Sweet Pup Planned a Surprise Playdate for Her Human
Photo: Yohana Dasilva
This dog wanted so badly to spend time with her human that she set up an elaborate plan for a playdate together.

Every day, the dog Lila excitedly waits for her owner to come home from school. College student Yohana Dasilva shares that whenever she comes home, Lila would happily wag her tail, jump, and bark to show just how much she's glad to see her owner.

One day, however, Lila did something out of the ordinary that surprised Yohana. After they did their usual happy greetings when she came home from school, Lila grabbed a toy and held on it while following her owner around the house.

This dog wanted so badly to spend time with her human that she set up an elaborate plan for a playdate together
Photo: Yohana Dasilva

An Invitation to Play

When Yohana came up to her room, she found the rest of Lila's toys carefully laid out on the bed. Surprised, Yohana asked her mother about it. She thought it was her mom who put the toys there. But her mom told her it was all Lila's doing. She noticed the dog bringing the toys one by one that day.

An Invitation to Play
Photo: Yohana Dasilva

The dog placed her toys on her owner's bed as an invitation to play. Apparently, Lila missed her best friend so much that she wanted this special time with her. Yohanna shared Lila's photo online. The pet owner also revealed that this was the first time Lila did something like this.

Yohanna feels so lucky to have a dog that thinks of her when she's not around.  She also looks forward to coming home after a stressful time at school.

Yohanna feels so lucky to have a dog that thinks of her when she's not around
Photo: Yohana Dasilva

The Importance of Play

Play isn't just a time for fun for puppies. It's a process that prepares him to become a better adult dog. With play, he learns to become sociable with others. This activity also helps the dog develop their physical skill and hone their mental ability because play keeps him stimulated.

Dogs learn to use their legs and develop their agility as they wrestle and run during playtimes. Dogs also sharpen their mind because play allows the use of their senses.

Play is also an activity that builds the dog's confidence. The more he interacts with other dogs or humans, the more he learns how to behave around them. It also makes his bond with his owner stronger so take at least 20 minutes a day to play with your dog on top of his regular walks.

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Play vs. Aggression

New pet owners, however, might confuse a dog’s behavior between play and aggression, especially when the dog is a rough player. To differentiate between these two, be on the lookout for some markers.

During play, a puppy has its head and front legs low while it raises its rear or backside. It will taunt another dog or its owner for a chase. The pup might even try to dash back and forth as it is wagging its tail. It might also make a yapping nose to show his excitement.

An aggressive puppy, on the other hand, will be very still and will never wag its tail. Its gaze will be fixed on his target, as he makes a growling sound. He might even show teeth to scare off what he sees a threat. If you see your dog behaving in this manner, snap him out of it by tugging on his leash gently or by distracting him with another toy.

Also, if your dog uses his teeth or claws to play with you, immediately discourage the behavior by firmly saying “Stop!” or “Ouch!” If his actions might trigger aggressive behavior in another dog, simply call his attention. It might be helpful to carry a spray bottle with water to use on your dog if he’s showing some sign of disruptive and negative behavior at the dog park. Never hit or shout at your dog for playing aggressively.

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