– Dog ramps or stairs are necessary for senior dogs or dogs with health issues.

– Dog stairs tend to be a bit cheaper than ramps, and they require less space. Some stairs even convert to ramps if needed.

– In buying stairs, you should consider your dog's size and needs, your bed or car's height, your budget, and the function it will serve.

– We have rounded up the 15 best dog stairs based on size, price, and materials used.

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Dog stairs or ramps are a great way to help senior, arthritic dogs or small dogs get onto beds or into cars.

They need these to prevent any injuries or accidents from happening!

But the thing is, with so many brands of stairs available for purchase, it may take time to pick the right set.

So, for this dog stairs review, I've tested a number of different products to determine the best.

There are several factors to consider when choosing stairs for dogs.

  • How many steps will my dog need?
  • What are the top dog stairs for tall beds?
  • What's the appropriate incline?
  • Do I choose wooden or soft steps for my pooch?
  • Is my dog afraid of stairs?
  • Which type is the most appropriate for his breed or age?
  • Are there dog stairs for large dogs?

Don't worry; I've considered these and many other factors.

I've also ranked each product for its category, picking the best dog stairs for beds, cars, and more.

Quick Glance at the 15 Best Dog Stairs reviewed in this article:





factors for best dog stairs infographic

How to Buy the Best Dog Stairs for Bed or Car

Your choice of pet stairs will depend on your dog's needs, size, health condition, weight, and the height of your furniture or car.

There are three factors you'll need to take into account before purchasing the product:

  1. Measure the height from floor to bed/sofa/etc
  2. Weigh your dog and consider his/her size in general
  3. Decide whether you'll need a ramp or just the stairs

Wait. How different will it be to let my dog use a ramp or stairs?

Well, functionally, they're similar, but they still have differences that can impact your dog's everyday life.

To give you a picture, he's a quick dog stairs vs. dog ramps comparison.

Dog StairsDog Ramps
- created with agility in mind- easiest option for all dogs
- dog need to be semi-healthy or not too old- gentle on their joints
- can add fun to young pups- perfect for senior or handicapped pets
- require more time for training on how to use it- some ramps can be transformed into steps

Dog behaviorist and certified professional dog trainer Colleen Demling of Dogtopia said. ‘dog stairs are a great option for pet parents on a budget.'

“Stairs also need less room than ramps, so they work great in small areas, such as next to a bed or couch,” Demling added. “High-quality stairs also tend to be less expensive than high-quality ramps.”

Convinced yet?

For more tips, read my article on how to choose dog steps.

If you're ready to start shopping for a new set, below are my rankings for the best dog stairs that I've come to after many weeks of testing with my pack of dogs.

The Best Dog Stairs for Bed and Cars

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step,Brown

1Overall Best Dog Stairs: Pet Studio Pine Frame Ramp-Steps for Dogs  

Rating5 stars
Size: 2 steps / 3 steps
Max weight: 130 lbs
Material: Wood + carpeting
Dimensions: 40 x 17.5 x 19.5 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Pet Studio dog stair ramp is a rare option that you can easily convert from stairs to a ramp, a much easier way for arthritic dogs to climb up.


The manufacturer is a veteran in the pet supplies market, and these steps have been a best seller on Amazon since the late 2000s.

These tall dog stairs have three carpeted, non-slip steps that make going up or down comfortable and safe for the dog. It’s designed for small and large dogs weighing up to 130 pounds.

Each tread measures 12” deep by 16” wide, and the last step is 19.5” high, measured from the floor.

The construction feels sturdy, made of pine, and colored with a dark finish, making it a stylish-looking piece of furniture and perfect pet stairs for large dogs.

This is a more expensive brand, but pet owners looking for cheaper pet stairs can look into their two-step variation.

Pet Studio Pine Frame Dog RampSteps, 3 Step,Brown

A common problem with dog stairs for large dogs is that they're either too slim or too steep for comfort and shaky.

Even if dogs are coaxed to climb up, they'll be reluctant to go down and jump instead.

Due to the design of Pet Studio dog steps for high beds, they are wide enough, and there is no wobble whatsoever, so most dogs will feel confident to climb them.

Even as dog owners, you'd feel assured when training or playing with your dog in these sturdy dog steps for bed.

