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Review: ThunderEase Dog Calming Diffuser and Spray

Canine anxiety is a common problem. It could be caused by many different variables from fear and stress to a change in environment. The ThunderShirt is one of the most popular and well-known calming products on the market. Now, the same company has created ThunderEase, a drug-free pheromone formula designed to help calm anxious dogs.

ThunderEaseOver-the-counter calming remedies like ThunderEase are designed for dogs with mild to moderate anxiety. If your dog has severe anxiety and stress, it is best to consult your veterinarian before trying to treat the issue. There are therapies and prescription medications available to help calm anxious dogs, but these are only recommended in extreme cases.

Studies have shown that anxiety in dogs is a real issue, and it can manifest itself in many different ways. Symptoms could be subtle, like panting or pacing. They could also be more severe, like excessive barking or aggression.

ThunderEase Diffuser offers a simple way to help calm dogs that is completely drug-free and all-natural. Does it actually work? Does the product offer a good value for the money? I'll give you all the details in this extensive review.

ThunderEase Dog Calming Diffuser and Spray Review

ThunderEaseThunderEase dog calming spray comes in two forms – a small spray bottle and a plug-in electronic diffuser. The spray is made of a drug-free, all-natural pheromone formula that is safe for dogs of every age.

The pheromone formula is designed to mimic the natural pheromones released by a nursing mother dog. This is typically the first thing that a young puppy smells, and they are soothed by this scent from their mother.

ThunderEase has been tested and is clinically proven to be 90% effective.

One diffuser covers an area of 700 square feet. It has been shown to help with:

      • ThunderEasenoise aversion
  • bringing home a new pet
  • moving to a new home
  • travel anxiety
  • nuisance barking
  • separation anxiety

It's hard to demonstrate the effectiveness of this product in a video review. But, I can vouch for the fact that ThunderEase was effective for our Labrador's noise aversion.

Our Lab, Saddie, is scared of loud noises like thunder and gunshots. We live in a rural part of Maine, and gunshots are often heard during different times of the year when hunting season is in full swing. My husband and a few of our neighbors also enjoy target practicing with their guns.

Poor Saddie hides in her kennel when she hears gunshots and shakes like a leaf during thunderstorms. I keep the ThunderEase diffuser plugged in all the time to help with any unexpected loud noises, and I also use the spray before a thunderstorm.

Saddie used to pant and shake. She still trembles slightly, but she doesn't pant anymore.

The ThunderEase diffuser and spray do not relieve her anxiety 100%, but they do reduce it by about 80%!

To receive the best results, you need to use this pheromone spray for 30 consecutive days. This is another reason why I leave the diffuser plugged in all the time. Unfortunately, because the liquid needs to evaporate in order to disperse into the air, the plug-in device gets hot. For this reason, the company recommends that you replace the device every 6 months.

Another thing that is important to note is that ThunderEase is NOT suitable to help dogs with aggression or hyperactivity issues. These issues are much more serious than mild to moderate anxiety and need to be treated by a dog trainer and/or a canine behavior specialist.

ThunderEaseThe ThunderEase Diffuser Kit comes with the diffuser plug-in and a 60-day supply of pheromone liquid. It is currently selling on Amazon for $29.95. You can also get a kit with a 30-day supply for $21.95 or a kit with a 90-day supply for $39.95. Keep in mind that you need to replace the diffuser every 6 months.

You can also buy a 30-day refill pack for $18.98, a 60-day refill pack for $24.95, or a 180-day supply for $59.95. This may seem expensive, but it's much cheaper than prescription remedies.

You can also buy ThunderEase in a convenient 60 mL spray bottle for $19.95. This is a better option for dogs with travel anxiety. It also comes in handy to reduce anxiety during vet visits or while boarding your pet. Just keep in mind that the pheromones need to be used for 30 days to be most effective, so you'll either need to spray it daily or invest in a diffuser as well.

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thunderease-dog-calming-diffuser-reviewFrom the makers of the extremely popular ThunderShirt comes ThunderEase, a drug-free, all-natural pheromone spray to help calm stressed and anxious dogs. It has been clinically proven to be 90% effective, as it mimics the natural pheromones released by nursing mother dogs.