The Unbreakoball is Ideal for Aggressive Chewers

If you're tired of buying dog toy after dog toy only to have your Fido chew them to shreds, the Unbreakoball may be what you need. This patent pending dog ball is made from a nontoxic, high-density polyethylene plastic and it's crafted right here in the United States. It is designed for the toughest, roughest players and will stand up to all of your dog’s chewing, chomping, and snapping.

This dog toy is available in two sizes. The original Unbreakoball is about three times larger than a baseball and is recommended for dogs under 70 pounds. The Unbreakoball Big Daddy version, which is the same size as a basketball, is for larger breeds. The toy is designed with holes all around the ball so any size dog can pick it up and carry it.

For even more fun you can slip a few small treats into the ball through the holes and let your pup figure out how to get them out. The company is so sure that this ball is indestructible that they will replace it if your dog manages to break it.

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