Pet Stairs That Convert to A Ramp Are Exceptionally Versatile

Although many dog owners don’t purchase them until they are needed, pet stairs and ramps are actually a great product to have available to your dog all the time. We begin to think about buying pet stairs and ramps as our dogs age and start to have trouble climbing stairs or hopping up to their favorite spot on the couch. Lots of pet owners don’t realize that dog stairs can be beneficial for small breeds, puppies, and dogs of any age too.

Jumping up and down can do serious damage to a dog’s bones and joints over time. The stress can lead to early onset arthritis and many other orthopedic problems. Many pet owners will pick their dogs up and place them in these high places, but oftentimes the dog will still jump down on his own. Investing in a set of pet stairs is a great idea, unless of course your dog has mobility issues that prevent him from using stairs. Pet ramps are a good alternative for these situations. An even better idea is to purchase a set of pet stairs that can convert to a ramp, like these Bamboo RampSteps from Pet Studio.

As the name suggests, this product is made from eco-friendly bamboo. These stairs are also equipped with recessed rugs on each step to provide traction. The rugs are removable for easy cleaning. There are only 7 inches between each step, so these are ideal for both large and small breeds. They can hold up to 130 pounds. The top step of the three-step model is 19.5 inches off the ground, and with the two-step model the top step is 13 inches off the ground.

The best thing about the Bamboo RampSteps is that they easily convert from a set of stairs to a ramp. This product uses Pet Studio’s patented two-in-one design to convert in just a matter of seconds. As you can see in the video, if your dog hesitates on the stairs or the ramp in the beginning, you can use a few training treats to give him the motivation he needs to give the product a try. It won’t take long before your dog is climbing up and down with ease.

I love the look of these pet stairs too. The bamboo is gorgeous and will blend in with any home décor. Whether you have a rustic cabin or a modern, minimalistic apartment, these stairs will look great in our home. Pair this with their versatility and I would say these Bamboo RampSteps look like they would be very beneficial for pet owner looking to give their dog some help climbing up into a vehicle, onto the bed, or into their favorite hard-to-reach spot.

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