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PetGuard Offers Dog Owners More Natural Pet Care Products

PetGuard Offers Dog Owners Natural Pet Care Products
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Pet parents are beginning to realize the undeniable link between the products that they use on their pets and their pet’s health and well-being. Dog owners are becoming concerned with artificial ingredients, actual ingredient sources, colors, by-products, excessive salt and sugar, and preservatives. PetGaurd has been committed to providing pet parents with natural alternatives since 1979.

PetGaurd is not only concerned with improving the health and lifestyles of our pets, but also about minimizing toxic chemicals in the environment. They offer organic pet food that is natural and healthy for cats and dogs.

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The company’s Premium Dog Food provides 100 percent complete and balanced nutrition to help your dog grow and maintain a healthy and happy lifestyle. It comes in both wet and dry formulas. They do not use any by-products or fillers, and each unique blend is made from wholesome ingredients that are specifically formulated and provide the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, fat, chelated minerals,  and vitamins.

Nutrients that may have a negative effect on your dog’s health, like magnesium and excessive sodium, are not used.  All PetGaurd dog food formulas are a great source of carbohydrates, dietary fibers, and essential fatty acids, which all help to facilitate the absorption of necessary nutrients.

PetGuard Offers Dog Owners Natural Pet Care Products
Photo: wholefoodsmagazine.com

Their foods offer concentrated energy so pet owners do not have to feed their dog as much food. Without the use of fillers, there are more nutrients that your dog needs in every bite of dog food. This means a lower dog food bill and less dog poop in your yard.

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PetGaurd only uses natural preservatives. They use Vitamin E and Vitamin C, which are both antioxidants that naturally preserve and protect the quality and freshness of food. They also hire ingredient specialists that carefully select products which are free of artificial flavorings, colors, and preservatives.

PetGaurd believes that their canine foods feature the perfect blend of natural ingredients that creates a taste that all dogs will enjoy. In fact, they guarantee it or you can receive a refund. Many consumers that purchase their products do so because they work well with dogs that suffer from allergies.

PetGaurd not only offers pet foods, but also treats, supplements, and grooming supplies. All their products are held to the same high-quality standards. You can find PetGaurd products on most pet store shelves, and they can also be ordered online.

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