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Review: You & Me Upsy Daisy Pop Up Pet Stairs


Small breeds typically need some assistance to get on beds, couches or other higher platforms. You can lift them up and down or you could invest in a set of pet stairs like this option from You & Me. Many pet owners don't think about purchasing dog stairs until their canine companion needs them due to old age or an injury.

Research has shown that it's actually beneficial to have pet stairs available for any dog that needs to access furniture, bedding or vehicles. When your pet jumps up and down from furniture, all of their weight lands on their joints. This unnecessary pressure adds up over time and can really take a toll on your dog's shoulders and hips.

You & Me Upsy Daisy Pop-Up Pet StairsPurchasing a set of pet stairs is a quick and easy way to resolve this issue. If you'll be using the stairs in more than one location, you should find a set that is easy to move around. You also need to consider the length of your dog's legs compared to the size of the stairs. And, let's not forget that you'll need to choose a set that is high enough to access the area your dog will be climbing to.

When shopping for dog stairs, it's important to choose a product that is the appropriate size for your pet. The stairs shouldn't be too steep, and the depth of the stairs needs to be appropriate for your dog's leg length.

Safety features are also important, and I'll tell you about the safety features of the You & Me Upsy-Daisy Pop-Up Pet Stairs in this review. Side rails and traction stability are important features to consider. Of course, checking the weight limit is also important, because you don't want the steps to collapse under the weight of your pup.

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You & Me Upsy Daisy Pop Up Pet Stairs Review

You & Me Upsy Daisy Pop-Up Pet Stairs ReviewAs you can see in the photo above, these pet stairs are meant for small breeds. Our 30-pound Beagle, Molly, can't fit her entire body on the You & Me Upsy Daisy Pet Stairs. The company claims these stairs can hold dogs weighing up to 70 pounds, but a 70-pound dog would never fit on them.

In my video review at the top of this article I demonstrate how simple it is to put these dog stairs together. The frame folds out and the plastic steps just snap on. There is also a removable plush cover for these stairs, and it's machine washable.

You & Me Upsy Daisy Pop-Up Pet StairsI wish there were more sizing options available, but there is currently only one size available. These Upsy Daisy Pet Stairs measure 18″H x 14″W x 12″L, and the step dimensions are 14″W x 6″D.

Although the frame is not as stable and strong as I'd like it to be, it does fold for easy storage. This folding feature also makes these dog stairs ideal for pups that travel frequently.

You can currently buy the You & Me Upsy Daisy Pop-Up Pet Stairs on Amazon for $22.49 + $6.99 for shipping and handling. I would recommend getting a sturdy set of stairs if your dog weighs more than 40 pounds or so, but if you have a very small breed, I'm sure these stairs will be suitable.

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