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Pawstruck Provides Customers With the Highest Quality Dog Products

Pawstruck Provides Customers With the Highest Quality Dog Products
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More than ever before, pet parents are searching for high quality, all-natural products for their pets. Toxins, chemicals, and cancer-causing agents have been linked to many dog food ingredients, and pet parents aren’t standing for it anymore.

With the need for these healthier products increasing, more and more brands are beginning to pop up on the market, and Pawstruck.com is making a name for itself by providing its customers with the highest quality products on the web.

Kyle Goguen, founder and CEO of Pawstruck.com, has been passionate about dogs since he was a young boy, and he shares that bond now with his dog Tyson. When Goguen first got Tyson as a puppy he searched local pet store shelves for healthy and nutritious treats that would make him feel good about serving them to his beloved pet.

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He was searching for a simple, healthy treat to assist him in potty training Tyson and, although his dog wasn’t fussy, Goguen couldn’t find any treats that were not made with artificial ingredients. All the complex chemicals and scientific jargon on the ingredients list got him thinking about how harmful these treats must be to the dogs that eat them.

Pawstruck Provides Customers With the Highest Quality Dog Products
Photo: pawstruck.com

He assumed he would have no trouble going home and searching the internet for reasonably priced, all natural dog treats, but to his surprise, after a lengthy search, he turned up with nothing. He had a choice. Either he could feed his dog unhealthy treats or he could buy one of the few all natural brands available for about three times the cost of the unhealthy treats.

Thankfully, Goguen turned his frustration into a business opportunity, and thus, Pawstruck.com was born. He left his successful career in engineering to pursue his passion. Now his company produces a wide variety of healthy dog products that Goguen is proud to stand behind.

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The company’s signature products, Bully Sticks, are a chew treat for canines made from beef muscle. They are produced from free-range, grass-fed bulls and are 100% natural. There are no chemicals or preservatives used in the making of these treats. Bully Sticks are low in fat, packed with protein, and promote healthy teeth and gums.

The company also has lines of healthy dog chews, dog treats, dog bones, antler chews, and dog toys. All Pawstruck products are strictly sold on their website or customers can place an order over the phone. They offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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