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Review: The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats


Jerky treats for dogs have gotten a bad reputation in recent years. The Dog Bakery is trying to rectify that reputation by providing dog owners with 100% human grade, made in the USA jerky treats for dogs. The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats are grain-free with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

There have been countless recalls on pet food and treats in the past decade. Many of these recalls were on poor quality jerky treats, which has led many owners to stay away from this type of snack for their pups.

With that said, high quality jerky treats are actually one of the best and healthiest dog treat options. When made without the fillers, chemicals and artificial ingredients found in lower quality products, high quality dog jerky treats are high in protein and low in calories.

The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats are one of these options. The company takes pride in providing safe and healthy treats for owners to feed their canine companions. They also take it one step further by adding wholesome ingredients that aid in skin and coat health, immune system and digestive health and hip and joint health.

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The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats Review

The Dog Bakery Jerky TreatsOne of the biggest misconceptions told by pet food manufacturers is that their products are “made in the USA.” While the dog food and treats that they produce made be put together and cooked in the USA, the ingredients that they are made with could come from anywhere around the world.

This is often misleading, as dog parents purchase “made in the USA” products believing that 100% of the product comes from and is manufactured in the United States of America. And, sadly, manufacturers take advantage of this fact.

It's extremely important that you not only check to see where the products that you are purchasing are made, but also where the ingredients are sourced from.

The Dog Bakery Jerky TreatsThe Dog Bakery Jerky Treats are 100% made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients. They are also made in a human grade facility. These jerky treats for dogs are grain-free and made with no fillers or artificial ingredients.

These jerky strips from The Dog Bakery are air-dried for 3 days and then slow baked to preserve the nutrients and flavor of the ingredients. My favorite thing about these treats is that they are fortified with superfoods to boost your pup's health.

There are 3 formulas available:

  • Hip & Joint
  • Skin & Coat
  • Immunity & Digestion

The Hip & Joint formula are made with glucosamine and chondroitin to reduce pain in the joints and help to increase mobility. The Skin & Coat formula includes pumpkin , which is packed with beta-carotene and zinc, both of which promote a healthy, shiny coat. They also include coconut, which is a medium chain triglyceride full of lauric acid that helps clear up skin ailments and promotes a shiny coat.

The Dog Bakery Jerky TreatsFinally, The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats that are formulated for Immunity & Digestion have pumpkin in them. Pumpkin helps to settle an upset stomach, and promote regular stool. They also have cranberry as a main ingredient to support kidney and bladder health.

Unfortunately, they are currently only available with beef or chicken as the protein source. While my dogs loved all of the formulas, I know that beef and chicken are common triggers for allergies or food sensitivities.

As you can see in my video review above, these treats are about 6″ long. However, they are also very easy to rip into pieces. For this reason, they would make excellent treats for small breeds or training purposes.

You can purchase The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats on Amazon for $24.99. The bags are 14-ounces. I was actually surprised at the price of these treats. Most high quality treats like these are much more expensive, and they usually come in a smaller package. The Dog Bakery Jerky Treats offer a very good value for the price compared to other similar products.

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