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Review: RC Pet Products Dog Collar and Leash

Functionality, durability and affordability are the top three factors that help me determine if a dog collar and leash will be right for our pets. There are so many collars and leashes on the market, making it overwhelming for pet owners to find the best option for their pooch. I tested the RC Pet Products Dog Collar and Leash to see how it compared to other similar items.

RC Pets 1" x 6 ft Dog Leash, Watermelon Dog collars aren't just a fashion accessory used to make your pet stand out at the dog park. The right collar will be comfortable for your pet, fit properly and be easy for you to use. You need to consider the adjustment points and how easy the collar is to put on and take off your pet. In this review of RC Pet Products Collar/Leash combo, I'll also share more tips on buying the right type of dog leashes and dog collars.

Generally, you should be thinking about how you'll be using the collar. Do you walk your dog everyday? Will it mostly be used as an accessory to hold his identification tags? Buying a dog collar isn't as easy as it seems. But, with a little planning and some basic research, you're sure to find a collar that will meet your needs and express your dog's style.

Once you find the right collar, the leash is pretty much just a matter of preference. Of course, you have to take the leashes construction into consideration and choose an option that fits your budget. Other than that, just look for a leash with features that you like and a handle that will be comfortable to hold while walking your pup.

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RC Pet Products Dog Collar and Leash Review

RC Pet Products Dog Collar and LeashRC Pet Products offers a variety of collars and leashes, but I loved the watermelon pattern of this one for summer walks to the dog park. The collar and leash are pretty standard, but they come in more than 40 different patterns.

They're made in Canada and come with a lifetime guarantee. I also like the nickle plated hardware. It looks great and prevents wear. The leashes are available in 3/4″ or 1″ widths and come in 4- and 6-foot lengths.

I pleased to find that the collar was easy to adjust, and the adjustment buckle stays securely in place.


I usually look for collars and leashes that feature reflective stitching or piping along the entire length. Unfortunately, these options from RC Pet Products only have a reflective label. If you don't usually walk your dog early in the morning or later in the evening, this may not matter as much to you.

RC Pet Products Dog Collar and LeashIn my video review above, I discuss the many different leash and collar options offered by RC Pet Products. You can find more information about their products on the company's website.

You can purchase an RC Pet Products watermelon pattern leash for $18 on Amazon. The collars range in price from $12 to $16, depending on the size and style that you are interested in. These RC Pet Products collars are available in 5 sizes:

  • XXS – 1/2″ width and fits neck sizes 6″ – 9″
  • XS – 5/8″ width and fits neck sizes 7″ – 9″
  • S – 3/4″ width and fits neck sizes 9″ – 13″
  • M – 1″ width and fits neck sizes 12″ – 20″
  • L – 1″ width and fits neck sizes 15″ – 25″

All in all, I love the different styles of these leashes and the quality is good. I wish there was reflective piping along the entire collar and leash, but they are quite durable and seem to be well made. If you're looking for a dog leash and dog collar that you can customize depending on the season or your dog's personality, I think this option from RC Pet Products is an affordable choice.

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rc-pet-products-dog-collar-and-leash-reviewRC Pet Products is a big name in the pet industry, so I wanted to try their dog gear for myself. They created an adorable watermelon collar and leash, which I thought would be perfect for summer. Find out how these products compare to other similar collars and leashes that I've tried with my dogs in this review.