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Review: Vet Recommended Yak Chews (2018)


Finding chews that are healthy and durable can be challenging, especially if your dog is an aggressive chewer with powerful jaws. There are many different types of chews available, but not all are safe for your pet. Yak chews, like Vet Recommended Yak Chews, are one option that is safe, healthy and extremely durable.

As the name suggests, these chews are made primarily from yak milk. They are essentially a very hard cheese chew. Yak chews put off very minimal odor, so they are more appealing to pet owners who can't stand the putrid smell of other types of chews.

Chews like this are very high in protein, so they offer additional nutrition along with satisfying your dog's need to chew. There are many different sizes and brands of yak chews to choose from, so how do Vet Recommended Yak Chews compare?

Let's take a look at the details of these chews to help you decide whether or not they are right for your canine companion.

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 Vet Recommended Yak Chews Review

Vet Recommended Yak Chews ReviewThere are just three ingredients in these dog chews – yak milk, lime juice and salt. Unlike animal ears and bully sticks, Vet Recommended Yak Chews have an unnoticeable odor. They are also 100% digestible and much easier on your dog's digestive tract than rawhides and other similar dog chews.

These chews are also all-natural, which is a huge benefit for me. Many dog chews, like rawhides, are coated with an artificial flavoring that is made with chemicals. While the main ingredient in these chews might be all-natural, the flavorings and preservatives are often artificial and dangerous to your dog.

Vet Recommended Yak Chews ReviewVet Recommended Yak Chews are free of grains, gluten, chemicals, preservatives and artificial flavorings.

As you will see in my video review above, our Labrador, Saddie, can chomp on these chews for many hours without breaking them. They are unbelievably durable!

It takes our Beagle, Molly, days to eat one of these chews entirely. I was very skeptical about their durability, due to their small size and the fact that they are made of yak milk, lime juice and salt. I was astonished at how durable they are and how long they last with our pets.

I would recommend these chews for any pet owner with a dog that likes to chew. However, Vet Recommended Yak Chews are only about 4″ long. In my video review you can see that Saddie can fit an entire chew in her mouth.

Vet Recommended Yak ChewsWhile it's never been a problem and I always supervise her while she's chewing, I do worry that these yak chews may pose a choking hazard for large/extra large breeds. There are other companies that make longer yak chews – some up to 10″ long – which I would recommend for larger dogs. I hope to see more options from Vet Recommended in the future, though.

The other drawback to yak chews is their expense. Because they are made with high-quality ingredients and they are more durable than many dog chew products on the market, I expected them to be a little pricey. You can buy a bag of 20 Vet Recommended Yak Chews on Amazon for $39.97.

If you do the math, that's about $2 per chew. I know that price doesn't fit everyone's budget, for the amount of time that these chews last, it's well worth the cost. Cheaper products only last tough chewers a few minutes, so you'll definitely get your money's worth out of this option from Vet Recommended.

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