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The Weight is Over: Toby and Frankie’s Weight Loss Adventure With BetterVet- Part 3

The Weight is Over- Toby and Frankie’s Weight Loss Adventure With BetterVet- Part 3The Weight is Over- Toby and Frankie’s Weight Loss Adventure With BetterVet- Part 3

Week 5 of the weight loss journey:

Frankie – Starting weight = 48lb | Weigh in Week 3 = 43lb 10oz | Current Weight= 42lb 8oz | Goal = 38lb | 8oz 2x’s per day jerky treat

Toby – Starting weight = 28lb | Weigh in Week 3 = 26lb10oz | Current Weight = 26lb 2oz | Goal = 23lb | 4oz 2x’s per day jerky treat

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Dr. Dani Cimino with BetterVet POV:

Settling into a new routine can take some time, but I am happy to report that our family is making great progress. 

We are just about one month in, and Frankie and Toby seem to be adjusting to their new schedule. 

They no longer expect, or ask for treats when I emerge from one room to another, and they have given up shadowing us when we are cooking dinner!

Mind you, this piece of the training was more about us humans, and not giving into those pleading eyes.

We needed to truly understand that food does not always equal love.

Instead, now when we get “the look,” Frankie and Toby enjoy riveting conversation, prolonged hugs and cuddles, or a spontaneous extra walk.

It’s starting to thaw out and get lighter much later here in New England, so it’s a great time to take advantage of the outdoors!

With a more demanding travel schedule recently, we have enlisted the help of a local dog walker which Frankie and Toby really seem to enjoy.

Whether it’s a neighborhood stroll or a run in the woods, both dogs love the hour of exploration.  Stimulating their brains is just as important as exercising their bodies.

We like to mix it up and are fortunate to live close to many state parks and hiking areas such as Upton State Forest, Gates Pond, Hopkinton State Park, and Ashland State Park, which are all dog friendly.

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We have invested in Whistle tracking collars for Frankie and Toby, and are excited to get them set up so we can start counting their steps!

From a nutrition standpoint, they are still enjoying Goodness Gracious genty cooked human-grade food twice per day, 4oz for Toby and 8oz for Frankie.

Once we implemented (and stuck to!) the tic-tac sized treat, their chicken jerky treats are lasting the whole day, and they don’t seem to mind the downsizing. 

We do supplement their favorite food with Omega Benefits – Canine  which supports healthy skin, joints, and brains.

For our little anxious Aussie mix Toby, a few drops of Large Dog – Endo Blend – Phytocannabinoids allows him to be much happier in his own skin. 

Toby has a history of abuse and neglect, but the Endo Blend allows us to avoid other medications like prozac or xanax. 

All in all, Frankie's weight loss is catching up to Toby's, and they are both making solid progress.

I can feel ribs, which is healthy in dogs!  They each have about 10% of their body weight left to lose, and I’m confident we will get there.

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Frankie POV:

I’m feeling great these days . . . so much more time outside, playing with my friends, exploring new smells in the woods.

The ground is all mushy under my paws and I LOVE that because it means it’s time to rollllllll.

Mom and I both laugh, because she’s so happy that I’m happy!

Also, I’m not sure why but when we go into the woods by the big puddles, there are treats everywhere!

Mom says the geese left them for us, and Toby and I love them.

We can play with the treats, roll on them, or eat them.  The possibilities are endless!

Then when we get home, Toby and I are ready to cuddle on the couch with Mom for a long nap.

We’re saving up our energy for the next adventure!

Toby POV: 

Life is good, man.