Another feature of these wooden dog steps is that the leg end that touches the floor is padded, which is great for preventing sliding and protecting the floor from scratches.

Whenever you feel your dog is not up for a climb, the treads fold underneath to convert these steps into a ramp.

The frame locks flat neatly and securely and has a handle on the back for transporting or storing them away.

This high-end product in the medium price range is a clear winner on our list.

Premier Pet Steps Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps, Solid Oak Tread with Non Slip Surface in a Rich Cherry Stain, 12-Inch (DS2nOCH)

2The Best Dog Stairs for Tall Bed: Premier Pet Tall Raised Panel Dog Steps

Rating5 stars
Size: 2 steps
Max weight: 300 lbs
Material: Oak wood
Dimensions: 15 x 15.5 x 12 inch
Non-slip: Yes

As the second top-ranked product, it's these tall dog stairs from Premier Pet.

Owners looking for a dog stepladder that's easy to blend with home decor, cabinetry, and wooden interior will find these wooden dog steps very fitting.

Premier Pet's solid oak pet steps are mostly recommended for large dogs.

These dog steps for beds have furniture-grade workmanship and are one of the better-looking dog steps.

The frame and steps are made of oak, finished with a rich cherry color, which is what sells the look of these wood dog steps. The treads are non-slip and covered with stain-resistant carpets.

Each tread is 16” wide – this is great even for big dogs. It rises 5.5” high, which is an easy climb even for small dogs.

Due to their furniture-grade quality, the pet stairs for large dogs are designed to hold big canines weighing up to 300 pounds.

This is an ideal choice when you're looking for big dog stairs that are both wide and durable enough to support your large pooch!

Our dogs took to these pet stairs quickly and easily without needing coaching.

These tall dog stairs for large dogs have their whole perimeter resting on the ground, and it's not propped up or hinged on one end like other products, making them very stable and close to immovable by the dog.

On the drawbacks side, these large stairs are a heavy piece of furniture.

They are certainly not too portable or easily movable; thus, they're a good option for pet owners looking for long-term stairs where you can leave and forget about them.

If that's not an issue for you, this Pet Premier option makes for one of the best large wooden dog stairs on the market.

Petsfit Dog Stairs for Dogs/Cats/Elderly Pets, 3-Steps Wooden Cat Stairs


Best Wooden Dog Stairs: Petsfit Wooden Pet/Cat/Dog Stairs/Steps for Elderly Cat/Dogs with Short Legs and Long Body

Rating5 stars
Size: 3 steps
Max weight: 150 lbs
Material: Wood + carpeting
Dimensions: 22x17x20 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Here's an alternative to the option mentioned above: stylish wooden pet steps.

It's a great-looking piece of furniture that will complement your home decor.

Petsfit Products steps have three steady and well-placed treads that allow your dog easy access to a sofa or bed, but you wouldn't use them for a vehicle.

They look beautiful outside but are also a functional storage space for dog toys or other pet supplies.

Petsfit Products pet stairs are great for elderly cats and dogs with short legs and long bodies.

The frame and tread are made from hardwood and have quality workmanship reminiscent of a good old solid piece of wood furniture.

Each tread is non-slip and carpeted, providing good traction and making it safer for dogs.

I particularly appreciated the slow rise and the considerable depth and width of each tread on these stairs.

Petsfit Dog Stairs for Dogs/Cats/Elderly Pets, 3-Steps Wooden Cat Stairs

The tread is generously wide at 18” and quite deep at 9”.

Honestly, this was the main reason for our home situation that made these wooden dog steps a top-rated option for me.

These can also be great dog steps for beds if you let your dog sleep with you.

The storage feature and classy look are great bonuses for pet owners looking for dog stairs for small dogs that will also fit well within their home decor.

Like all wooden dog steps, these are not cheap, but if you consider that you won’t need to replace these steps for the better part of your pet’s lifespan, they might be worth consideration.

Lesure Dog Stairs for Small Dogs - Pet Stairs for High Beds and Couch, Folding Pet Steps with CertiPUR-US Certified Foam for Cat and Doggy, Non-Slip Bottom Dog Steps, Grey, 5 Steps

4The Best Dog Stairs for Small Dogs: Lesure Dog Stairs for Small Dogs

Rating4 half stars
Size: 2 to 5 steps
Max weight: 50 lbs
Material: Corduroy
Dimensions: 30 x 16 x 22.5 inches
Non-slip: Yes

Moving away from wooden dog stairs and onto soft, foam dog stairs, this option from the LE SURE store has been popular on Amazon for a while now.

