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Review: the bear & the rat Frozen Yogurt Dog Treats


We all like frozen treats to help cool us down in the summer. In fact, most humans eat frozen treats year round. Serving your dog a frozen snack once in a while will add some variety to his diet and help to cool him down when the temperatures are hot. the bear & the rat frozen yogurt dog treats are 100% safe for pets and made with natural ingredients.

Our canine family members are really no different from us in that they enjoy a refreshing indulgence on a hot day. For them, getting some cool refreshment in the heat is doubly important considering they walk around in a fur coat all day long! And of course, who doesn’t like to spoil their pooch in this way?

Because of their unique digestive system, dogs are not able to process the lactose in traditional ice cream like their humans can.

So, dog owners have to find easily digestible alternatives to commercial ice cream. There are a number of commercial ice cream substitutes for dogs, but they aren't all made with high quality ingredients. the bear & the rat treats caught my eye thanks to their unique name, and they've become a staple in our freezer thanks to their healthy ingredients.

the bear & the rat Frozen Yogurt
Dog Treats Review

frozen yogurt dog treat reviewthe bear & the rat is a husband and wife owned business. They named the company after their dogs. The bear is a Lhasa Apso who growls like a bear, and the rat is a Rat Terrier.

These frozen yogurt treats are formulated specifically for dogs. They are made with 100% natural ingredients. There are no preservatives or chemical stabilizers in the treats. They do not have any artificial colors, flavors, added sugars, corn, wheat or gluten.

The company uses human grade ingredients, and the treats are made in the USA in an FDA regulated ice cream facility.

pumpkin and cinnamonWhat makes these dog treats unique is that they are made with In Clover Research's Optigest. It is an organic prebiotic mixed with 4 plant-based digestive enzymes (amylase, cellulase, protease and lipase). The prebiotic acts as food for the good bacteria in your dog's gut. The digestive enzymes help to break down food so your dog can get the most nutritional value from every meal.

Frozen yogurt dog treats from the bear & the rat add hydration and nutrients to your pet's diet in a simple and effective way. They even offer a new treat made with goat's milk yogurt that is suitable for dogs and cats. The original frozen yogurt dog treats are available in 3 flavors:

  • bacon & peanut butter (ingredients: yogurt (nonfat milk, water), rice syrup solids, peanut butter (peanuts), bacon, guar gum, probiotic cultures)
  • banana & peanut butter (ingredients: Yogurt (nonfat milk, water), rice syrup solids, banana puree, peanut butter(peanuts), guar gum, probiotic cultures)
  • pumpkin & cinnamon (ingredients: Yogurt (nonfat milk, water), pumpkin puree, rice syrup solids, cinnamon, guar gum, probiotic cultures)

You can't buy these frozen dog treats online. They don't ship, because it's expensive, and the company would have to pass that expense on to the consumer. You cam buy the treats through local retailers, and there is a link on the company's website that helps you find the store closest to you.

The price will depend on the retailer. I paid $8.99 per box at one of the local pet shops in my area. There are 6 frozen yogurt cups in each box. That's about $1.50 per yogurt cup. Compared to other dog treats, that's quite expensive. If you factor in the cost of a prebiotic supplement, the price seems more reasonable.

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