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Review: Platinum Pet Treats and Dog Chews


The push for healthier pet food has been escalating over the last few years. Dog owners want top quality food and treats for their pets with no artificial ingredients. Platinum Pet has created a line of pet treats and dog chews that are 100% natural and all made with just a single ingredient.

Many commercial dog treats are made with artificial ingredients and fillers that do not provide any nutritional value to your pet. While they may make your dog happy, that's the only thing that they offer.

Wouldn't you rather feed your pet a snack that will benefit his overall health and well-being? Serving treats that offer a high-quality source of protein, vitamins, and minerals will make Fido happy and give his body the nutrients that it needs.

Chews and treats like these options from Platinum Pet are very high in protein, so they offer additional nutrition along with satisfying your dog's need to chew. However, if your dog is on a low protein diet you'll want to try a non-edible dog chew option.

Platinum Pet Treats and Dog Chews Review

Platinum PetReal Hide Bars and Sticks

When you think of rawhide chews you probably think of the white roll-ups that you see at most pet stores and big box stores. Did you know that an animals hide is not naturally white? Those products are bleached and made with other harmful chemicals that can be toxic to your pet over time.

These chews from Platinum Pet are called Real Hide Bars and Sticks because they are just that – 100% real beef hide with no artificial chemicals or preservatives. The beef hide is sourced from Europe and processed here in the United States.

You can purchase all of the products in this review on the company's website. You can get a 15-pack of the Real Hide Bars for $22.16 or a 20-pack of the Real Hide Sticks for $19.70.

Pork Ears and Super Pig Ears

As with all of their other products, these ears are also 100% natural, single-ingredient treats. They are also sourced in Europe and processed in the United States. They come from grass-fed, free-range pigs.

Pet owners can choose from traditional pork ears or Super Pig Ears, which are traditional ears coated in a bully stick powder. My dogs loved the Super Pig Ears, but FYI, they are very messy. The powder gets all over your dog's bed or your flooring while your pup is munching.

You can purchase 10 regular pig ears for $23.51 or 10 super pig ears for $24.38.

dog treats and chews

As you will see in my video review above, there are many other products available from Platinum Pet. They also offer:

  • ham bones ($7-$9 each)
  • beef hooves (10/$13.17)
  • chicken bites (1 lb./$20.32)
  • bully stick (12″, 6″ and 4″ options starting at $24)
  • pig snouts (10/$22.16)
  • beef femurs ($12.99 each)
  • knuckle bones ($12.99 each)

…and more! You can check out the full line of products on the company's website. Every dog treat and chew from Platinum Pet is 100% natural and made with just 1 ingredient. Their products are only sourced from Europe and the United States, so there is no worry about receiving snacks from countries with loose pet food regulations.

The treats and chews made by Platinum Pet are all sourced from grass-fed, free range animals. The prices may seem high, but they are actually less expensive than most products of comparable quality.

My dogs loved every single of the treats and chews that we tried from Platinum Pet. I've even signed up for the company's “Subscribe and Save” option to automatically receive chews every month with a bonus savings! When comparing the quality of the products to the price, I would certainly recommend these products as a good value for the price.

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