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Review: West Paw Strolls Hemp Dog Leash and Collar

Hemp is lightweight and very strong. The West Paw Strolls Dog Leash is made of this naturally odor resistant, hypo-allergenic material. The company also makes dog collars in this eco-friendly product line.

Dog collars aren't just a fashion accessory to make your pup look good. They offer an anchor to attach a leash and a place to securely hook an identification tag. Collars are an essential piece of dog supplies that are a must-have for every pet.

Your pooch's comfort should be priority number one when selecting the right collar. Other than that, it's really just a matter of your personal preferences. There are many styles to choose from, and they all have their own unique appearance.


Of course, you also have to keep several features in mind while shopping:

  • comfort
  • appearance
  • price
  • durability
  • ease of adjustment
  • ability to stay in place when adjusted

Think about how the collar will be used and what the best features will be for your dog. For example, if your dog swims often you should find a waterproof color that isn't made of porous material. Or, if you have a pet with sensitive skin it would be best to buy a collar made of a natural material like hemp.

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West Paw Strolls Dog Leash and Collar Review

West Paw Strolls Dog Leash ReviewAs I mentioned, these dog collars and dog leashes are made from natural hemp in the United States. Hemp is lightweight and strong, which is ideal for use with dog supplies. These products are ideal for any size or breed.

Hemp is also naturally odor resistant, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial.

West Paw Strolls Dog Leash ReviewThe first thing that I noticed about these products was how soft they are. That means the collar is comfortable for your dog, and the leash handle is comfortable in your hand. The collar also features a lightweight plastic buckle, so it isn't too heavy for small dogs.

The collar features a durable, quick-connect loop that is made to stand up to big dogs pulling on the leash. The leash has a unique snap hook that is made of zinc to be ultra-light. In my video review you can also see the separate ID loop, so your dog's ID tags won't interfere with you quickly and easily attaching Fido's West Paw Strolls Dog Leash to his collar.

I love the utility loop on this leash from West Paw. It allows for cross-body carry. And, my favorite feature of the West Paw Strolls Dog Leash is the attached traffic handle (pictured below). I think that a traffic handle is a MUST-HAVE on any leash. It allows you to quickly take control of your dog if necessary.

West Paw Strolls Dog Leash ReviewThese collars are available in two sizes:

  • Small – neck circumference of 13.25″ – 19.75″ (.75″ wide)
  • Large – neck circumference of 18″ – 27.5″ (1″ wide)

The West Paw Strolls Dog Leash only comes in a 66″ length, but it is available in a 3/4″ width or 1″ width. I'd like to see it available in a 4-foot length for larger breeds that need to be kept closer to their handler, but 5.5 feet is an acceptable length for most dogs.

You can get the West Paw Strolls Collar in yellow, green, blue or brown. The West Paw Strolls Dog Leash comes in 4 matching colors. You can purchase the collar on Amazon for $20.95 and the leash for $29.95.

As you can see, this is quite a bit more expensive than traditional nylon leads and collars. Unfortunately, high quality products usually come with a higher price tag. If your dog isn't a leash chewer, I'm sure this one would hold up well.

However, if your dog does chew his leash from time to time, the West Paw Strolls Dog Leash is not going to offer a good value for your money. The hemp may be soft and lightweight, but it's also thin and would be very easy to chew through.

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west-paw-strolls-dog-leash-reviewThese dog leashes and collars are made with natural hemp in the USA. Hemp is lightweight, very strong and eco-friendly. It is also naturally odor resistant, hypo-allergenic and anti-microbial. These products are more expensive than traditional nylon dog leashes and collars, but they also offer many benefits that their counterparts do not.