished, you can fill it with stuffing. You could buy a piece of foam and cut it to size, but I like to recycle old blankets and pillows instead of buying something new. One of the best things about DIY projects is that you can turn something old into something new.

Your dog may not want to lay on it immediately, because it smells new. Using your old blankets and pillows for stuffing will help, because they already smell like you. No matter what you use for stuffing, I'm sure your canine companion will be snoozing away once he's had some time to get used to his new bed.

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