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Looking for Safe and Healthy Dog Products Just Got A Lot Easier

Looking for Safe and Healthy Dog Products Just Got A Lot Easier
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If you’re a pet parent like me, you spend a lot of time researching the products that you buy for your dog. You look for safe and healthy products that you are proud to give your pet. As great as that is, it’s also time consuming. Now, a new website is making it easier than ever to find safe and healthy dog products.

Jodi Sandven, founder of Febrita Enterprises, LLC, launched YourSafeHealthyPet.com late last month, and the site is already off to a great start. The site is dedicated to offering pet parents a great selection of dog products that will help them care for their dog and provide them with peace of mind. You’ll be able to find:

  • Pet toys
  • Dog gates
  • Health supplements
  • Kennels and crates

…and much more!

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Looking for Safe and Healthy Dog Products Just Got A Lot Easier
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Now, this is a third party retail site, so the prices probably won’t be anything spectacular. They’ll likely be similar to the prices that you’ll find at pet retail stores or other similar online retailers. In fact, I found many of the products on Amazon at a cheaper or comparable price.

So what’s the benefit of this site? Shopping from this site gives you the peace of mind of knowing that the product you’re selecting is going to be safe for your pet. The products they feature are made with high-quality materials and many of them are eco-friendly as well. They select dog toys that won’t splinter or break into small pieces that will turn into choking hazards.

They don’t sell rawhide chews or any products that have been proven to be hazardous to canines. Sandven takes pride in knowing that owners can get on her site and choose from a wide selection of well-made products. Along with safe dog toys users can also find organic health products, products recommended by veterinarians and healthy dog treats.

The company also gives back to pets in need by donating 10% of their profits to four canine rescue organizations:

  • Grateful Dog Rescue
  • Rescue Operation for Animals of the Reservation
  • Vested Interested in Canines
  • Smiling Dog Farms

Sandven is also launching a blog that is linked to site. You can find it at HumanityForYourDog.com. The blog will focus on health concerns for canines, dog safety, rescue services and tips for keeping your pet healthy. She wants help educate pet parents about the best ways to care for their pet.

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Looking for Safe and Healthy Dog Products Just Got A Lot Easier
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Honestly, I’m not really impressed with the site. I think it’s a great idea, but how do you know these products are actually safe without doing some research yourself? Just because a website claims that they find healthy and safe products for your pet doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t look at customer reviews and opinions of experts in the field. Not saying that the site isn’t trustworthy, but how do you know?

Also, as I mentioned previously, doing the work yourself could actually get you a better deal. Personally, I’d much rather spend a couple of hours researching a product to be sure that I was getting a product that would be worth my money. If I knew that I would be saving $30-$40, it would be an additional incentive. Sometimes, not having to do the leg work will cost you more in the long run, and this may be one of those times.

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