Best Calming Collar for Dogs

Scientists have studied different types of anxiety treatments and found calming collars for dogs extremely effective at reducing fear and anxiety.

There are different calming dog collars: some use pheromones, and others use natural essentials oils and aromatherapy.

Quick Look at The Best Calming Dog Collars

6 Best Calming Collars for Dogs
  • Best Overall Calming Dog Collar
  • Lasts up to 4 weeks
  • Has an Adjustable fit
  • 100% Safe and Drug-free
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Tllcka Calming Collar for Dogs
  • Best Up and Coming Calming Collar for Dogs
  • 60 day supply/comes with 3 collars
  • Can be adjustable for all breed sizes
  • Starts working within an hour
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Adaptil JR. Collar for Puppies
  • Best Calming Collar for Puppies
  • Acts as a substitute as if the mother is around
  • Helpful during potential stressful triggers
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Sentry Calming Collar
  • Best Calming Collar for Fireworks and Thunderstorms
  • Stops all destructive behaviors
  • Low DAP concentration
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Nurturecalm 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar
  • Best Calming Collar for Anxiety Vest Wearers
  • Fits up to a 28" neck circumference
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CPFK Calming Collar for Dogs
  • Best Calming Dog Collar for Dog Trainers and Vets
  • Comes in one size
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How Do Calming Collars for Dogs Actually Work?

A dog calming collar is designed to soothe anxiety and fear regardless of the source. How effective the collar will be in different situations depends entirely on the animal.

There are two types of calming collars for dogs.

Aromatherapy dog collars are natural and do not use any chemicals to calm dogs; they are also less popular and haven't been studied well, but many pet owners find that a few have been very effective.

Our first pick below is a natural calming collar for dogs with an herb composition.

The most popular choice is a pheromone collar for dogs (or DAP collar, Dog Appeasing Pheromone collar).

Most veterinarians use and recommend them, and unlike natural collars, they've been scientifically proven to work (Landsberg, 2015; Gaultier, 2008).

Research of pheromones and how they affect animals have been previously conducted (Liberles, 2014). Today, we know that pheromones, which are natural chemical substances produced by the dogs themselves, affect their physiology and behavior.

Dog pheromone collars mimic the pheromone release that a mother dog naturally produces to calm down her puppies. All canines will recognize this throughout their lives because that's how all mammals are wired.

Below are some of the best calming collars for dogs that we've tried, reviewed, and ranked in the order of effectiveness, ingredients used, and their price tag:

The Effectiveness of a Dog Calming Collar

We currently don't have any conclusive evidence on the effectiveness of aromatherapy-based calming collars for dogs. Still, anecdotal evidence is there, and many pet owners and veterinarians report great results with some of them.

A dog pheromone collar has a stronger backing to it. Based on canine pheromone studies and DAP collar studies, a pheromone collar for dogs was developed to mimic the animal's natural release of hormones. Today, there's a large number of research on how effective Dog Appeasing Pheromones are for helping canines deal with anxiety and fear.

For example, these calming dog collars have been proven to:

These are just examples of scientific literature behind the effectiveness of pheromone collars for dogs, with many more studies available. It's quite clear that using Dog Appeasing Pheromones is an effective way to help deal with anxiety in pets, regardless of what the cause of anxiety really is.

Why the Bad Dog Calming Collar Reviews?

If you talk to some pet owners or take a look at pheromone dog collar reviews from the below-mentioned products (e.g., an average Amazon review rating is 3/5), you'll notice a pattern. So how can that be if there's a large number of research showing the effectiveness of these collars?

The reason is that the effectiveness of Dog Appeasing Pheromones, and thereby any calming collar for dogs, will depend entirely on the animal. Some dogs react well to them and will be highly affected, while others will experience only mild effects or none at all. There's no way to know other than to try and observe the effects for at least 1 month. You may also need to try several different options until you find what works.

The bottom line on the evidence of anxiety treatments for dogs is that Dog Appeasing Pheromones are one of the very few treatments currently proven to work. The best calming collar for dogs may be the cheapest option for pet owners. There are other ways, such as anxiety vests (which have been studied, but the evidence is still not there) and more intrusive options like anxiety medication (which can have more side effects).

How to Choose the Best Dog Calming Collar for Your Pet

When picking the best calming collar for dogs, decide between the all-natural approach (aromatherapy and natural oils-based dog calming collar) or a pheromone collar for dogs. The below list contains the most effective best calming collars for dogs, including herbal ones and pheromone-based collars.

