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Top 15 Best Collapsible Dog Bowls for Travel


Traveling with your dog is a lot of fun, but you have to bring the proper dog supplies along to make the trip easy and safe for your Fido. If you manage to get the best collapsible dog bowl into your backpack, that makes it easy to feed or hydrate your pet anywhere.

Top Best Collapsible Dog Bowls For Easy TravelCollapsible dog bog bowls are generally great for car travel, hiking, camping, cycling, or any other outing that you may take with your pup outdoors. As an avid dog-traveler myself, my first priority is always ensuring that my pups get their food and water in time, at any time.

The first thing most pet owners opt for is a portable dog water bottle, which is perfect for hydrating dogs, but what about feeding them? This is where a collapsible dog bowl has the advantage: it's very portable, takes little to no space in your backpack and you can feed and water your dog from this bowl.

For avid travelers that take their dogs hiking, camping or elsewhere, it's vital to think how you're going to feed your dog. Thus, in this article we're discussing the benefits of travel dog bowls, and picked out these five best collapsible dog bowl options for their features and material quality:

Collapsible Dog Bowls Price Quality
Stainless Steel Travel Pet BowlStainless Steel Travel Pet Bowl
by Healthy Human
5 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ A+
Collapsible Silicone Bowl with ClipCollapsible Silicone Bowl with Clip
by Prima Pets
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$$ A
Petoga Couture Pet BowlPetoga Couture Pet Bowl
by Alfie Pet
4 half stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$ B+
Large Collapsible BowlLarge Collapsible Bowl
by SiliPet
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$$ B
Port a Bowl Hiking and Travel BowlPort a Bowl Hiking and Travel Bowl
by Outward Hound
4 stars
Prime FREE Shipping
$ B-

* Click on the best dog travel bowl brand for more information, prices and details. Scroll below to read reviews.

Using collapsible dog bowls for traveling with your pet

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl for Water and FoodThere are many different types of travel dog bowls on the market, but collapsible bowls for pets with their unique advantage are hard to beat. Usually hikers, backpackers and other travelers are trying to conserve space, and these bowls fold flat for easy storage.

I have three of these myself, and I usually fold mine up and stick it into a hiking pack or collapse them and slide them under the seat of a vehicle. No matter where I'm going with my three dogs, having a portable dog travel bowl always comes in handy. So we've picked five best collapsible dog bowl choices for you all to pick from before your next puppy outing.

Even if you don't need to conserve space and possibly traveling in an SUV, there's no reason not to look into best travel dog bowls because they have no disadvantages other than your personal preference. They work just as well as any other pet bowl for dogs, and their collapsible features make them far more versatile.

What's the Best Collapsible Dog Bowl?
5 best travel dog bowls to feed dogs on the move

1Stainless Steel Travel Pet Bowl
by Healthy Human Prime FREE Shipping 

Stainless Steel Travel Dog Pet Bowl by Healthy HumanThese stainless steel, collapsible dog bowls are available in small (two bowls), medium (three bowls), and large (four bowls). These bowls from Healthy Human are available in three vibrant colors – blue, green, and pink. They are safe (made with human grade stainless steel unlike some other options available on the market), eco-friendly, non-toxic, and non-stick, and much more!

They can be placed safely in the dishwasher and are extremely durable. These bowls can be used for either food or water, and are a great alternative to lugging around bulky bowls while traveling or hiking.

Customers attest to the fact that this best collapsible dog bowl is great for quick trips. The handle and design (they stack nice and securely) are convenient and user friendly, and the attractive appearance is just a nice bonus! Leaking is not an issue with the Stainless Steel Travel Dog Pet Bowl by Healthy Human, and all parts are easy to clean. Most pet owners who have purchased this product highly recommend it to others, as these bowls are everything they had hoped!

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl for Water and FoodBe sure to read the product description, as the small, medium, and large options are in reference to the number of bowls, not the size of the bowls. If you have an extremely large breed, these bowls may not be large enough (although they are not meant for regular feedings in the first place). Please note that these bowls must be stacked to seal together. Individual lids for each bowl are not included.


  • Available in three colors
  • Made with human grade stainless steel
  • Dishwasher safe
  • These bowls stack nicely, making them easy to store when not in use

  • Size options are in reference to the number of bowls, not the size
  • Individual lids are not included – the bowls must be stacked to seal together
  • May not be big enough for large and extra-large breeds

Best Collapsible Dog BowlMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “I recently bought this for my puppy. I take her to work with me (benefit of working at a veterinary clinic) and she also stays over at friends' houses, so I needed something that was suitable for traveling. She's a large breed puppy, so I chose the large…”


2Silicone Food & Water Travel Bowl with Clip
by Prima Pets Prime FREE Shipping

Prima Pets Silicone Food & Water Travel Bowl with ClipPrima Pets collapsible travel bowls are made from silicone and are available in two sizes and many different colors. The small option holds 1.5 cups of food, and the large option holds 5 cups. It is 100% pet safe, as it is made from food grade silicone and has a BPA free plastic rim.

