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Review: Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals


If you are looking for a unique way to memorialize your pet, having a custom stuffed animal replica of them is about as unique as it gets. Petsies uses photos of your beloved pet to create a one-of-a-kind stuffed animal replica of them. They are quite expensive, but for many pet owners the cost is worth the sentimental value.

As pet owners, we love having personalized items with our dogs' name or face on them. Many of us also keep pictures of our pets around our homes, in our office and on our cell phones to show everyone we know. How great would be to have a stuffed animal replica of your pet to show off instead?

While this review obviously features stuffed animals modeled after canines, Petsies can create stuffed animal replicas of large or small pets. They can make a model of a pet rat, cat or even a horse!

Petsies Custom Stuffed Animals Review

Petsies Custom Stuffed AnimalsYou have to order a Petsies custom stuffed animal through the company's website.When placing your order, you have to attach multiple photos of your pet. They like to get photos from the front, back and both sides. This allows them to get every detail of your pet correct.

You'll get email updates throughout the process, and if you're not happy at any time the company will make changes to your stuffed animal. They also back all of their Petsies with a 100% craftsman guarantee.

Petsies Custom Stuffed AnimalsThe standard size is a 16″ tall stuffed animal. You can request a 10″ stuffed animal if you'd like one a little smaller. Both Petsie animals in my video review are 16″ tall.

They use advanced airbrushing techniques to get realistic looking and precise details. You can see an example of this in the detail in our Beagle's coat color and the white fur around our Labrador's muzzle.

The company uses a premium polyester material that looks like realistic fur. Petsies are also made of hypoallergenic materials. They also feature strong stitching to withstand play if you are giving one of these stuffed animals to a child.

I was impressed to learn that Petsies custom stuffed animals are tested by Consumer Product Safety Commission, which is an accredited independent testing lab. They are tested for quality and safety.

Petsies Custom Stuffed AnimalsI am thrilled with our Petsies! They did a great job getting all the details of our girls perfect, right down to their eyes and tails! As I show you in my video review above, the tails and ears of each dog are different. They really customize each stuffed animal individually.

The drawback to these adorable stuffed animals is the price. You can purchase Petsies through the company's website for $249 each. Obviously, that's extremely expensive for a stuffed animal. That price is also out of most people's budget for an unnecessary expense.

I would also recommend signing up for the company's newsletter on their website. It only takes a minute, and they send coupon codes multiple times each year. If you're able to wait, you could wait for a coupon code to get a deal on your Petsie.

If you're interested in ordering one of these custom stuffed animals, you can also sign up for the company's 6-month interest free financing option. While they aren't going to be affordable for everyone, Petsies do make a unique keepsake that will hold priceless sentimental value.

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