For an aromatherapy dog calming collar, pay attention to how long the collar will last (3 months longevity is top of the line) and what type of herbs have been used to make up the collar. The product's page will have all those details.

For a dog pheromone collar, you want to look at the longevity as well, but most importantly, pay attention to the DAP composition in the ingredients list. This number shows how much Dog Appeasing Pheromone is used, thereby how effective it will be. The higher the number, the stronger the pheromone mimic release.

Most pheromone dog collars use low concentration levels (average 0.02%), and they aren't that effective. Today, most veterinarians will recommend Adaptil dog calming collars (or anything close) because they have the highest DAP composition of 4-6%. Most of the best calming dog collars with DAP last no longer than 4 weeks.

How To Fit A Dog Collar
Remember to choose the right fit.

Remember that you need to find a proper fit once you choose a good calming collar for a dog. Picking the right size and ensuring it fits properly is vital to how effective a pet calming collar will be on your pooch.

How to Use a Dog Calming Collar

Once you've picked the best dog calming collar for your dog and you found the right fit, the actual use of it is effortless and straightforward.

How to use dog calming collar
A simple three-step process.

Directions for use:

  1. Please take the dog calming collar out of its original packaging and remove everything from it (all tabs, etc.)
  2. Bend the buckle in half between the holes in the buckle.
  3. Wrap the calming collar around your dog's neck and then feed it through the holes.
  4. The collar must feel a little loose to allow movement around the dog's neck (again, see the above-linked guide on fitting a dog collar properly).
  5. That's it. Remember to wash your hands afterward.

Below are the six picks of top-rated calming collars for dogs that we liked the most.

The Best Calming Collar for Dogs Brands

by Adaptil

Find it on Amazon | Find it on Chewy
: PheromonesAdaptil, D.A.P (Dog Appeasing Pheromone) Collar
Composition: DAP 2.5%
Longevity: 4 weeks
Rating4 half stars

One of the well-known brand names among the best calming collar for dogs on our list is also often vet recommended.

Its effectiveness and a lower concentration of DAP (just 2.5%) means it's somewhere between the strongest products and less invasive ones, which could be either a good thing or a bad thing, depending on an individual dog.

Dogs that have had a difficult life – such as abused dogs, street dogs, and those rescued from shelters – often show aggressive behavior and other stress-related issues that they may have developed through years of trauma and stress.

The introduction of Adaptil DAP will greatly ease their transition to a happier life, which is actually when veterinarians recommend this specific collar.

ADAPTIL Calming Pheromone Collar for Dogs,...
8,016 Reviews
ADAPTIL Calming Pheromone Collar for Dogs,...
  • ADAPTIL is the #1 vet...
  • Effective and drug-free...
  • May increase focus during...
  • ADAPTIL helps your dog feel...
  • Easy to use; simply put your...

The Adaptil calming dog collar mimics the natural pheromone released by mother dogs while nurturing their puppies, which exudes a sense of security.

The pheromone-releasing quality of this collar remains potent for up to 4 weeks. It is recommended for treating dogs with stress-related issues, especially when they are expected to encounter changes in their surroundings.

Since this pheromone-releasing accessory is designed as a collar, it works closer to the dog and does its job uninterrupted for about a month.

By merely having our test dog wear the collar, the animal was better able to adapt to the social situations in a dog park, which before was nothing short of impossible.

Note that the improvement may only be apparent for some dog owners after a month of continuous use. If there are no signs of betterment, the collar is likely ineffective for your particular pet (as with most other best dog calming collars).

In most cases, it's expected to work quickly and help dogs peacefully ride in cars, make them more sociable and less frightened of strange faces and sounds.

Also, note that the collar is long and may need to be cut to fit most dogs’ necks and still have a few inches to spare.


  • Mimics the natural pheromones released by mother dogs when they're nurturing their puppies
  • Effective for up to 4 weeks
  • Fits dog with neck size of about 25″ or smaller

  • Somewhat low DAP concentration
  • It May take about a month for this collar to be effective for some dogs
  • Depending on the dog's skin/fur, in rare instances, this collar may irritate a dog's neck, causing a rash (supervise)


Best Up and Coming: Calming Collar for Dogs
by Tllcka

Find it on Amazon | Unavailable on Chewy
: Aromatherapy
Composition: Herb blend
Longevity: 3+ months
Rating: 4.4 out of 5

Best Overall Calming Collar for Dogs

The first dog calming collar we found worth mentioning is the all-natural, aromatherapy-based option with herbs.

This handcrafted blue bandana collar from Herbal Calming Collars may look like a chic fashion item, but it is a nerve-soothing accessory for anxious dogs.