Many relatively healthy, moderately built, and typically agile dogs need the lightweight and light-support type of dog steps to help them move up and down elevated areas.

These density foam dog steps for a high bed are likely a good choice for your small dog if the look is not your primary concern.

The 5-step option is about 27” high with 16” wide and 6” deep treads.

There’s a 4.5” rise per step, which makes for an easier climb or descent, thus making them great for small dogs.

These steps work on the principle that when dogs leap and land on hard surfaces with full weight, their joints suffer from the impact, and many wooden dog steps do not provide enough protection.

According to the manufacturer, they've seen that various joint-related disorders can result from constant climbing on hard surface dog stairs for bed.

Testing Dallas Manufacturing Company Dog StairsThese soft pet stairs for small and medium dogs were designed to prevent unnecessary strain on dogs' joints.

We've also looked at many dog steps reviews, and according to other pet owners, these stairs for bed were some of the easiest for training their dogs to climb.

They were confident in allowing their dog to use it because it improved their access to elevated areas and softened the impact of landing on each tread.

Pet owners looking for stylish wooden dog stairs will not find that here.

This is one more for effectiveness and convenience, not only for your dog but also for you.

While being a very tall dog stair with five steps, making them good stairs for a high bed, they are extremely light and portable, so moving these pet steps around the room or the house is not a big deal.

The covering material is paw-friendly and, more importantly, removable and washable.

Also, when there’s just a little dirt, you may spot-clean it using a wet and soapy rag.

Pet Loader® Light 16" Platform, 3-Step Folding Dog Step Carpeted USA Made Great for beds couches Chairs Mini Van and Side Entry sedans. can add Platforms as Your Needs Change

5The Best Dog Stairs for Large Dogs: Pet Loader Light Platform Steps for Dogs 

Rating4 half stars
Size: 3-4 Steps
Max weight: 250 lbs
Material: Heavy-duty plastic
Dimensions: 10 ft x 18 x 22 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Now, here is something very different for pet owners looking for pet stairs for bed and their car.

These light platform dog steps from Pet Loader are among the few available to pet owners looking for this specific dog stair ramp option.

When dogs need a climbing accessory that can be used outdoors or for embarking and disembarking from vehicles, this 16-inch wide Pet Loader Light dog stair ramp is easily the top choice.

It’s sturdy, portable, and has the right measurements for most pets.

The standard dog platform has four large non-slip steps, but variations in 3 and 5 steps can also be bought at different price points.

These reliable dog stairs for large dogs are constructed from heavy-duty plastic and for vehicle trunks elevated at 20”-30” high.

Pet Loader® Light 16" Platform, 3-Step Folding Dog Step Carpeted USA Made Great for beds couches Chairs Mini Van and Side Entry sedans. can add Platforms as Your Needs Change

These stairs for dogs are also mobile and fold down to a small box of 22” x 7.5” x 24”, including the locking knobs on the left and right sides.

It has a handle for added ease in carrying and storing it.

They're made in the USA as well.

Most of the stairs for dogs mentioned on this list cannot be used for cars due to how difficult it is to move them; the Pet Loader platform is a great alternative — especially as dog stairs for large dogs.

Instead of struggling to lift their dogs to the rear of their SUVs or aggravating pain in dogs with joint issues or arthritis, this is a far more practical option for most.

Training a dog to use these tall dog stairs for a car will take some practice.

But after the initial awkward steps, dogs take to the ramp quite quickly, and this is confirmed when reading through many dog steps reviews from other pet owners, too.

Dogs also seem to find dignity and prefer getting up the car alone more than getting heaved like some huge cargo.

The effective incline of these big dog stairs depends on the height of the car’s rear bumper, where the higher end sits, and the variation or number of steps chosen.

Though nifty as a box, it has some weight due to the heavy-duty materials used.

While this could be a problem to some pet owners, others have said that the weight covers the thick and durable material, the generous width and depth, and the securing lock and hardware it includes – so it's a trade-off.

Like the good pet parents that we are, we'd take the weight anytime if it translates to our pet’s comfort and security climbing into cars.

