The popular jerky dog treats have gotten a bad rap in the last few years. Many products have been recalled, and some have even been linked to serious illnesses in dogs. But this doesn't mean that dog jerky treats aren't healthy for dogs; it just means that you need to do your research and ensure you're buying the safest best dog jerky treats from reputable manufacturers.

Best Dog Jerky Treats: How It Was Referred as Dangerous to Dogs

It all started in 2007. Reports began coming into governing agencies that some of the jerky dog treats were making dogs sick.

Most pets suffered minor gastrointestinal upset that included vomiting and diarrhea. Some pets were diagnosed with liver and kidney issues due to eating specific tainted treats.

Whether it's the best beef jerky for dogs or branded ones like Top Chews dog treats, pet owners were worried about the safety of their dogs and avoided buying any jerky dog treats.

After investigating the many reports and looking into the products affected by the countless recalls, it was determined that the ingredients used in the making of the jerky dog treats were toxic. These ingredients had come from a country with very lenient regulations on pet food – China.

Are All Jerky Dog Treats Not Safe for Dogs?

Absolutely not. However, it does mean that pet owners need to be especially careful about the products that they choose and avoid all consumables with China-made ingredients. The best dog jerky treats on this list are all safe and healthy snacks, and those include:

Dog Jerky Treats Price Quality Rating
Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Treats $$ A+ 4.8/5
Kingdom Pets Premium Treats $$$ B+ 4.3/5
Farmland Traditions USA Made Chicken Jerky Treats $$$$ B 4.6/5
Top Chews Chicken Jerky $$$$ B 4.6/5
Kingdom Pets Premium Duck Jerky Treats $$$ B+ 4.4/5

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Picking the Best Jerky Dog Treats that are Safe For Dogs

Picking the best jerky dog treatsJerky dog treats are one of the most popular options that dog owners buy for their pets because they are rich in lean protein and essential amino acids, and they’re a great supplement to your dog’s diet. Make sure to pick only the safe jerky dog treats, made in America.

“We’ve been investigating these illnesses since 2007, and the one thing that they have in common is that the pets have eaten jerky treats from China,” said FDA team (source)

Further studies into this have confirmed that China-made jerky dog treats are completely unsafe for dogs to consume, as they also pose threat to Fanconi syndrome.

So it's important to stick only to USA-made jerky dog treats, and also the ones that have the least amount of ingredients in them, with protein being the top and main one.

“I advise buying products made in the USA and also avoiding the pig ears because of salmonella,” says Dr. William Amoroso, DVM at Falls Road Veterinary Hospital (source)

As long as you know where the ingredients have been sourced, and you're buying from a reputable company, and further confirm this by looking at the reviews on Amazon or elsewhere on what other pet owners are saying, jerky dog treats are safe for dogs.

Factors to Consider When Buying Jerky Dog Treats

Before purchasing any of those dog jerky treats you see in the store or online, you ought to check the following factors first:


You should look into the ingredients on the labels to see if they are safe for your pooch and don't include anything that could be harmful.

Choose jerky treats with the simplest ingredients. Sometimes, the best beef jerky for dogs is those that don't have any artificial flavors and are processed in the most natural way possible. 

Another thing to look out for when checking the ingredients is to avoid the ones dangerous to your pooch. This includes corn, soy, gluten, propyl gallate, BHA, BHT, and ethoxyquin.

Nutritional Value

Make sure your dog gets enough nutrients with their dog jerky treats. You can opt for top brands like Top Chews dog treats for that complete nutrition. 

The nutrients of your jerky treats will also depend on your dog's age. Puppies need at least 29% of crude protein while adult dogs should only get 10% of their needed calories from treats. 


Some dogs have their own preference when it comes to dog jerky treats. While other pooches love the taste of duck jerky for dogs made in USA, some would eat just about any brand.

Still, it takes some trial and error to identify your dog's preference. But in most cases, they would love meaty flavors.


Small dog jery treats can be a choking hazard since most dogs try to swallow them right away. Make sure to choose a treat size that matches your dog.

Still, choose a dog jerky treat that you can also carry around. That way, it would be easy to fit in your pouch and use them when you need to give your dog a reward. 


At times, a healthier option is going to cost you more. It may seem much at first, but you'd thank yourself for choosing the healthier yet more expensive jerky treat in the long run.

