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Pre-Packed Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket is a Must Have

The Pre-Packed Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket is a Must Have
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Many people live in areas that need to be evacuated from time to time. Whether because of a hurricane, tornado, flooding, or any number of other reasons, sometimes these evacuations happen quickly and without much warning. For pet owners that live in these areas, this pre-packed pet evacuation jacket will make getting your pet to safety quick and easy.

Pets are part of our families and just like any other member, if an evacuation occurs pet owners need to be prepared with everything their dog will need until it is safe to go back home. The Japan Trend Shop has created a product that makes it fast and easy for pet owners to evacuate with their fury friends in tow.

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This high-tech, pre-packed jacket comes in multiple sizes to fit small dogs and cats as well as larger breed dogs, and the supplies packed in it is customized for the particular animal and their size. The provisions in the jacket will include everything that you and your pet will need for up to 48 hours after the evacuation.

The Pre-Packed Pet Emergency Evacuation Jacket is a Must Have
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Not only is this product functional, it is also very fashionable. It is made of the latest high-tech fire-retardant fabric which is also used by Japanese firefighters. It is a polyester base cloth with a polyurethane outer shell, and it is made with a fireproof acrylic lining. The jacket also has rapid closure Velcro straps.

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This jacket is fitted with a sturdy carrying handle so owners can scoop their pet up quickly and carry them to safety. There is also a longer strap attached to the jacket that can be used as a leash. The jacket is available in three sizes. Sizing information is available on the company’s website.

Essentially every inch of the jacket is covered with storage pockets. The supplies included for the canine are a food bowl, a muzzle, a protective rain hood, rubber dog boots, a hermetically sealed odor control bag, freezer gel packs, a waterproof ID capsule, a bell, and blank paper.

Human supplies consist of 50mL sealed water packs for drinking or disinfecting, bandages, nutrition bars, first-aid gloves, aromatic oils for calming anxiety and panic, a mini-radio, and a whistle. The jackets sell for around $400 and are only available through Japan Pet Trend Shop’s website.

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