Pet Gear Easy Step II Extra Wide Pet Stairs, 2-step/for cats and dogs up to 200-pounds, Chocolate, (PG9720XLCH)


The Best Small Dog Stairs: Pet Gear Easy Step II Extra Wide Dog Stairs 

Rating4 half stars
Size: 2 steps
Max weight: 200 lbs
Material: Plastic + carpeting
Dimensions: 20 x 22 x 16 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Ranking still fairly high on our list is a product from the famous manufacturer Pet Gear – these big dog stairs are the extra-wide variation of their two-step series of pet stairs for small, medium, and large dogs.

This must not be confused with the closely similar products under the same brand (which we discuss below) because those are narrow stairs for dogs built for much lighter weight, albeit also with the same color choices of chocolate and tan.

Pet Gear Easy Step II Dog Stairs ReviewThis particular set of dog steps for the bed has a generous width of 20” compared to its two other versions of 16-inch and 14-inch widths.

With the added space in every step, any big pooch would feel confident climbing these pet stairs for large dogs.

A unique feature of this stepladder is the very slightly sloped tread. It increases the elevation of each step without causing a noticeable effort to the user – a brilliant idea!

Each tread (both) of Pet Gear's stairs for dogs is carpeted, has a good depth of over 10”, and a height of 6”.

The height of 16” is good for making most hard-to-reach areas accessible to short-legged pets or senior dogs, making these a top-rated dog steps choice for arthritic dogs.

Testing Pet Gear Easy Step II Stairs for DogsAfter browsing through a ton of dog stairs reviews, it's clear that pet owners feel more confident with these small stairs for dogs because they are sturdy and easy to move.

Compared to how they felt about a few other flimsy pet stairs they’ve used before.

The non-slip carpeted landing is kindlier to their pet’s paws, and the rubber grip on the base keeps the pet ladder stable.

Even large dogs or your heaviest pet can cause it to sway.

Unlike some of the below-mentioned brands, the rugs on Pet Gear's pet steps for dogs are removable and machine washable.

That earned us and many other homemakers the thumbs up, a unique feature for this type of pet stairs.

The drawback is the quality of materials used. However, there's a bright side to it.

First, this lowered the cost of these steps for dogs.

Second, since this is made of specially engineered plastic, it is much lighter than other dog step products.

For that reason and with its small area, pet owners will find no problem moving these dog stairs for bed about as often as they wish.

PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for Dogs and Cats - Durable Frame Supports up to 120lb - Furniture Grade Wood Pet Ramp with Cherry Finish - High-Traction Carpet Surface, Great for Older Animals

7The Best Cheap Ramp for Dogs: PetSafe CozyUp Wood Bedside Ramp for Dogs 

Rating4 stars
Max weight: 120 lbs
Material: Wood + carpeting
Dimensions: 16 x 70 x 25 in
Non-slip: Yes

Except for the ramp-convertible in the top position, this list has not included a proper dog ramp until now.

We have the Solvit wooden dog stairs and the Solvit plastic dog steps for the bed; we simply can’t go without the Solvit Wood Bedside Ramp for pet owners who need something specifically in this design type.

Testing PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for DogsThis is best for dogs that might be willing to climb up an inclined plane but not willing enough to lift their legs and climb steps.

With this ramp, dogs determine how big or small the steps to take because it’s a pet ramp – there’s no step to hurdle.

They could take it inch by inch if they find it most comfortable.

The incline is so gradual, too, that they’d barely feel the climb, if at all.

Review of PetSafe CozyUp Bed Ramp for DogsIndeed, owners of dogs who were unsure about using pet stairs for dogs were more receptive to this dog ramp.

It was much easier to coax them to take this ramp for dogs, possibly because it’s much like the floor, except for the gentle slope.

When you compare it to pet stairs for large dogs, this ramp is less intimidating whenever you start training your dog to climb.

There's a landing at the top of the ramp before transitioning to the bed. That’s a good detail, especially for a pet ramp designed to be placed alongside the bed.

It must be noted that this is not foldable. To store it, it has to be unscrewed and taken apart.

That’s good and not too good, depending on what you want to get out of your dog ramp.

That’s good because the legs are secured, and there’s no possibility of it suddenly folding down with your pet upon it.

From the portability aspect, transporting it won’t be as easy because of its length.

