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More Pet Owners Are Going With the One-Stop-Shop Mentality

More Pet Stores Are Going With the One-Stop-Shop Mentality
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In today’s world, time is a hot commodity and tight schedules are the normal routine for most people. Juggling daily tasks, with no time for personal errands, seems to be a must for many people to make ends meet.

With the pet industry growing at an alarming rate and a majority of pet owners falling into the time-crunched category, many business owners are trying to find creative ways to compete for their business.

One unlikely place to look for pet products and services is a car wash, but because of the growing revenue opportunities the pet industry has to offer and pet owners looking to kill two birds with stone, All Paws Pet Wash has been expanding with the help of carwash owners who are looking at the one-stop-shop mentality to bring in more business.

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Keith Caldwell, vice president of All Paws Pet Wash, says that consumers are beginning to look for lots of service in one place. They want to be able to get their car washed, fill their tank with gasoline, pick up a few things at the convenience store, wash their pets, and anything else they can do in one stop to make the most out of their time.

More Pet Stores Are Going With the One-Stop-Shop Mentality
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When a carwash begins adding additional services they become more attractive to consumers. Since pet ownership is increasing exponentially, the pet market is an excellent choice to branch into to add additional profit centers to an already existing business.

Dating back to 1964, CCSI International, Inc., the company responsible for manufacturing the All Paws Pet Wash systems, is a family-run business known for its pool enclosures and car wash buildings. They began integrating into the self-service pet washing industry in 2009 and that division of their business has been growing steadily ever since.

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The self-contained grooming station is a completely separate building from the carwash, or any business that it may be added to, so they can be placed virtually anywhere that has access to running water and electricity. The company recommends that they be placed in high traffic areas and be operated 24 hours a day, every day of the week.

Dollar per minute charges can be customized by the owner of the All Paws Pet Wash station, but the company recommends $10 for 12 minutes. They offer many different models of pet washes to fit every entrepreneurs needs.


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