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Transform Your Dog’s Leash with Lead Mate

Transform Your Dog's Leash with Lead Mate
Photo: Lead Mate

Did you know that thousands of people seek medical attention for retractable leash-related injuries every year? The most common of these injuries are burns and cuts occurring when the leash wraps around a body part. Retractable leashes aren’t just dangerous for humans either – they can be harmful to dogs as well. Lead Mate was created to solve this problem.

You see, retractable leashes aren’t all bad. They are actually very convenient for dog owners who walk their pets in different areas. If you’re taking a casual stroll down an empty beach it might be okay for your dog to walk 10 feet ahead of you, but if you’re on a crowded sidewalk you’ll need to have him much closer.

That’s the benefit of a retractable leash – you can keep Fido close when need be and allow him freedom to roam a bit when you’re in an open area.

Transform Your Dog's Leash with Lead Mate
Photo: Lead Mate

Retractable leashes are really only suited for the most well-behaved canine walkers. So what if you want the freedom of a retractable leash without all the drawbacks?

That’s where Lead Mate comes in!

This product was designed after the creators found themselves tying knots in their standard dog leads to gain better control and reduce the risk of injury from wrapping the leash around the wrist or hand. The knots worked great, but they are fixed in one position and tying the knot shortens the lead. Not to mention, the more tension on the lead, the tighter the knot becomes.

Lead Mate looks like a plastic ball that you can attach to your pet’s leash. The ball splits into two halves and you can secure it onto virtually any standard lead. There are two models – one for flat style leashes and one for rope style leashes. It only takes a few seconds to attach Lead Mate and you can easily reposition it just as quickly.

Transform Your Dog's Leash with Lead Mate
Photo: Leash Mate

This patent pending device is strong and secure. You won’t have to worry about it sliding around if your dog pulls. It won’t shorten the leash, and it’s half the weight of a similar size knot of leash material. It won’t swing around annoyingly while not in use.

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Lead Mate is super durable and built to last as long as the leash it’s attached to. The Lead Mate device and all of its packaging are produced from 100% recycled materials in North America. Even better, as part of the company’s commitment to sustainability, they plant a tree for every Lead Mate that is purchased. This helps to offset some of the environmental impact of production and shipping.

You can find Lead Mate on Facebook, and you can purchase one of these unique products through the company's website for $9. Supporting Lead Mate will also help dogs in need. 10% of all profits from purchases will go to shelters that are working to reduce euthanasia.

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