This cheap pet ramp for dogs is simply perfect as a pet-assisting accessory and bedroom furniture.

Pet Gear Easy Step IV Pet Stairs, 4 Step for Cats/Dogs, Removable Washable Carpet Treads, for Pets Up to 150lbs, No Tools Required, Available in 4 Colors

8The Best Plastic Dog Steps: Pet Gear Easy Step IV Stairs for Dogs 

Rating4 half stars
Size: 4 steps
Max weight: 150 lbs
Material: Plastic + carpeting
Dimensions: 34 x 16 x 30.5 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Earlier, we featured a wide two-step variation of Pet Gear's steps for dogs. This time, it's a Pet Gear stepladder with four steps to make it easier for pets to reach heights as high as 35”.

These sturdy plastic pet steps for dogs are made for canines weighing up to 150 lb. Besides the color featured here, which is chocolate, mocha, and tan options are also available.

Like the two-step stairs for dogs discussed above, this has inclined treads that rise to a height of 6”. Each tread measures 16” wide and about 8.5” deep, encouraging dogs to be more surefooted, whether going up or down.

While we thought this depended on the situation, some dog owners felt that the four steps were somewhat overkill for their dog's needs because they considered these stairs for small dogs and low-rise beds.

However, even in those situations, these dog steps for high bed remain a good option – as dogs grow older, their agility diminishes, and they may not be able to make as high leaps as they do now.

So, in foresight, the shorter individual tread height and higher total elevation would help eliminate the need for leaping and extending aging legs farther than necessary.

Another feature of these stairs for pets that other owners often mention is how easily they get cleaned up, especially with the removable carpets.

Except for the carpets, all other parts are made of sturdy plastic – no hardware or hinges. These aren't the most aesthetically looking step dogs, but they are functional.

They all snap together, but more force is required to assemble the whole thing.

This is priced way below the cost range of some classy-looking wooden dog steps, thus making it a budget step for dogs for high beds.

Owners say they’d buy it again, but they don’t believe there’d be a need for that anytime soon.

This stepladder looks like it will be around for a long time.

Pet Gear Easy Step II Pet Stairs, 2 Step for Cats/Dogs up to 150 Pounds, Portable, Removable Washable Carpet Tread, No Tools Required, Available in 5 Colors

9The Overall Best Cheap Dog Steps: Pet Gear Easy Step II Small Narrow Stairs

Rating4 half stars
Size: 2 steps
Max weight: 150 lbs
Material: Plastic + carpeting
Dimensions: 22 x 16 x 16-inch
Non-slip: Yes

An exact two-step version of the above Pet Gear 4-step stairs for dogs is the Pet Gear Easy Step II option, the 2-step pet stairs for dogs in the same weight bracket.

Except for the number of steps, total height and length, and the price, everything else is the same about these stairs – the tread width and depth, riser height, the inclined tread feature, design and construction, and materials used.

This does offer one other feature distinct from the different variations – it’s being offered in more colors.

These steps for dogs can be purchased in sage and cocoa, aside from the regular chocolate and tan colors of the other variations.

Pet Gear's Easy Step II has been an Amazon bestseller in the pet products category for many years now, and that could be attributable to this dog step’s price point, short height, and length – the most popular option for pet stairs for small dogs.

In effect, it is lightweight and occupies very little space. It’s very easy to carry and transport, and pet owners don’t find these pet steps for dogs cumbersome at all to stow with their other stuff in the car trunk whenever they go on road trips, camping, and other outdoor adventures with their canines.

It’s usually difficult to get plastic pet accessories to look well put together and make them look like they belong in existing home interiors, especially for plastic dog stairs for beds.

However, for the price Pet Gear's Easy Step II sells for, these steps for dogs can get away with it pretty well with its deep chocolate tone since it’s not that big of a piece of furniture.

It may look neat near the window sill or at the foot of the sofa or bed. The other colors offer their decorating potential to any room they’re located in.

Petsfit Wooden 3 Step Pet Stairs

10The Best Cheap Wood Dog Stairs: Petsfit Designer Wooden Stairs for Dogs 

Rating4 half stars
Size: 3 steps
Max weight: 150 lbs
Material: Wood + carpeting
Dimensions: 24 x 17 x 20 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Upon seeing Petsfit stairs for dogs, the descriptions that come to mind would be sleek, geometric, and modern.

