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Review: Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog Shampoo

Waterless shampoo is becoming a very common grooming tool that you can use to keep Fido fresh between baths. Some of these products are made with harsh chemicals that irritate the skin and dull the coat. Pura Naturals Pet has created a waterless shampoo that is made with USDA Certified Organic ingredients.

A lot of dogs have anxiety about taking baths. They don't like being enclosed in a bathtub, and pouring water over them tends to stress dogs out. With waterless shampoo, you don't need to worry about the stress of bath time!

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog ShampooAlso known as dry shampoo, all you have to do is rub this grooming aid through your dog's coat and allow it to dry – no rinsing required! Waterless shampoo is definitely more convenient than a traditional bath, but it should NOT be used as a substitute for regular bathing.

Your dog will still need a traditional bath when necessary. I say when necessary, because your dog's grooming schedule will depend on his coat and unique health conditions.

With that said, let's take a look at this organic waterless dog shampoo from Pura Naturals Pet. Sometimes natural products aren't as effective as products made with chemicals. How does this grooming aid stack up?

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog Shampoo Review

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog ShampooWaterless shampoo is definitely easy to use! As you'll see in my video review above, the dry shampoo comes as a liquid. It is exactly like foaming hand soap. It's in liquid form in the bottle and turns into foam when you pump it out.

The foam works into a nice lather and is easy to work into your dog's coat.

As you will see in my video review above, working this organic waterless dog shampoo from Pura Naturals Pet into your dog's coat will release shed hair. It also strips dirt and debris from the coat.

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog ShampooI normally do not use waterless shampoo often, because it tends to leave a residue behind. I was very happy to see that this organic version leaves nothing behind! It leaves the coat smooth and clean, which is exactly what a shampoo should do.

The ingredients in Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog Shampoo are organic aloe water, organic castile soap, organic calendula oil, organic jojoba oil, organic oatmeal extract, and organic lavender oil, and organic chamomile extract.

As you can see, there are no artificial perfumes or dyes in this product. It leaves your pup smelling fresh, without the overpowering aroma that some similar products leave behind.

Pura Naturals Pet Organic Waterless Dog ShampooThis dry shampoo from Pura Naturals Pet uses 100% safe, natural, eco-friendly ingredients. The non-aerosol pump is also eco-friendly. There are no preservatives, parabens, formaldehyde, or toxic surfactants. It doesn't affect flea and tick treatments, either.

While it is formulated to relieve itching, moisturize the skin, and coat and soothe irritation, you cannot use this waterless shampoo on puppies under 6 weeks of age. It's safe for all coat types and is a great choice for dogs with sensitive skin.

Pura Naturals Pet makes this product in the USA, and it's cruelty-free. You can purchase a 7.5-ounce bottle on Amazon for $14.99. This price is comparable to other similar products with poorer quality ingredients, so I would definitely say it is a good value for the price.

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pura-naturals-pet-waterless-dog-shampoo-reviewPet grooming products can be riddled with harsh chemicals, artificial dyes and other ingredients that dry out skin and dull the coat. Pura Naturals Pet has created an organic waterless shampoo that can be used between baths to keep your dog clean and smelling fresh. It's eco-friendly, non-toxic and won't affect flea and tick treatments.