Special herbs were selected for their calming and stress-relieving properties, and the blend was preserved by drying.

Since it is styled as a collar, the pet stays in contact with it for the maximum time.

The cotton covering material was fashioned into a bowlike collar with a black clasp in the center and filled with the aromatic blend.

There are 15 different colors and prints to choose from and five different sizes to fit dogs from extra-small to extra-large.

Dogs Calming Pheromones Collar 3 Packs Lasts 60...
1,301 Reviews
Dogs Calming Pheromones Collar 3 Packs Lasts 60...
  • 【Cost-effective...
  • 【Plant Essential Oil-Safe...
  • 【60 Days Continuous...
  • 【Quickly improve bad...

If you've already tried pheromone dog collars before and were disappointed, then this may be the best calming collar for dogs in your household.

No oils, essences, or synthetic medicines are added to the collar, just plain dried herbs.

This is a good dog calming collar for those who wish for the most natural method of pacifying frazzled nerves.

Its efficacy of it lasts for approx. 3 months. The Calm Me Down somewhat relaxed our pets through thunderstorms and a visit to the vet.

If you don’t let it go wet and keep it in a sealed plastic bag when not in use, this collar could last even longer and be potent.

Our dogs also smell like calming tea and weren't complaining about that.


  • All-natural composition
  • Handcrafted in the United States
  • Filled with natural herbs
  • Available in 5 sizes and 15 color options
  • Lasts for at least 2 months

  • (relative) No DAP
  • It Will was not effective for all dogs
  • The smell is particular and strong, and some may not like it

3Best Calming Collar for Puppies: Adaptil JR. by Adaptil

Find it on Amazon | Unavailable on Chewy
: Pheromones
Composition: DAP 6.00%
Longevity: 4 weeks
Rating: 4.7

Best Calming Collar for Puppies

As our third best calming collar for dogs pick, this collar is the best option you can find for puppies.

It is the only dog calming collars mentioned here that works specifically for puppies.

Adaptil JR's collar, like other pheromone dog collars, will modify the behavior of stress-related origins and is somewhat effective at it.

This collar contains pheromones slowly released over 28 days.

The lavender chamomile scent adds to the overall soothing effect of the collar.

The collar itself is long enough for a 6″ neck circumference with a few extra inches to spare.

ADAPTIL Junior Puppy Calming Pheromone Collar
2,179 Reviews
ADAPTIL Junior Puppy Calming Pheromone Collar
  • ADAPTIL is the #1 vet...
  • May help puppies adjust more...
  • Effective and drug-free...
  • ADAPTIL helps your dog feel...
  • Easy to use; simply put your...

If worn continuously, this popular dog calming collar will help normalize a pup's reaction to usual stress triggers, and it works to provide a reassuring atmosphere for the dog.

The dogs recognize the pheromone produced by the collar and associate it with the memory they have of natural pheromones produced by their mother.

With that sensation, insecure dogs feel more protected and less shaken by loud noises.

Foster homes and new homes for adopted puppies can cause untold anxieties to animals.

Adaptil Jr.'s Calming Collar is a very humane substitute that small puppies sense right away in the absence of a protective mother.

In particular, animal shelters have been an effective corrector of constant chewing on paws, incessant barking, nervousness, and the like.


  • Mimics the natural pheromones released by mother dogs when they're nurturing their puppies
  • Effective for 4 weeks
  • Lavender and chamomile scent
  • Fits puppies with a 6″ neck circumference

  • The smell of this third calming collar for dogs was too overpowering
  • It was not effective for every pet

4Sentry Calming Collar
by SENTRY Pet Care

Find it on Amazon | Find it on ChewySentry Calming Collar for Dogs
: Pheromones
Composition: DAP 0.02%
Longevity: 4 weeks
Rating4 stars

Sentry is a well-known brand in the pet health care market, but their pheromone dog collar isn't their best product.

Ranking only as the fourth-best calming collar for dogs on our list, this DAP collar has a minuscule 0.02% DAP composition.

That said, it's currently the most popular and best-selling dog calming collar on Amazon and Chewy, with many reviews.

This collar was developed through the Good Behavior Pheromone technology to release pheromones similar to those naturally released by mother dogs as they nurture their puppies.

The controlled release is sustained over 30 days, which is the approximate time the collar stays effective.

Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs (3 Pack)
2,564 Reviews
Sentry Calming Collar for Dogs (3 Pack)
  • 30 DAY COLLAR: One calming...
  • SAFE AND EFFECTIVE: Calming...

The Sentry's calming collar has a lavender chamomile scent, which adds a soothing effect, too.