Aside from a few drawbacks we've noticed, this is an accurate description and a well-deserved place.

The dark coffee color is an absolute beauty, while the immaculate white comes forward as really “clean” looking.

But certainly, we wouldn’t include these pet stairs for small dogs or medium dogs for those descriptions alone.

Petsfit takes the well-deserved tenth spot for durability and function more than anything else.

Foremost, there are three wide steps to this stepladder. Each tread measures approximately 17” wide and 7” deep.

The ample breadth and depth of these stairs for dogs help a dog gain more confidence in conquering heights.

Each step is between 6.3” and 7” high, which is comfortable and easy enough for small and medium dogs.

Petsfit Wooden 3 Step Pet Stairs

This is designed for up to 150 pounds and is made of engineered wood and solid pine, but they do feel slightly flimsy at times.

Assembly is quite easy with just a screwdriver and a few minutes of your time.

The ingenious design and joinery strengthen the stairs as they are assembled.

Petsfit pet stairs for small dogs have a unique feature of side rails and rubber grippers on the base for added safety and security for the pet.

Geometric shapes and interesting nooks add to the visual appeal of these steps for dogs, and they can sit in a corner beautifully when not in use.

Small pets would have great fun going through the holes underneath, although it may be more pertinent to cats. Some dogs may use these dog steps for bed and as a crate.

Going through the dog steps reviews, pet owners say they’re not surprised to see their toy breed pups finding a new hideaway.

Some dog owners find this expensive, but they also agree that the quality makes up for the price they paid.

Best Pet Supplies Dog Stairs for Small Dogs & Cats, Foam Pet Steps Portable Ramp for Couch Sofa and High Bed Non-Slip Balanced Indoor Step Support, Paw Safe No Assembly - Ash Gray Linen, 4-Step

11The Best Cheap Soft Dog Stairs: Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Steps

Rating4 stars
Size: 3 steps / 4 steps / 5 steps
Max weight: 40 lbs
Material: Foam
Non-slip: Yes

This list includes carpeted rigid steps and only one step of soft steps for dogs, but this doesn’t mean we’re discounting foam pet stairs.

Far from it because the truth is, we believe that Best Pet Supplies Foam Pet Stairs/Step is one of the most affordable yet effective options for pet owners who are not concerned with home decor.

These three-step stairs for dogs are constructed using USA-made, top-quality foam that keeps its shape over time.

The foam is designed to hold up to dogs weighing up to 130 lb. The stairs are 13.5” high and 15” wide, with each tread rising to barely 4.5” tall – really easy ascent or descent, even for small pets.

The landing on each foam tread on these dog stairs is certainly a lot softer than any carpeting on wooden tread could be.

This is gentler on the paw and provides better traction, too. Though the treads are soft and have a little give, they remain firm and well-balanced.

The main drawback is that these steps do not look attractive and would be a great fit for a kid's room.

Nevertheless, many pet owners are thrilled over the wide-ranging possibilities offered by these stairs because they are available in four-step and five-step designs and six different color and paint schemes for the cover.

The coverslip is removable and machine-washable, which makes cleaning it a breeze.

Extra covers made of faux lamb’s wool and suede may also be bought for replacement or as a backup cover during wash days.

Dog owners like the fact that the foam pet stairs are lightweight and very portable. That way, it’s easier to move around when vacuuming and housecleaning.

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs - Pet Stairs for Indoor/Outdoor at Home or Travel - Dog Steps for High Beds, Sofa - Siderails, Non-Slip Pads - Durable, Support up to 200 lbs - Extra Large, Tan


The Best Cheap Tall Dog Stairs for Large Dogs: PetSafe CozyUp Folding Stairs for High Beds

Rating4 stars
Size: 4 steps
Max weight: 200 lbs
Material: Plastic + carpeting
Dimensions: 18 x 28 x 25 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Pet stairs that support big dogs weighing up to 120 lb are usually heavy owing to the materials used and the solid construction.

The Solvit PupStep Plus XL edition stairs for dogs is a heavy-duty pet stepladder but much lighter than other dog steps for dogs with the same capacity.

It is made of high-impact plastic, which makes it dense and durable without being weighty. The treads are 15” wide and 7” deep.

