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First Microwavable Dog Food Created in Japan

First Microwavable Dog Food Created in Japan
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Japan is known for being a leader in technological advancements, and now manufacturers in the country have created a brand-new type of food for our canine companions. Unicharm Corp. announced last week that it will start selling the world’s first semi-baked microwaveable dog food.

The company says that the Attaka Kitchen Series, translated as “warm kitchen” series, was specifically designed to be eaten warm. A spokesperson for the company said they came up with a mixture of ingredients that would be best eaten after being heated in the microwave, and she added that the dog food will actually taste better than regular dog food after being warmed slightly.

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The spokesperson also explained that the way the food feels in the dog’s mouth also improves after it is heated, and the scent is more enticing to the dog as well. The product is designed to be heated inside the package so that the scent of the food does not linger inside the microwave or spread throughout your kitchen.

First Microwavable Dog Food Created in Japan
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The Attaka Kitchen series will be available on store shelves on June 1, 2015 for about $7.40 per package. The packages will include 10 meals and will be required to be heated for about 10 seconds in a traditional microwave.

It is not recommended for pet owners to ever warm traditional dog food in the microwave. Microwaving traditional wet food destroys many of the important nutrients. In fact, just a few seconds in the microwave can destroy all of the enzymes in the grains and vegetables.

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Similarly, if you heat your dog’s food in a plastic container, toxins from the plastic can leach into the food. This new dog food from Unicharm Corp. is specially formulated to lock in nutrients even when heated in the microwave. The packaging is also made specifically to be heated without breaking down and leaching toxins into the dog food.

Currently the company doesn’t have any similar products available for cats, but if this dog food gets a good response from consumers they may consider developing a similar cat food in the future. The food will be available online and in pet stores in Japan next month, and the company is hoping to expand sales in the future if things go well.

SOURCEThe Wall Street Journal - Japan
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