It's made of a stretchy material, and it has a buckle that fastens to a good fit. Because of low DAP concentration can still be used as part of a holistic behavior modification program. It's a more popular choice among dog trainers.

When properly used, this helps resolve anxiety-related issues. This collar lessened stress in dogs and increased the chance of success of behavioral interventions.

Most dogs relax within a period of 1-4 weeks with this collar. Excessive barking, chewing, whining, trembling, and other indications of anxiety are visibly lessened.

Other than for training, it's also a popular choice for thunderstorms or fireworks anxiety in dogs.


  • Developed to release pheromones similar to those naturally released by mother dogs as they nurture their pups
  • Effective for about 30 days
  • Lavender/chamomile scent

  • Low DAP concentration
  • It won't be effective for all dogs
  • Our buckle broke early while we've been put the collar on our dog

524/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar
by Nurturecalm

Find it on Amazon | Find it on ChewyNurturecalm 24/7 Canine Calming Pheromone Collar
: Pheromones
Composition: DAP 0.02%
Longevity: 4 weeks
Rating4 stars

Nurturecalm 24/7 Calming Pheromone Collar is an option you may want to consider if none of the above worked for whatever reason.

It's slightly more expensive than a few other brands, and it has a low DAP concentration.

According to the company, this dog calming collar works round the clock to help anxious dogs settle down, but there's actually nothing new in its design we haven't seen in other collars.

Obviously, unlike plug-in pheromone diffusers, the pheromone collar stays on the dog wherever it goes, and this makes the collar more effective.

The Naturecalm collar comfortably fits dog necks of up to 28 inches in circumference.

Like the natural dog pheromone that dogs associate with the nurturing, they experienced from their mothers, this pheromone calms and reassures them through stressful situations.

Nurturecalm calming collar did, in fact, help lessen stress and modify our dog's behavior. We also liked that it can be paired with and work alongside anxiety vests.

However, we have to caution that the collar must always be kept dry and very sensitive to water.

When bathing the dog, it must be removed to prolong its effectiveness. This is a drawback when going outdoors with a potential for rain.

We suggest that the Nurturecalm calming dog collar be kept as a closer fit around the dog’s neck but not too tight.

One finger (not the usual two) must easily slip between the collar and the dog’s skin.

It removed their edginess, and therapy has become easier to carry out in tested dogs.


  • Fits dogs with a neck circumference up to 28.”
  • Releases pheromones similar to those naturally released by mother dogs
  • Effective for up to 30 days

  • Very low DAP concentration
  • Sensitive to water, not suitable for outdoors in high humidity, and getting the collar wet will reduce its effectiveness
  • Not effective for all pets

6Calming Collar for Dogs, Adjustable

Find it on Amazon | Unavailable on ChewyCalming Collar for Dogs, Adjustable by Fedciory
: Pheromones
Composition: DAP 5.00%
Longevity: 4 weeks
Rating4 half stars

The newest addition to our list of best dog calming collars for dogs is another DAP collar with 1% of appeasing pheromones concentration and other ingredients.

Like the others, the Fedciory dog collar was designed to replicate the mother dog's pheromones, which works similarly to others.

In fact, some veterinarians are beginning to recommend this one. However, we believe this is a new product, and it'll take time to prove itself.

CPFK Dogs Calming Pheromone Collar 2 Pack Calm...
668 Reviews
CPFK Dogs Calming Pheromone Collar 2 Pack Calm...
  • 【Calming Pheromone Collar...
  • 【60 Days Continuous...
  • 【Safe & Effective】Our calm...
  • 【Flexible Adjustable...
  • 【100% Satisfaction】: Our...

Only one size of this calming dog collar is available, but it's adjustable and is highly flexible in that area, measuring 25.59 inches (65 cm) in length.

After reaching out, we've confirmed that the collar is, in fact, highly recommended by veterinarians and dog trainers to help control the stress responses of dogs.

When dogs feel threatened, their continual stress-triggered responses become a habit and may eventually become full-blown behavioral problems as the dogs grow older.

The collar worked within about a day's use in our tested dog; however, other pet owners report different times – anywhere from one hour's effectiveness to 1 week and no effectiveness at all (as observed in every other calming collar for dogs due to how animals react to pheromones).


  • Average DAP concentration
  • Vet recommended
  • Designed to replicate the pheromones nursing dogs secrete
  • Adjustable size
  • Releases pheromones similar to those naturally released by mother dogs
  • Effective for up to 30 days

  • Not going to work for every dog

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Best Calming Collars for Dogs to Soothe Anxiety

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