The riser height of 6.25” is an easy climb for large dogs for which these stairs are designed.

The supporting legs below the higher end are foldable, making these stairs easy to store and transport, which is one of the main reasons it's ranking as one of the best dog stairs for bed on our top rankings list.

With this combined relative lightness and portability, pet owners find it perfect for bringing along whenever dogs are around.

Having this stepladder around during trips spares pet owners the backbreaking task of lifting hefty dogs with problematic legs or joints.

So, whether you two are quickly visiting a friend or spending the night in a hotel, you and your pup can conveniently enjoy trips with these dog stairs for large dogs.

The soft, high-traction mini-carpets make each tread safe for landing and gentle for the paws. There are rubber dots on the base for keeping the stairs for dogs non-skid.

Canines must be trained to take the stairs less boisterously to remain stationary. Otherwise, it’s a secure way to provide dogs access to high places in and out of the house.

This is delivered fully assembled with only the carpets and rubber buttons to attach for traction, and the pet steps are ready for use.

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs, 3 Step for Cats/Dogs, Removable Washable Carpet Treads, for Pets Up to 150lbs, No Tools Required, Available in 6 Colors


The Best Cheap Plastic Stairs for Small Dogs: Pet Gear Easy Step III Medium Dog Stairs 

Rating4 stars
Size: 3 steps
Max weight: 150 lbs
Material: Plastic + carpeting
Dimensions: 16 x 25 x 23 inch
Non-slip: Yes

This is the fourth set of pet stairs for small dogs in this list, which comes from Pet Gear, now ranking as the thirteenth-ranked pet stairs option.

This is designed for pets weighing up to 150 lb. Each tread has a width of approximately 16” wide enough to encourage dogs up the stairs.

Pet Gear Easy Step III Pet Stairs, 3 Step for Cats/Dogs, Removable Washable Carpet Treads, for Pets Up to 150lbs, No Tools Required, Available in 6 Colors

More importantly, it should make them feel more confident going down.

Like the other dog pet steps, each tread is carpeted because dogs need their paws cushioned when landing with their full weight-bearing them down.

The carpeting also serves the dual purpose of providing traction to each step, especially when descending, which is often more difficult for dogs.

The unique sloping-tread design of this step dog allows it to have fewer steps and shorter rises but eventually provides higher access after the last step.

A smaller version is also available for dogs weighing 50 pounds at the maximum.

There are four colors to choose from – chocolate, cocoa, sage, and tan – a much-favored feature by homeowners because it provides the flexibility for blending in dog steps for bed and furniture to existing decorating styles.

These Pet Gear stairs for dogs are often seen at the foot of beds or beside sofas, but it’s fairly lightweight that dog owners say that they prefer carrying it to the garage instead of lifting their dogs in the car every time.

Dogs take quickly to the stairs, and they don’t need a lot of convincing to go up or down the bed, sofa, or vehicle using it.

PetSafe CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs - Pet Stairs for Indoor/Outdoor at Home or Travel - Dog Steps for High Beds, Sofa with Siderails, Non-Slip Pads - Durable, Support up to 200 lbs - Extra Large, Gray


The Best Cheap Dog Stairs for Tall Beds: PetSafe CozyUp Folding Dog Stairs For High Beds

Rating4 half stars
Size: 4 steps
Max weight: 200 lbs
Material: Plastic
Dimensions: 28 x 18 x 25 inches
Non-slip: No

As we're going down the list, you're probably noticing a trend that's looking for a very specific type of dog steps for high bed or low bed can be quite a challenge, and each set has its own set of features that you'd like to have.

When doing the dog steps reviews and research and picking the top-rated options, we had to look at various unique features.

The product also offers materials used, construction, height and width, incline, visual appeal, storability and portability, and affordability.

A well-constructed four-step plastic stepladder, 25” high and 18” wide, inspires confidence in dog owners and their pets.

It was designed and tested to support pets weighing 200 lb, which makes them good tall dog stairs for large dogs.

The favorite part of PetSafe CozyUp stairs is that the prop on the other end folds down for easy storage or transportation.

High-rise beds can be a real pain in the back for dogs with arthritis joint problems, recovering from surgery, or having general difficulty reaching high places.

After surveying dog stairs reviews, pet owners with arthritic dogs are the most common customers of PetSafe due to the favorable incline of these stairs for dogs.

