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Review: PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog Harness (2018)


There are many benefits of using a harness over a traditional dog collar. For starters, it moves the pressure from the dog's neck and disperses it through the chest. Harnesses, like the PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog Harness, also allow the dog walker to have more control over the canine. Personally, I always use a harness when walking my dogs.

There are two different types of dog harness: step-in and over-the-head harnesses. Both are exactly what you would expect when hearing their name. An over-the-head harness slips over your dog's head and attaches around his chest. A step-in harness requires your dog to step into it, and then you have to wrap it up and around his chest and buckle it between his should blades.

As long as you purchase a quality product, both types are comfortable for dogs. Which type is best for your Fido? Well, that's really just a matter of personal preference. It will depend on how cooperative your pet is as well.

The PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog Harness comes in a wide variety of colors and can fit dogs weighing up to 75 pounds. It's durable and easy to put on, but is it worth the price? Let's find out.

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PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog Harness Review

PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog HarnessAs I mentioned, this is a step-in harness. This is definitely the most common type of dog harness, but it's not for every pooch. If you're going to be taking the harness on and off frequently, an over-the-head harness may be a better choice. Likewise, if your pet is extremely energetic or not very cooperative it may be more difficult to get him into a step-in harness.

With that being said, step-in harnesses are an ideal choice for most dogs. They're comfortable and offer great control for dog walkers. The PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog Harness is also a great option if you plan to leave the harness on your dog all day long.

PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog HarnessThese harnesses are available in 3 sizes:

  • Small – for dogs weighing up to 25 pounds with chest girth of 8″-23″
  • Medium – for dogs weighing up to 25-55 pounds with chest girth of 18″-29″
  • Large – for dogs weighing up to 55-75 pounds with chest girth of 22″-39″

Prices for this harness are $24.99, $26.99 and $28.99 respectively.

My favorite thing about this harness from PrideBites is the personalization options. You can choose from 28 nylon ribbon colors and 12 buckle colors. No matter what color options you choose, the price is the same. Most manufacturers charge more for the more popular colors, so I was pleased to see consistent pricing with this harness.

The PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog Harness also comes with a jingle-free identification tag sewn to the side. There is no additional charge for this personalization either!

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PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog HarnessAs you can see from my photographs, I chose a dog bone shaped ID tag. You can choose from 4 tag shapes, 6 font styles and 12 font color options. The only downside is that it takes about 4 weeks for these harnesses to ship, because of the added time needed to personalize them.

You can also get a matching leash to go with your harness. The ribbon will be the same color and you can choose from the same personalization options. PrideBites offers three different leash sizes.

The small leash has a width of 5/8″, the medium has a width of 3/4″ and the large has a width of 1″. All sizes are available in 4- and 6-foot lengths. The prices for the leashes don't change based on the personalization options you choose either. They cost $20.99, $21.99 and $22.99 respectively.

PrideBites Personalized Step-In Dog HarnessWhile there is a little bit of padding on the chest strap, the strap itself is just one thin strip. Some harnesses have a wide padded chest plate to provide extra comfort and disperse the pressure around the whole chest. If your dog pulls while on a leash, you will want to purchase a harness with more padding.

A PrideBites harness with matching leash will cost you at least $46, which isn't as affordable as many other options on the market. However, you have to remember that you're paying for the numerous personalization options and the jingle-free identification tag as well as the harness and leash.

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