After all, you'd rather spend an extra buck on safe dog jerky treats than pay expensive bills in a clinic. 


Checking the reviews is also important when choosing the best dog jerky treats. Find the time to check out reviews and you may learn some things about the products that are not in the advertisement. 

Benefits of Jerky Treats for Dogs over Other Dog Treats

Finding the best jerky treats for dogs that are safeThere's a variety of treats for dogs available today – anything from healthy dog treats that are normally used for training and rewarding, to different animal ears treats and even hooves dog treats.

Generally, jerky treats for dogs are preferred over most other types of doggy treats due to their low-calorie content, appealing smell for the dogs, and high protein percentage (assuming you picked the right ones).

Additionally, jerky treats are somewhat good for cleaning dogs' teeth and maintaining dental health, but generally, specific dog dental treats will do a better job at this.

But like with most good things and especially dog treats, they must be given to dogs in strict moderation. When it comes to jerky dog treats, instead of treats rich in sugar and carbohydrates, dogs will benefit more from consuming jerky for its lean protein content, which is great for dogs' skin, hair, muscle-building, and overall growth.

How to Get the Most of the Benefits

In order to find not only a beneficial and healthy treat for your dog but also one that's safe for dogs to consume, you must always do some research: vet the ingredients in the treats and the company that makes them. What's on the label? Are the ingredients sourced from countries with strict regulations on pet food? What do other pet owners say?

Jerky treats for dogs are great for rewarding your pet without giving him unnecessary carbohydrates. While jerky treats are tougher than regular treats for dogs, they're usually consumed quickly. For longer chewing sessions that will occupy your dog, look into things like bully sticks or rawhide chews (be careful which ones you pick). Keep in mind that while jerky treats can be given anytime, dog chews require you to monitor your dog.

Look for the best dog jerky treats that are made with natural, safe ingredients, and that are preferably manufactured in the USA. Stay away from products that use a lot of additives, artificial flavors, colors, or chemical preservatives, and that are sourced in China. It's also important that you check out the company to ensure they make quality products in other areas and haven't been involved in any recent dog treat recalls.

Top 5 Best Dog Jerky Treats
Made in USA with lean protein and safe for dogs

1Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Treats

Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog TreatsRocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats are made from premium-quality meat, slowly smoked and roasted. We've previously talked about them and did a full dog treat review with Rocco & Roxie finishing up top. These best jerky dog treats are available in variants of beef, chicken, and turkey. They are thick, 7-inch long chewy sticks that are rich in protein, low on calories and fats, have a great smell compared to others, and contain no gluten, soy, corn, or wheat.

Why Customers Choose this Jerky Dog Treat

Amidst the scare of contaminated dog food coming in from other countries, dog owners carefully choose which brands to trust. Rocco & Roxie Gourmet Jerky Dog Treats is favored by most dog owners, foremost because it is made in the USA, and its ingredients were exclusively sourced in the USA. Foster dog parents were so happy to say how these best dog jerky treats have helped their malnourished rescued pets gain more weight.

best dog jerky treatsThe minimal ingredients used in the manufacture of this jerky treat make it safer for dogs. Owners who have been giving this to their pets for quite a while did not observe any upset stomach, skin irritation, or other adverse effects. In fact, this is an all-time favorite among dogs. When giving this to smaller dogs, however, it might be best to break these treats into smaller bite-size portions to avoid choking incidents.


  • Made with premium-quality American meat in varieties of chicken, turkey, and beef
  • No corn, wheat, soy, or gluten
  • Made in the USA with USA sourced ingredients

  • The 7-inch size is too much for small dogs, but they can be easily ripped into smaller pieces
  • It's uncommon, but there are a few reports of these treats upsetting some dogs' stomachs

best dog jerky treatsMost helpful review about these jerky dog treats: “I have purchased at least a dozen different treats over the last few years. Not to say my dog is picky but he does have his favorites. These have become his favorite…”


2Kingdom Pets Premium Treats

Kingdom Pets Premium Jerky Dog TreatsThese nutritious jerkies from Kingdom Pets are made from premium chicken breast fillet, salt, and vegetable glycerin. There are no grains, artificial coloring, additives, or flavor added. The simplicity and minimal ingredients used in the manufacture of Kingdom Pets Premium Dog Treats make it more digestible and beneficial to dogs. It’s made and sourced in the USA too, which makes it a reliable foodstuff to add to your dog’s diet and regimen.