PetSafe has four steps to this ladder, so the slope is evenly distributed over the stairs’ 28-inch length.

Each step rises to around 7”, a relaxed stride for a medium- or large-size dog, ascending or descending.

In the aesthetic aspect, PetSafe CozyUp steps for dogs are somewhere in the middle – we were somewhat pleased with the design, but there's room for improvement.

They all agree it’s a classy-looking piece of furniture that doesn't feel as high quality as the best wooden dog stairs mentioned above.

This comes fully assembled and ready to use right out of the box, and most of us love avoiding the hassle of assembly.

Majestic Pet 4 Step Portable Dog Stairs for Small Dogs to get on Bed Supports 25 lbs or Less – Dog Steps for High Bed with Machine Washable Cover – Pet Stairs for Cats Links Gray


The Best Cheap Soft Pet Stairs for Tall Beds: Majestic Pet Portable Foam Stairs for Dogs 

Rating4 stars
Size: 4 steps
Max weight: 50 lbs
Material: Foam
Dimensions: 16 x 24 x 20 inch
Non-slip: Yes

Finally, at the last position (last but not least) are these affordable steps for dogs from Majestic Pet.

This is only the third foam pet stair on our top list, and that’s because it takes a lot for a foam assembly to qualify as good-quality pet steps for dogs.

Majestic Pet 4 Step Portable Dog Stairs for Small Dogs to get on Bed Supports 25 lbs or Less – Dog Steps for High Bed with Machine Washable Cover – Pet Stairs for Cats Links Gray

Pets that need stepping support are those that usually have health issues – they could be dogs that are aging, injured, convalescent, or arthritic.

Hence, a stepladder has to be the right kind to provide the required support and not aggravate any health condition.

The foam used in these stairs is very durable and sturdy. Each tread has a width of 16” and a depth of 6”, and the topmost step measures 20” from the ground.

These four-step pet stairs for small, medium, and large breeds have cushiony yet steady landings, which pets with achy joints will find soothing.

The cover is made of a strong fabric that is removable and machine washable.

There are various print designs for the pet stairs cover to choose from.

The material used for the slipcover is polyester, but the landing surface has a wool layer that adds to each step's grip and cozy feel.

These stairs are definitely for indoor use only.

Though weighing less than most stairs for dogs we’ve mentioned above, this is not practical for any outdoor application or even regular carrying.

This is a sure winner in the trendy foam soft dog steps department because of its slipcover options.

This makes matching with bedding and draperies a lot easier and more flexible.

These cheap foam pet stairs are one of the most popular options among pet owners on a budget.

With arthritic dogs, it's also comforting to note that even if you bump into this accessory, it would be gentler than the rigid-frame stairs.

FAQs about Dog Stairs

Which is Better: Stairs or Ramps?

Ramps are an ideal choice compared to dog stairs for bed for senior dogs or those with joint problems.

Ramps and stairs protect the dog's joints from excessive leaping or high jumps and the spine of dogs with long backs.

How Do You Store Dog Stairs?

Most dog stairs are left in the open for easy access to dogs whenever they want to climb up the bed.

However, more pet steps have now been conveniently designed to be folded, transported, and stored easily by dog owners.

How High Should Big Dog Stairs Be?

The rule of thumb for choosing doggie stairs is to have the step height no taller than the dog's leg length plus two inches.

Hence, measuring your Fido's legs and overall body size is best before getting dog stairs.

Is It Safe for Your Dog to Go Up and Down Stairs?

Most dogs have no trouble going through steps.

While other canines might appear hesitant, you can easily coax them by giving treats at the top or end of the stairs.

Still, dog steps for bed can be hazardous to some puppies, like small and old dogs.

It is best to have stairs wide enough for your energetic Fido and a ramp for your senior dog instead.

Best Dog Stairs For Bed and Car: Final Thoughts

There are many factors to consider when buying one of the best dog stairs in the industry.

You could be a new dog owner looking for dog stairs for your tall bed. Or your pooch might have gotten older than a dog; this step is already necessary.

When choosing these doggie stairs, what matters here is your canine companion.

Buy a dog stair that perfectly suits their body structure and energy level. No other person can tell what's best for your pup than yourself.

Read more of our dog stairs-related articles below!

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