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Review: West & Willow Pet Portraits


Do you love showing off pictures of your pets? I do! I have pictures of my dogs on cell phone, in my office and all over my home.

The most recent addition to my collection is this gorgeous digital design from West & Willow Pet Portraits.

I like the unique design of this print. It immediately catches your attention and displays my dog's handsome face in a very modern way.

Although the design is contemporary, the colors are subdued and the framing is classic.

These portraits would fit in with any home's décor.

West & Willow will create artwork of any pet you may have, but they do not include humans in their art.

While I’m obviously featuring a painting for dog owners, you can get a custom digital piece of art of a cat, horse, bird, hamster or any other pet.

They even offer the option of including multiple pets in the same design.

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West & Willow Pet Portraits

West & Willow Pet PortraitsThe photo above is the one that I sent in to West & Willow. As you will see in my video review, they nailed the digital print!

They got all the details of Thor's face, and produced a piece of art that looks just like my handsome pup!

All you have to do is upload a photo of your pet, choose the options that you want and West & Willow will create a unique piece of art inspired by your furry family members.

They offer designs featuring 1, 2 or 3 pets. You can choose from a framed poster (like mine), poster only or an iPhone case.

There are three background colors to choose from and 2 framing options. I also like the option of including your pet's name on the print.

As you can see on my print, I chose to have Thor's name printed on the top in West & Willow's custom font.

While I love my digital print, I was a little bit concerned that I couldn't get a preview of the print before it shipped.

Most company's that make custom artwork will send you a preview of the design before they ship it out.

West & Willow does not offer that option, but I was completely satisfied with the poster when it arrived.

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West & Willow Pet Portraits

The company does state that if you are not satisfied, all you have to do is contact them within 24 hours of receipt and they will do their best to “make it right”.

Thankfully, I didn't have to deal with that issue, because my print was perfect when it arrived.

Because of the custom design, you have to order your prints through the West & Willow website.

You can get a framed poster like mine starting at $59.95.

If you'd prefer to order just the poster and frame it yourself, you can get one starting at $39.95.

You can also purchase a custom iPhone case starting at $49.95.

As far as custom artwork goes, this price is extremely affordable. Most professional pet-themed artwork sells for hundreds of dollars.

Because this is a digital print and not handmade, the company can offer their custom designs for a much cheaper price.

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West - Willow Pet Portraits