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Review: PetSafe Telescoping Dog Ramp

You know that your dog can jump into your vehicle, but should he? Jumping puts a lot of strain on your dog's joints and feet. Think of how often your dog jumps when he's playing, getting onto furniture or exploring his environment. Using products like the PetSafe Telescoping Dog Ramp will help to take some of that unnecessary pressure off of your pet's body.

For a dog, jumping in and out of a vehicle could be dangerous. For example, if your dog jumps or lands the wrong way, he could end up spraining or breaking a leg, or needing an expensive surgery to repair a ligament.

Young and active dogs that keep jumping up and down many times each day will have an increased chance of joint related health problems later down the road. The higher the jump, the more stress it puts on your dog's legs, paws and joints, particularly for large breeds.

If you have a big truck or SUV, your dog may need to jump several feet each time he gets in and out of the vehicle. Using a pet ramp will save him from having to make that leap and probably reduce joint problems when he gets older.

PetSafe Telescoping Dog Ramp Review

PetSafe Telescoping Dog RampThis ramp would be ideal for use with a car, truck or SUV, but its lightweight and convenient carrying handle make it ideal for any type of traveling. As you will see in my video guide above, this ramp is easy to carry and set up. My dogs have no trouble using the ramp.

If your dog has never used a ramp before, you'll probably need to do some training with him until he's comfortable walking up and down a ramp. I've created a video guide to help pet owners learn how to teach a dog to use a ramp that you can find here.

The PetSafe Telescoping Dog Ramp measures 39-72″ L X 17″ W X 4″ H. It is covered with a high traction surface to prevent your dog's paws from sliding underneath him. The ramp is also equipped with side rails that prevent your pup from stepping off the edge.

PetSafe claims that this ramp can support up to 400 lbs! Typically, the more weight a ramp can support, the heavier it is. I was happy to find out that this telescoping dog ramp only weighs 13 pounds. As I mentioned, it's also equipped with a convenient carrying handle making it easy to transport.

The ramp slides apart, and can be secured with a strap when not in use. It's really to store under the seat of your SUV or in the back of a truck. It's also small enough to slide under a bed or store easily in a closet or garage.

You can purchase this ramp on Amazon for $119.95. There is also an extra-long version that retails for $159.95. That one can be extended from 47″-87″ long, but it only supports up to 300 pounds.

No matter which option you choose, these ramps support more than enough weight, they're made with durable material and offer the safety features that are necessary to prevent injury to your pet. They aren't the cheapest dog ramps on the market, but they are definitely a good value for the money. I have no doubt that these ramps will last for many years, and you'll certainly get your money's worth with this product.

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