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Review: Rogz Dog Harness and Leash

Shopping for dog supplies is not always an easy task. There are so many options to choose from, no matter what you're shopping for. How can you choose the best option for you and your pup?

When you're shopping for pet supplies, whether you're looking for a leash and collar or a dog bed, there are certain qualities that you should be looking for. No one wants to waste their hard earned money, so quality and durability are important. You don't want to buy a cheaper product just to have it fall apart after a few months.

Rogz Dog Harness and Leash ReviewComfort is also an important factor -for you and your pet. If a leash or brush causes you hand fatigue, you're not going to want to keep it for long. If a dog harness or jacket restricts Fido's range of motion or causes chaffing, your pup won't want to wear it.

Of course, price will also be a deciding factor. While we would all like to purchase the best products for our pet, we don't have an endless budget. When shopping for pet supplies, you should buy the highest quality product that you can afford.

In this review, I'm taking a look at some dog walking supplies from Rogz. This company claims to sell “the world's coolest pet gear”, so I had to check it out. I've got all the details on the company's Multi-Purpose Dog Leash, Splitz Leash Coupler and Explore Harness.

Rogz Dog Harness and Leash Review

Rogz Dog Harness and Leash ReviewMulti-Purpose Dog Leash

The Rogz Utility Multi-Purpose Dog Leash is a 6-in-1 product. It looks like a traditional nylon dog leash, but offers a few features that those traditional products do not.

The leash features 2 polished chrome trigger hooks, 2 stainless steel D-rings and a stainless steel O-ring. You can use the Utility Multi-Purpose Leash in 6 ways, including:

  • 5-foot leashMulti-Purpose Dog Leash
  • 4-foot lead
  • 3-foot leash
  • double lead
  • shoulder lead
  • temporary tie-out

I demonstrate all 6 of these uses in my video guide at the top of this review. As you will see, it's extremely easy to transform the leash from one use to the next. In a matter of seconds, you can switch from a long lead to a short lead. This is great for walking in high traffic areas or places where you may need to bring your dog close from time to time.

The Utility Multi-Purpose Dog Leash is available in many colors. Depending on the color that you choose, you can purchase it on Amazon for $21.95-$32.89. This is more than double the price of most traditional nylon dog leashes, but the versatility of the leash makes it worth the price, in my opinion.

Splitz Leash Coupler

Splitz Leash CouplerA leash coupler allows you to walk two dogs at the same time with just one leash. There is a stainless steel O-ring in the middle of the Splitz Leash Coupler and a polished chrome trigger hook on each end. You attach the trigger hook on your leash to the O-ring on the coupler, and it splits the end of the leash into two separate attachment points.

This leash coupler from Rogz also features reflective stitching to keep your pet seen in dim lighting. It is available in 3 sizes: medium, large and extra large. The Splitz Leash Coupler is suitable for breeds as small as a Pug and as large as a Rottweiler.

The sizes are as follows:

  • Medium – 5/8″W x 9″L
  • Large – 3/4″W x 13″L
  • X-Large – 1″W x 17″L

The Splitz Leash Coupler is not available on Amazon at this time, but you can find a distributor in your area on the company's website.

Explore Dog Harness

Explore Dog Harness

As you will see in my video review and photos, this harness fits our Labrador, Saddie, very well. She is very comfortable while wearing it, and I'm really happy with the amount of padding on the back and chest.

I don't buy harnesses for our dogs unless they are well padded. There is a non-padded version of this harness available, but I wouldn't recommend it if your dog is active. These harnesses only consist of nylon straps, with no padding at all. They are more likely to cause chaffing than a well-padded harness, like the Explore Dog Harness.

I also recommend buying a dog harness with a chest attachment as well as an attachment on the dog's back. The Explore Dog Harness has both of these attachments. The back attachment is the traditional dog walking attachment, and the chest attachment is great for leash training and/or walking a dog that pulls on the leash.

This harness also features a neoprene-lined traffic handle, as well as reflective stitching and pipingThis harness also features a neoprene-lined traffic handle, as well as reflective stitching and piping. As I demonstrate in my video review, there are 4 easy-to-use adjustment points. I always test harnesses to ensure that the adjustment points stay put once adjusted, and I can say that the ones on the Explore Dog Harness DO stay in place.

You can buy this harness in 4 sizes:

  • Small for dogs with a chest girth of 14.5″-19″
  • Medium for dogs with a chest girth of 17″-23″
  • Large for dogs with a chest girth of 21″-29″
  • X-Large for dogs with a chest girth of 26″-37.5″

The Explore Dog Harness isn't available on Amazon just yet, either. But, you can find purchase information on the company's website. You can buy the non-padded Rogz harness on Amazon for $14-$26 depending on the size and color that you choose.

I would expect the Explore Harness to retail for about double the price of the non-padded option. If so, it would definitely be a good value for the value. And, if it were in the $40 price range, it would be comparable with other similar dog harnesses on the market.

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rogz-dog-harness-and-leash-reviewRogz has developed a unique line of dog products that they say is the "coolest pet gear" on the market. This review features their Multi-Purpose Lead, Splitz Leash Coupler and Explore Harness for dogs. These products are well made, but very similar to other nylon dog leashes and harnesses on the market. Find out how they stack up in this article.