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Review: Tool Klean Dog Grooming Tool Sanitizer Products


Dog groomers need to the have the right tools to be successful. Whether you're an at-home groomer or a professional working in a grooming salon, you have a tool kit that includes all the utensils you'll need. Having clean tools is just as important as having the right tools to work with, and Tool Klean recognizes that fact.

They understand the importance of properly sanitized grooming tools. This is why they created a line of products to help groomers keep their tools clean and hygienic. Wiping down tools with a cleaning solution will only remove the biological material, like fur, urine, feces, etc…

Tool Klean Grooming Tool Sanitizer ReviewIn order to reduce the number of bacteria on your grooming tools, you'll need to sanitize them. While some groomers prefer a liquid sanitizing solution, there are also products (like these from Tool Klean) that kill bacteria with ultraviolet light.

According to the Princeton Public Health Review, “Ultraviolet (UV) light kills cells by causing thymine bases in the cell’s DNA to interact and form dimers, which are then removed by the DNA’s own correction mechanisms… Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation (UVGI) utilizes these destructive properties of UV light to target pathogens. It uses short-range UVC light via air or water to kill bacteria and viruses through the DNA interfering cell death mechanism.” This is how Tool Klean was designed.

UV light has been proven to be effect at sanitizing hard surfaces and grooming tools. Many dog owners use this method, because it's chemical free. Liquid sanitizing solutions are made with harsh chemicals, which could be toxic to the animals you work with.

Tool Klean Dog Grooming Tool Sanitizer Products Review

Tool Klean Grooming Tool Sanitizer ReviewHot Cup Tool Sanitizer

Pictured above is the Hot Cup Tool Sanitizer from Tool Klean. The device comes with a package of small glass beads. You fill the cup with the beads, and it heats to more than 200˚F.

Tool Klean Dog Grooming Tool Sanitizer ReviewThe machine takes 12 minutes to come to temperature, and the indicator light lets you know when it's ready for use. Once it's hot, you place your grooming tools inside and they're sanitized in 30 seconds. The glass beads aid in proper conduction of the heat around every crevice of the tools.

The Hot Cup Tool Sanitizer uses high, dry heat to sanitize grooming tools. It is certified for home and business use. Tool Klean states that on metal tools this product is effective at eradicating:

  • bacteria
  • fungus
  • viruses
  • mold
  • larvae

This tool is also FDA-compliant. It only weighs 2 pounds, and measures 6″H x 6″W. While this sanitizer is quite small, it works well for scissors and nail clippers, as you can see in my video review.

I do wish this sanitizer was available in multiple sizes. However, the smaller size is easier to store on your workstation. At the time of this review, you can purchase the Hot Cup Tool Sanitizer on Amazon for $18.95.

Ultraviolet Light Wand

Tool Klean ReviewIf I had to choose one of these products to purchase, it would be this light wand over the Hot Cup. It uses a 4W germicidal UVC non-heat bulb that is effective for up to 10,000 hours.

With this wand, Tool Klean states that most germs are destroyed within 10-20 seconds.

The company does recommend a 30-second swipe for heavily infected areas, but that's still much quicker than waiting for a device that sanitizes with heat. The Ultraviolet Light Wand is also safe for use on all surfaces and materials.

Another reason that I would choose this device over the Hot Cup is its versatility. You can use it on smaller objects, like grooming tools, or larger surface areas, like a grooming table or tub.

The wand is rechargeable with the included USB cable. It's lightweight at about 2 pounds, which is ideal if you'll be using it for long periods of time. It's also equipped with a comfort grip to help prevent hand fatigue.

Tool Klean ReviewYou can see the bulb cover in my video review above. It helps to protect the bulb when you're not using the wand. This UV Light Wand from Tool Klean is also equipped with an automatic shutoff feature in case you forget to turn it off after use.

You can see the easy-to-use digital controls in my photo on the right. You can set the timer at 5, 15 and 30 minute intervals. The wand is also made of durable ABS plastic, and is also compliant with FDA regulations.

This wand is a little more expensive than the Hot Cup, but you can pick it up on Amazon right now for just $39.95.  For the life expectancy of the bulb and the versatility of the wand itself, I would definitely say this sanitizing tool from Tool Klean is a good value for the money.

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