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Review: Unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate

Dog gates serve many purposes. Some pet owners use them to contain puppies who are not yet house broken.

Others just use a gate to keep their dog in another room while they are vacuuming or mopping the floor.

Whatever purpose it will serve, the unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate is a good choice if you're looking for a gate that does not attach to the wall.

Freestanding pet gates aren't a good choice for every dog. If you think your dog will jump up, paw at, or try to push through the gate, a freestanding gate won't contain him.

If your dog is more likely to find a quiet spot to rest while he is contained, a freestanding gate will be a great choice.

unipaws Freestanding Pet GateMost freestanding pet gates are also larger than traditional gates that use pressure to stand in doorways or between two walls.

They can be used to block larger openings as I demonstrate in my video review above.

I was drawn to the Unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate because of its aesthetic appearance.

I don't care for the look of traditional pet gates. I would rather have a gate, like this one, that blends in better with our home's décor.

But, is it a good value for the money? What is the quality of the product? I will give you all the details in this product review.

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Unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate Review

unipaws Freestanding Pet GateI was instantly attracted to this gate's beautiful aesthetic design. It is a wooden gate that is available in an espresso or gray finish.

The espresso matches our home perfectly, as you can see in the photo above.

While I do love the appearance of this gate, it's not the most practical dog gate on the market.

As the name suggests, it's a free-standing gate. This means that it simply stands on its own without being attached to your walls or doorway.

It comes with two support feet if needed, and features rubber pads on the bottom of the gate to prevent it from scratching your flooring.

The freestanding design is easy for rambunctious dogs to knock over, so it isn't suitable for all pets.

unipaws Freestanding Pet GateMy favorite feature of the Unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate is the double-open hinges.

These hinges offer extra stability and allow the gate panels to fold both ways.

It is available in 3- and 4-panel models and the hinges allow each panel to move forward or backward.

This feature enables you to configure this gate into virtually any shape!

If you've got an awkward opening that you need to block off, this gate will most likely be able to get the job done.

As you can see in my photos, it's also ideal for extra-wide openings like the one in our home. At 80 inches long, it can span virtually any entryway.

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unipaws Freestanding Pet GateThe panels are each 20″ wide. Unfolded, the unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate measures 80″W x 36″H x 0.71″D. Folded, it measures 20″W x 36″H x 2.84″D.

When it's folded, this gate is easy to slide under a bed or store in a closet.

I was also pleased when I received this gate in the mail and realized that there was no assembly required.

There is a 2″ gap between each rung of the gate, which might not be ideal for very small breeds.

I expected this gate to retail for more than $100. Most dog gates comparable in size and quality retail for well over $100.

Surprisingly, you can purchase the Unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate on Amazon for $73.99 (3-panel) or $104.99 (4-panel). It's definitely a great value for the money!

Graciously, our friends at Unipaws would like to offer our readers a limited-time 5% off coupon code for either the grey or espresso Freestanding Pet Gate. Use code KM6GQ8OB at checkout on Amazon to receive the discount. This offer is valid until 01/06/2019 at 11:59 PM PST.

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Review- Unipaws Freestanding Pet Gate

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