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The Kleanbowl System Helps Avoid Germs in Dog Bowls

The Kleanbowl System Helps Avoid Germs in Dog Bowls
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Every dog owner has rinsed out a water bowl that has a slimy residue or had to wash a food bowl full of drool. Bacteria and germs build up inside dog bowls if they are not cleaned after every use. That’s why Alex McKinnon decided to create a product that would help pet owners deal with dirty dog bowls in a sanitary and eco-friendly way.

The Kinn Kleanbowl system consists of a stainless steel outer bowl that holds disposable, biodegradable inner bowls that can be composted or thrown out after use. After three years of research and a few consultations with different veterinarians, McKinnon came up with the system. He said that disposable bowls are a better option for pet owners because most sinks and dishwashers do not get hot enough to kill all the germs that can make animals sick.

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He said the idea for the product initially came from chatting with veterinarians who were talking about the problem of germs building up on dog bowls. As he began looking into it, he found research from The National Sanitation Foundation that found 45 percent of all pet bowls have germs and bacteria including salmonella, staph, e coli, and yeast mold.

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He also said that VPI Pet Insurance found that 2 of the top 10 reasons that pet owners bring their animals to the vet are intestinal inflammation and upset stomach; two of the main issues caused by some of the common bacteria in pet bowls.

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McKinnon says that the company’s research shows that if a pet owner places their dog’s food in his regular bowl, even if it is freshly out of the dishwasher, and puts dog food in a Kleanbowl, most pets will prefer the Kleanbowl. He says that it is because a dog’s sense of smell is so much stronger than ours that they can smell the germs and bacteria.

McKinnon’s company, Kinn Inc., also makes a line of collars and leashes for dogs that help prevent irritation to the animal’s skin and fur. They manufacture a product called the Kudose as well, which turns a pet’s medication into a treat that he will eat much easier than a pill.

Consumers can purchase Kinn Inc. products on Amazon and at small boutique pet product websites and retail stores around the United States. In October, 1,100 Petco stores will begin carrying the K-Rex Kleanbowl, a special version of the Kleanbowl that is made for reptiles. The company is looking forward to expanding its retail market in the future.

SOURCEThe Orange County Register
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