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5 Board Games to Play With Dogs


5 Best Dog Board Game Choices - A Way to Involve Your Dogs In Parties

Activities with your dog don’t have to end with just walks and Frisbee tosses. If your love for board games is equally as strong as your love for canines, you’ll be happy to know that you can easily combine the two by picking up a great dog board game. With Halloween just around the corner, one of these games can be fantastic for a Halloween party filled with pets.

How about getting your friends together and throwing a Pupper Party with a dog board game at the center of it? You’ll be known as the original dog-friendly host after introducing these less talked about, fun, challenging, dog board game options to other pet lovers. Some of them are just for humans, while others include fun tasks and tricks for your pet to perform for your guests. Either way, you can try them all and get the most out of your furry companion.

1. Dog-Opoly Dog Board Game

Price: $20.60
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If you’re an avid Monopoly fan and a dog lover, you absolutely must add this dog board game to your collection. Dog-Opoly is a canine spin-off of everyone’s favorite family game, but instead of collecting real estate, you’re collecting dogs.

From Great Danes to Chihuahuas, both kids and adults can read up on each breed as they collect their cards. Your playing piece options are all canine-related from a fire hydrant, to a T-bone steak. Instead of jail, your dog goes to the “bad dog” center when they pull a losing card.

Remember, this dog board game is for humans and human children that are 8 years old and up. The playing tokens are very small, so make sure that your pooch and young children don’t eat them up as they are serious choking hazards.

2. Trixie Chess Interactive Dog Toy

Price: $16.84
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If you'd rather skip the Dog-Opoly and pick Monopoly instead, then pick something for your pup to play separately. Trixie Chess is a fun and challenging actual dog board game designed just for your Fido so that he or she feels like part of the game party night.

All you have to do is hide a few treats in the multiple cubbyholes available. Then, place the chess pieces on top. Your dog must remove the pieces by pulling directly upward, they can’t just knock it over and gobble up their snacks. Since the playing parts are light and soft, even the smallest dogs are able to participate in all the fun.

If you’ve got a senior pup, dog board games like these are crucial for keeping the mind sharp and Trixie Chess is one of the best interactive dog toys out there. Studies show that pets that have a mental challenge to look forward to every day are less likely to experience deteriorating memory and cognitive dysfunctions as they age if you provide them with an interactive dog board game to stimulate their brain.

3. Funagle Board Game for People and Dogs

Price: $29.00
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This is great if you want your family game nights to start including your furry best friend. The goal of Funagle Dog Board Game is to create a bond between you and your pet while teaching your pets some cool new tricks.

Funagle works well as a dog training tool, and it's most effective for younger dogs and puppies; you will also keep them busy for hours! Once the game is over, they’ll have learned a few new commands and they’ll be exhausted (perfect for hyperactive dogs).

Each activity of this dog board game includes a trick that you and your Fido have to try and complete together. Think about it like a game of charades that includes your pet – you’ll have to work with each other to win, and what can be more exciting?

4. Soggy Doggy Dog Board Game

Price: $13.89
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At some point your children will be old enough to bathe, feed, walk and care for the family dog on their own. However, there’s nothing wrong with getting acquainted with the regular responsibilities that come with owning a pet. The Soggy Doggy dog board game is a fun way to prepare them for the messy task of giving their dog a bath.

Each time you land on a “faucet” space, you twist the small plastic faucet on the tub to give your Soggy Dog a quick rinse. Each time you rinse him off, the tension on your Soggy Dog builds up, until he finally has to shake himself out. Once he does, the player ends up wet, and they have to start from the beginning.

It's one of the most popular board games for dogs and people out there, and we've previously ranked it as the best dog game for kids and families. Be careful though – play this dog board game outside or on a tile floor that can be easily cleaned up. Avoid surfaces like carpet and wood since they may absorb moisture.

5. Walk the Dogs Dog Board Game

Price: $27.50
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Last but not least, the Walk the Dogs dog board game comes with 63 adorable game pieces that include a variety of different breeds. If you have younger children at home, this is a great memory game that helps them learn and remember different breeds of dogs.

Each card you pick up tells you how many dogs you’re allowed to grab. Once you’ve placed your figurines in the line, they cannot be rearranged. Whoever has the longest line at the end of the game is the winner. The second way to win is to have 5 dogs of the same breed in a row.

This dog board game is not as easy as it sounds at first, however. For example, drawing a “Dog Catcher” card means that you lose your entire line, and then you’ll have to start over from the beginning and collect a whole new set. But that's what makes it exciting!

Have Fun, but Be Careful

While you’re having fun playing a dog board game with your kids and your pooch, remember that some of the pieces for these games are very small. Keep an eye on your pets and especially young children – make sure they aren’t swallowing or chewing on the parts.

The last one mentioned above Walk the Dogs dog board game in particular has several tiny figurines, even though it’s meant for children 3 and up. Keep an eye on these things while playing.

You should also keep in mind that these dog board games, while great interactive activity to mentally stimulate your dog, aren’t meant to be a substitute for physical activity and other outdoor playtimes with your pup. Board games are fun, but your canine still needs plenty of time outdoors not only for bathroom breaks, sniffing, and exploring their world but to stretch the muscles, burn off the energy and calories.

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