Home Dog News New Dog Food Bowl from Sleepypod Is Ideal for Travelers and Hikers

New Dog Food Bowl from Sleepypod Is Ideal for Travelers and Hikers

New Dog Food Bowl from Sleepypod Is Ideal for Travelers and Hikers

Have you ever tried traveling with traditional dog bowls? You have to continuously fill them and empty them. At every pit stop they need to be filled, and then before you leave you have to clean them out so your car or backpack don’t get dirty and wet. It’s especially frustrating when you’re traveling long distances or going on an all-day hike.

In all my research this week I stumbled across these Yummy Travel Bowls from Sleepypod. Their innovative design sucked me in, and I wanted to share them with you in hopes that some of our readers have tried them and could give me some feedback. If you have tried these travel bowls for dogs, please let me know your opinion of them in the comments below.

New Dog Food Bowl from Sleepypod Is Ideal for Travelers and Hikers

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The design is actually really simple. It’s amazing that no one thought of this before. The base is a spill resistant water bowl, and a dog food bowl slips into the water bowl to make it leak-free. Then you’ve got the lid, which also doubles as an extra dish and makes the entire product completely spill-proof.

If they work as well as Sleepypod claims they do, you could store, transport and serve your pet without ever having to dump out any food or water. You wouldn’t have to worry about how to feed and water your pet while on the go, and messes (at least dog food and water messes) would be a thing of the past. Not to mention, Yummy Travel Bowls allow you to keep food and water for your pet in the same container without the two ever mixing.

Yummy Travel Bowls aren’t just convenient, their safe too. I don’t know about you, but I am very careful about the products that I buy for my dogs. With so many claims of dogs getting sick or developing cancer due to the toxins in their food bowls, chew toys and other products, I always make sure that the dog products I buy are 100% safe for our pets.

New Dog Food Bowl from Sleepypod Is Ideal for Travelers and Hikers

These travel bowls are made of baby safe, BPA-free silicone that meets the FDA food grade standards. The silicone is also microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe. Honestly, this is my favorite feature of these bowls. I mean the design is great, don’t get me wrong, but I love that I could use these bowls in the freezer. How great would it be to freeze your dog’s water the night before a long trip so he would have access to cold water until you reached your destination?

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Like most busy moms, I also love knowing that something is dishwasher safe – it makes for much faster cleanup and makes my life just a bit easier. You might be wondering why anyone would want a microwave safe dog bowl, but I’m actually excited about that part too! I make my dog’s homemade food, and they prefer it when it’s warmed to at least room temperature. I don’t always have time to let it sit out, so a microwave safe bowl is a must in our house.

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