It comes with a carabiner so that it can easily attach to a leash for long walks or hikes. It is dishwasher safe (on the top rack), which allows for easy cleaning!

Customers love that this product is priced reasonably on Amazon, especially when compared with the other best collapsible dog bowl products sold in stores. They are convenient for travel or on long hikes due to their light weight and clip on feature. Pet owners appreciate the hard plastic ring that prevents the Prima Pets Silicone Food and Water Travel Bowl with Clip from collapsing if it needs to be moved during use.

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl for Water and FoodMost pet owners agree that there is not one negative aspect when it comes to their satisfaction with these bowls. Occasionally, there has been an issue with the bowl cracking at one of the folds, but, for the most part they are known to be extremely durable over time.


  • Made from silicone
  • Come in two sizes and many different colors
  • Made from food grade silicone and has a BPA free plastic rim
  • Dishwasher safe

  • There have been reports that this best collapsible dog bowl cracks at the folds over time

Best Collapsible Dog BowlMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “It's been over a year now and these bowls are still going strong. I have not had a problem. I was concerned due to some other reviews but they have not become brittle or hard to clean. The plastic ring around the top really does make it easier to handle compared to those without. Very happy with how things have turned out..…”


3Fabric Expandable/Collapsible Travel Bowl
by Alfie Pet Prime FREE Shipping

Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture - Fabric Expandable/Collapsible Travel BowlThe durable fabric and waterproof interior of this bowl from Alfie can be folded to easily pack and carry. It is still strong enough to stay upright, even when your pet accidentally bumps the bowl. This best collapsible dog bowl is eight inches across and four inches high when expanded, but it collapses to less than one inch to take up hardly any space.

It holds around 50 ounces or 6.25 cups of water and is said to be great both indoors and out. Thanks to the leak-proof interior, these bowls are ideal for food or water. Customers agree that this product holds up to its promises. The color camouflages dirt nicely, and they dry quickly when they do need to be washed.

Many pet owners like to keep these (along with a bottle of water) handy for car rides, as they are nice and compact when not in use. The Alfie Pet by Petoga Couture – Fabric Expandable/Collapsible Travel Bowl is easy to pop up when needed. They stay upright and do not tip over easily. The price point is a major plus for many, as it delivers what is promised and doesn’t break the bank.Best Collapsible Dog Bowl for Water and Food

These bowls may smell strong right out of the package, but it seems to dissipate over time. Please notice that the description says this bowl is ideal for small or medium breeds, so large dogs may need a bigger bowl. Some customers say this product leaks if water is left in it for an extended amount of time, but only few have had this issue.


  • Made of durable fabric with a waterproof interior
  • 8 inches across and 4 inches high when expanded
  • Holds about 6 cups of water
  • Affordable

  • Strong smell when you take this best collapsible dog bowl out of the package, but it dissipates over time
  • May not be suitable for large and extra-large breeds
  • A few customers have mentioned that this bowl leaks if water is left in it for a long period of time

Best Collapsible Dog BowlMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “Good product for a good price = happy customer! The only downside is: it smells funny – but all of those types of bowls I've seen in the pet stores do too, so I don't think there's a way around… other than that, great product, a life saver! Definitely…”


4Collapsible Pet Bowl
by SiliPet Prime FREE Shipping

SiliPet Collapsible BowlThe SiliPet Collapsible Dog Bowl is a great option for small, medium, or large breed dogs, thanks to its adjustable two or five cup capacity. It is available in green, blue, and red, and is made with lightweight, eco-friendly material that is FDA approved and 100% BPA free.

These sturdy dog bowls take up virtually no room, making it easy to feed and water your dog on the go, whether hiking, traveling, or even simply going for a walk on a hot summer day! It is also dishwasher safe, making cleaning these bowls a breeze. Many customers claimed that they have tried numerous collapsible bowls in the past, and these are their favorite by far.

The convenience of the water bottle holder is appreciated, as its design works great. Larger breed dogs are able to get enough food or water, unlike with many of the best collapsible dog bowl products that have a much smaller capacity. Whether used for hiking, traveling, running, or going on errands, pet owners love that the SiliPet Collapsible Dog Bowl keep food and water accessible.

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl for Water and FoodA couple of reviewers have had issues with this product tearing or breaking, but the company provides great customer service and sends a replacement when they see fit. Some say these bowls are too bulky to walk with, but they are no larger than other collapsible bowls when compacted.


  • Adjustable two or five cup capacity
  • Made with lightweight, eco-friendly material that is FDA approved and 100% BPA free
  • Available in three colors
  • Dishwasher safe

  • A few reviewers noted issues with these bowls breaking or tearing, but the company has sent replacements when they see fit

Best Collapsible Dog BowlMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review + PHOTO): “…I've got a big dog, so I needed a big bowl. This is it! I had one of those fabric bowls, but it never wanted to stay open, and Jezebel had a tough time getting her muzzle in it sometimes. And, of course, it eventually sprung a leak. I decided to try this and I'm glad I did. It even fits in her pack.…”


5 Kyjen Port A Bowl
by Outward Hound Prime FREE Shipping

Outward Hound Kyjen Port A BowlThis “Port A Bowl” from Outward Hound is available in small (24 oz.) or large (48 oz.), folds flat, cleans easily, and dries fast. Its rugged nylon construction is said to add durability, but it is still small enough to fit in a backpack, purse, or even a pocket!

