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Review: Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews for Dogs (2018)

Rawhide dog chews are made from the inner layer of cow or horse hides. There is a lot of conflicting information available about whether or not these products are safe for dogs. Some say these are appetizing treats that satisfy a dog's desire to chew, help to keep teeth clean, and provide some nutritional benefits. Others say these chews are dangerous and pose a choking risk. Now, treats like Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews are providing the benefits of rawhide chews without the safety risks.

All dogs need to chew. While some have a stronger desire than others, it's a natural instinct that all dogs must satisfy. If you don't provide appropriate things for your pooch to chew, he'll try to satisfy this need by chewing on shoes, furniture, and your other belongings.

Like virtually every edible dog product, there is a slight risk of contamination when feeding your dog rawhide chews. As long as you purchase healthy, safe products from reliable companies, this risk is very small. Likewise, a small percentage of dogs have digestive sensitivities and rawhide might upset their stomach.

Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide ChewsBy far the largest risk of rawhide chews is the threat of choking. Power chewers may be able to bite off large pieces of rawhide and swallow them. This could lead to choking or intestinal blockage. However, if you keep a close eye on your pet while he's chewing and be sure to buy him chews that are appropriately sized, this shouldn't be much of an issue either.

Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews take rawhide to the next level. They are a safer alternative to traditional rawhides and are fully digestible. These chews also last longer than traditional rawhide chews. I'll share all of the details you need to know in my extensive review below.

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Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews for Dogs Review

Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide ChewsAs I mentioned, compressed rawhide is extremely dense. Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews are made from layers of beef hide that are tightly pressed together under extreme pressure. The layers of rawhide are as thin as card stock paper.

Because the layers are thinner, these chews from Raw Paws Pet Food are easier for your dog to digest and do not pose as much of a choking risk as traditional rawhide. Compressed rawhide is great for aggressive chewers because they are denser than traditional rawhides as well.

These dog chews are made with just one ingredient, which means they are preservative-free. They are also all-natural. Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews have a very low odor. You really can't smell them unless you put them right up to your nose.

This also means that there is no disgusting odor when your dog is chewing on them. Plus, they don't cause wreaking breath, which is a great bonus! Our dogs love chewing on animal ears and raw bones, but those types of chews give them really funky breath.

The company claims that these chews last up to 5 times longer than regular rawhide chews!

They do last longer for our pets. I would say they probably last about 5 times longer for our little Beagle. Our Labrador, Saddie, is a pretty powerful chewer. These chews last about 3 times longer than traditional rawhide, which is still a big improvement!

Like traditional rawhide chews, these are also beneficial for dental health. As your dog chews, plaque and tartar are scraped from his teeth. This can also benefit stinky breath because it removes some of the bacteria from your dog's mouth.

Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide Chews are high in protein, calcium, and magnesium. While there are a lot of benefits to these types of treats, they won't be suitable for all dogs. If your dog has protein sensitivities or GI trouble, any type of rawhide treats may upset his stomach.

Raw Paws Pet Food Compressed Rawhide ChewsThe biggest drawback to these chews is the price. There are multiple sizes and packages available on Amazon, including:

  • (5) 5″ sticks and (5) 4″ bones for $24.99
  • (5) 10″ sticks and (5) 6″ bones for $39.99
  • (5) 10″ sticks and (5) 10″ bones for $49.99

As you can see, these chews may not fit into everyone's budget. But, they are a good value for the money, as they last longer than many other edible dog chews. Also, Raw Paws is currently offering a Buy 4 Get 1 Free deal on Amazon right now! If you decide that these chews aren't right for your pet, the company also offers a no questions asked money-back guarantee.

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raw-paws-pet-food-compressed-rawhide-chews-reviewCompressed rawhide is made from multiple layers of beef hide that are tightly pressed together under extreme pressure. They are safer than traditional rawhide chews, and ideal for aggressive chewers.