Why Customers Choose this Jerky Dog Treat

Pet owners are convinced that this jerky is a better option than other treats. These best dog jerky treats have greatly improved their dogs’ overall fitness, not to mention that it has also helped reinforce good behavior when administered as a treat during training. Dogs take time to finish gnawing a treat, and their owners prefer that. They also observed that Kingdom Pets Premium Dog Treats are best given to dogs at least 5 pounds in weight. Smaller dogs may have difficulty chewing off a piece.

best dog jerky treatsMost buyers of the Kingdom Pets Chicken Jerky have been using this for their pets for over 5 years now. According to them, it has enhanced their dogs’ overall wellness and unlike many jerky treats, it caused no health issues to their pets at all. Pets can’t help wagging their tails in approval whenever a Kingdom Pet chicken jerky is within sniffing distance, and their owners couldn’t be happier. No wonder a lot of repeat and new orders keep coming in.


  • Made with only three ingredients – chicken breast fillet, salt, and vegetable glycerin
  • No grains, artificial coloring, additives, or flavor added
  • Made in the USA from USA sourced ingredients

  • These treats did not agree with every dog's stomach
  • Some reviewers noted that these treats may pose a choking hazard for small breeds

best dog jerky treatsMost helpful review about these jerky dog treats: “I know there is a lot of speculation and negative reviews of this product out there. This is the only brand of chicken jerky my shih tzu will eat, I've tried nearly every type on…”


3Farmland Traditions USA Made Chicken Jerky

Farmland Traditions USA Made Chicken Jerky Dog TreatsChicken jerkies are a sure hit with dogs. But, you can’t just get any chicken jerky advertised. First off, it must come from real chicken meat – not chicken-flavored fillers or grains. Next, the chicken must be raised only in the US and prepared in an FDA-inspected facility in the US. Farmland Traditions Chicken Jerky Dog Treats fit these requirements perfectly. The meat used in these jerkies comes only from US-grown chicken oven-dried to preserve its nutritive properties and authentic taste.

Why Customers Choose this Jerky Dog Treat

Having seen dogs getting sick from consuming jerkies, owners are more cautious when buying this commodity for their dogs. After thoroughly searching the web and asking friends and family, they have chosen Farmland Traditions USA Made Chicken jerky Dog Treats and have been very satisfied with their decision so far. Dogs loved the jerkies, and there were no upset stomachs or weight issues.

best dog jerky treatsDogs can’t seem to resist the natural aroma and chewiness of the chicken treat, and they’re always excited to have their next one. Comparing it with other similar products, dog owners say that the Farmland Traditions jerkies score much higher in cost-effectiveness. With all their wholesomeness, these best dog jerky treats are unbelievably affordable. Many pet owners even say that the reasonableness of the price allows them to let their pets overindulge sometimes.


  • Made with real chicken that is raised in the USA
  • Made in the USA in an FDA-inspected facility
  • Grain-free

  • Reviewers say these treats are difficult to rip into smaller pieces and tough for small dogs to chew
  • It's uncommon, but there are a few reports of these treats upsetting some dogs' stomachs

best dog jerky treatsMost helpful review about these jerky dog treats: “Love this product! My wife and I are extremely particular about the food and treats we buy for our dogs (Marvin and Tod) It isn't that they are pedigreed show dogs, but simply…”


4Top Chews Chicken Jerky

Top Chews Chicken Jerky Treats for DogsThe scare of contaminated foodstuff has everyone scrambling for products sourced and made exclusively in the USA – and jerky treats are no exception. Top Chews Chicken Jerky boasts 100% all-organic ingredients and none of those harmful fillers and chemical preservatives. Home-grown real chicken meat undergoes a slow-smoking process to attain that highly-nutritious, freshly delicious, and chewy goodness that every jerky should be. Each treat is rich in protein and low in fat. It aids in better dental health and helps build muscles without causing stomach upsets.

Why Customers Choose this Jerky Dog Treat

Even the pickiest of dogs love this treat, say owners, so it must really be delicious. It’s also easy to digest especially for dogs with sensitive tummies. Dogs that have been on Top Chews Chicken Jerky didn’t have any problem with runny stools or obnoxious gas discharges. Best of all, their jaw, teeth, and gums get the stimulation needed which is great for dental health.

best dog jerky treatsThe Top Chews chicken jerky treats have got to be one of dog owners’ top choices. It’s definitely well-liked by dogs for its jerky-licking goodness. It’s also much preferred by discriminating buyers because it’s made in the USA from USA-raised chicken. After using these jerky treats for months, pet owners attest that their visits to the vet for dental procedures have been few and far between. That and the relatively low price of this jerky make this a really wise buy.