If you prefer to clip this product on your belt, backpack, or leash, it has a loop as well. Customers and their pet(s) are extremely happy with all aspects of this best collapsible dog bowl, claiming it is well made, convenient, and great for any outing.

They are also great in the car, as the design is wider on the bottom, which keeps it from tipping over through stops and turns. The durability of this bowl comes as a surprise to many, as it holds up to even the most aggressive chewers! It folds up much smaller than most collapsible bowls that are available, so their convenience is unbeatable.

Best Collapsible Dog Bowl for Water and FoodIf you are looking for a full-time dog bowl or one that you can use for several hours, this is not for you. It is not made for holding water over long periods, but as a quick solution for a thirsty pup. Extra-large breeds may not be satisfied with the amount of water this holds or its design, as it is smaller at the top.


  • Available in 24- or 48-ounce sizes
  • Folds flat, cleans easily, and dries fast
  • Equipped with a loop that can attach to a belt or backpack

  • Not made for holding water for long periods of time
  • May not be suitable for extra-large breeds

Best Collapsible Dog BowlMost helpful dog owner’s review (read the full Amazon review): “Serves it's purpose. It's a collapsible water dish that you can fold up and stick in your pocket. When placed upside down on a Cabbage Patch doll, it doubles as an ugly chef's hat..…”

10 More Best Cheap Dog Travel Bowls as Alternatives

The above list of best dog travel bowls has some of the most popular options for avid travelers, and these bowls have gained thousands of favorable reviews among regular pet owners and those who travel for a living with their dogs. However, if none of the above five best travel dog bowls are a viable option, here are ten more alternatives of cheap best collapsible dog bowl choices, some of which are much more affordable but not necessarily more cost-effective.

6. Ruffwear Bivy Dog Bowl – Ruffwear is known for making some of the best dog products for active dog owners, especially for traveling, hiking and camping with dogs. This collapsible travel dog bowl is one of those items that's expensive but is well worth the cost. If you're looking for an alternative and aren't too concerned with the higher cost, then this is one of the best collapsible dog bowl alternatives.

7. Comsun 2-pack Collapsible Bowl – A very cost-effective option, this is 2 for 1 collapsible dog bowls that are made of food grade silicone and are BPA free and FDA approved. The design is very simplistic yet it works and the silicone is strong enough to sustain long-term travel.

8. Jumbo Collapsible Travel Bowl by Serene Pet – One of the best looking travel dog bowls out there, this one is also pretty big compared to some of the other collapsible pet bowls we've listed above. Again, you're getting two bowls and the design is similar to most other silicone dog bowls out there.

9. Jardin Collapsible Fabric Bowl – This is essentially a ripoff of Alfie dog travel bowl that's also made from fabric, and even looks almost exactly the same. Nevertheless, you should compare the prices and go for whichever is on sale or is generally cheaper at the moment.

10. Vittles Vault Pet Food Kit – Not a collapsible dog bowl but I felt this needed to be included for pet owners who are avid travelers, since it works slightly different but the idea is the same. While you can feed your pup from this pet food kit, it's best to also get a collapsible bowl for it.

11. Bonza Large Collapsible Bowl – Another twin-pack of two best dog travel bowls for the price of one, with almost identical design as some of the already mentioned silicone dog bowls. Nothing new essentially other than the color of this collapsible pet bowl is different, so it's only personal preference.

12. Menpet Collapsible Travel Bowl – One of the cheapest dog travel bowls out there, for a small price you're getting two silicone travel pet bowls. However, these are not of the same quality as the more expensive silicone bowls of human grade and FDA approved. But it's cheap.

13. Northern Outback Travel Bowl Set – Another well-known manufacturer of hiking and travel gear is now offering this higher quality silicone travel pet bowls but for a higher price tag than most other silicone bowls. The quality is there, however, and they've used BPA free materials.

14. Mr. Peanut's Collapsible Dog Bowl – If you need three bowls at once, then this will be the cheapest option out there, which is also a good price for value since their bowls are pretty high quality for a silicone collapsible pet bowl. The design is not unique and similar to others I've already mentioned.

15. Roysili Large Size Collapsible Bowl – For those that would prefer to fill up plenty of food or water into their dogs' bowls, this last best collapsible dog bowl is the right choice. It's fairly cheap and is one of the largest silicone best dog travel bowls out there with a great cost-to-value ratio and plenty of positive reviews from other pet owners.

And this completes our round-up of fifteen best dog travel bowls that are collapsible or otherwise make it easier for avid travelers to feed their dogs when they're on the move. Have you tried any of these best collapsible dog bowl brands with your pet? Please leave us your comments below so we know which collapsible bowl you and your dog prefers.

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