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Review: DELOMO Reusable Dog Hair Remover Brush

Getting rid of dog hair from clothing, upholstery and carpeting is one of the biggest struggles faced by pet parents. There are many tools on the market to help with this chore, and this reusable dog hair remover brush from DELOMO is one of the easiest to use. With no sticky sheets to remove or batteries required, this product is also eco-friendly.

Not only is shed pet hair annoying to find around your home, it can also be harmful to your family's health. Dog hair and dander can cause respiratory trouble, and there are many diseases that can be spread if dog hair gets into your mouth.

Reusable dog hair remover reviewIf you’ve ever tried to remove dog hair from your furniture or carpet you know how difficult the task can be. There are a number of products on the market that are designed to remove pet hair, but some of them are quite a bother to use. From electronic products that suck hair away to lint roller-like products that require you to remove sheet after sheet of sticky paper, some pet hair remover products just aren't worth the work.

This reusable dog hair remover was designed to be easier to use and better for the environment. Is it effective on all types of material? How easy it to clean? I'll share all the details in this product review.

DELOMO Reusable Dog Hair Remover Brush Review

DELOMO Reusable Dog Hair Remover Brush ReviewAs you'll see in my video review above, it's quite easy to use this tool. You just swipe it against the grain on your furniture, car seats or clothing. As you swipe it along, the brush picks up shed hair and lint.

When it's time to clean it, just place the brush head back into the base and pull it in and out a few times. The self cleaning bristles inside the base grab the hair and leave the brush clean!

DELOMO Reusable Dog Hair Remover Brush ReviewI love that this product is reusable. Lint rollers require you to use sheet after sheet to clean just one article of clothing. It's such a waste, and the cost of replacement sheets adds up over time – especially if you have a multi-pet household like we do.

The brush is also double-sided, which means you can pick up twice as much dog hair before you have to clean it. This reusable dog hair remover is quite effective, as I demonstrate in my video review.

It picks up virtually all of the hair in just a few swipes, although course fur may take a couple of extra swipes.

The brush measures 2.5″wide x 12″ long. The entire unit (brush and base) measures 3″ wide x 13″ long. You can store this reusable dog hair remover brush almost anywhere.

You can purchase the DELOMO Reusable Dog Hair Remover Brush on Amazon for $13.99 at the time of this review. The brush is so affordable that any pet owner could fit one into their budget. You may even want to buy multiple brushes to have in different areas of your home.

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reusable-dog-hair-remover-brush-reviewThis dog hair remover tool is reusable and eco-friendly. All you have to do is swipe it against furniture, upholstery, clothing or carpeting to remove pet hair and lint. The self-cleaning brush is extremely easy to use and affordable on any budget.