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NUTRO Releases Two New Dog Food Lines

NUTRO Releases Two New Dog Food Lines
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Dog owners are becoming more skeptical about the ingredients in their dog food. With all the recent recalls and many ingredients being sourced from other countries, pet parents don’t know which company’s they can trust and which they cannot. Dog owners want food that includes honest, natural nutrition with no artificial colors or flavorings. That’s why NUTRO brand is releasing two new dog food lines.

NUTRO has been a leader in the pet food industry for almost 100 years. Both of their new dog food lines contain honestly sourced ingredients that will provide canines with high-quality, natural nutrition. Keith Danoff, marketing director for the NUTRO brand at Mars Petcare, says that the brand understands what pet owners are looking for in their dog food and NUTRO provides it, from honest ingredient sourcing to multiple safety checks.

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The company’s products are produced in their U.S. facilities, and they perform over 600 quality checks every day. Along with the two new products, NUTRO is launching a new advertising campaign to reinforce that the brand reveals the whole truth about their foods and that consumers can trust them 100 percent.

NUTRO Releases Two New Dog Food Lines
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The first of the new lines is NUTRO Farm’s Harvest which the company claims will allow pet parents to see the difference in their pet’s food with their own eyes. As the line’s slogan says, it “turns out, real fruits and veggies don’t need any added color.” The recipe uses real farm-grown fruits and vegetables which are harvested at the correct time and then freeze-dried to lock in the key nutrients they provide.

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NUTRO Farm’s Harvest includes ingredients like peas, sweet potatoes, apples, cranberries, and green beans. Real meat is also the first ingredient. They use real lamb, chicken, or salmon as the number one ingredient in a three-protein blend. It is also fortified with 100% whole grains for sustained energy and healthy digestion. Natural fats and oils are also incorporated into the recipe to provide your pet with a healthy skin and coat.

The other new line is called NUTRO Rotations. Normally, proper food transitions take about a week, but NUTRO Rotations allows for effortless transitions between bags, so your pet can enjoy a little variety in their diet. Each of the three flavors contains five premium, unique ingredients that complement each other with consistent fat, fiber, and protein profiles.

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