  • Sourced and made in the USA
  • 100% all-organic ingredients
  • Rich in protein and low in fat
  • Easily digestible

  • Some reviewers were put off by the powerful odor of these best dog jerky treats
  • Reviewers say these treats are difficult to rip into smaller pieces and tough for small dogs to chew

best dog jerky treatsMost helpful review about these jerky dog treats: “I'm having a difficult time knowing what rating to give these. When I receive them from certain sellers, they are medium/dark red, nice firm texture and smell like roasted chicken…”


5Kingdom Pets Premium Duck Jerky Treats

Kingdom Pets Premium Duck Jerky Dog TreatsDogs, especially in their growing stage, need lots of protein. The best source of protein is meat. Poultry meat, such as duck meat, provides protein and a healthy variation from the usual meat types that dogs often get to eat. Since the best dog jerky treats should supplement their diet, and not merely keep them amused, they must be nourished and wholesome. Made of lean duck breast, vegetable glycerin, and salt, this jerky is rich in protein but low on fat and calories.

Why Customers Choose this Jerky Dog Treat

The strips are lean, and they’re thin enough for pups to chew. These best dog jerky treats do not contain additives to add flavor and color to them or to preserve them. Instead, Kingdom Pets Premium Duck Jerky Dog Treats are prepared using natural ingredients and it went through a dehydration process to preserve it. Because of these limited ingredients, this jerky treat is very gentle on the stomach even for puppies and senior dogs.

best dog jerky treatsPet owners and caregivers don’t only find the Kingdom Pets duck jerky nutritious, they also think of this treat as a great aid for training. It has the same superior taste as its chicken counterpart that dogs love to nibble on as their reward. It doesn’t dry out, and it has a good shelf life. For this reason, it’s a mainstay in homes with dogs.


  • Made with only three ingredients – duck breast, vegetable glycerin, and salt
  • High in protein and low in fat
  • No artificial colors or flavors

  • Reviewers say these treats are very dry and have sharp edges that could cut a dog's mouth
  • Not made or sourced in the U.S.

best dog jerky treatsMost helpful review about these jerky dog treats: “This has become an essential item for me to order each month. My German Shepherd, named Lion, and I play a game on an almost daily. I simply ask, “Do you want to play the…”

Are Jerky Treats Good for Dogs?

It's a good dog treat, but it's not something that you can always give to your pooch. Dog jerky treats are highly processed and often found with high sodium levels.

Because of this, it will cause certain health problems with your pooch in the long run. Give these jerky treats only when you need to give a reward.

Can Puppies Eat Jerky Treats?

It's not advisable to give your puppies any jerky treats. Even the best beef jerky for dogs has preservatives that can't be processed well by your pup's digestive system.

Dog jerky treats can also be a choking hazard for very young pups. So, it's best to give them treats once they're full adult dogs.

Can Dogs Have Human Jerky?

Just to be safe, it's best not to give your dog a human jerky. The flavors, preservatives, and saltiness of human jerky may be harmful to dogs. 

There are also spices in human jerky that can be toxic to your dogs. Even if you're given the puppy dog eyes, don't give them any of your jerky since it's just too much risk.

Can My Pooch Eat Duck Jerky For Dogs Made in USA?

Yes! Duck jerky treats for dogs are an excellent option if your pooch is prone to allergies. Some dogs have reactions to meat.

Keep in mind that duck jerky for dogs made in USA is high in calories and fat. So be careful about giving too many treats to your pooch.

Best Dog Jerky Treats – Conclusion

Dogs love a good treat, and the same goes for jerky treats. Fortunately, you can find the best dog jerky treats in the market that is not only tasty but safe for your dogs.

Despite its past perception of being dangerous to pooches, the dog treats industry has carefully followed all the regulations to ensure the safety and nutrients of your pooch.

So, even if you buy the best beef jerky for dogs, you can simply give it to your pooch without ever worrying about their health. Still, make sure to feed these jerky treats for dogs moderately.

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