Many of us like to take our dogs for car rides. The dog’s safety in those situations depends on the way that the dog is restrained. There are many different pet supplies that do this, like back-seat barriers, harnesses and seat belts, but one of the best ways to restrain your pooch during car rides is by using a console dog car seat.

What Is a Console Dog Car Seat?

A console dog car seat is basically a regular pet car seat but instead, it connects to your car’s center console and your dog’s harness rather than the back seat of the car.

Some dog car seats for console come with raised backs for additional security and they usually include a non-slip bottom or some other kind of grip that keeps the seat firmly on the console while you drive.

Strap on a dog car seat for consoles

Most center console car seats for dogs will also have adjustable straps that you can attach between the lower part of the console and the lid. That way, the seat can remain firmly in place during the ride.

Additionally, a security strap can be attached to the dog’s leash so your pet can sit in the console seat safely. While this security strap or seat belt is optional, dogs that are anxious during car rides need something like this to keep them in place. This is also because there is always a possibility of something scaring your pooch or you having to brake suddenly, in which case the security strap may just save your pet's life.

Below are some of the top rated dog car seats for console that we've liked in the past.

Why Do Owners Need Dog Car Seats for Console?

The main reason why you need some type of dog car seat, whether it is a regular one or a console dog car seat, is obviously safety. It's not only about your dog’s safety but your own safety too, as well as the safety of other people on the road.

Unfortunately, one in five pet owners admitted that they have taken their hands of the steering wheel at some point during a drive so they could stop their dog from climbing in the front seat. This information, revealed in a survey by the American Automobile Association, shows how important it is to have your pooch contained during car rides.

In addition to keeping you focused on the road and preventing distractions, dog car seats for console can keep your pet safe in case of a vehicular accident.

Dog Console Car Seat Measurements ChartDogs that struggle with car rides – whether it's car sickness or anxiety – will also benefit from having their own secure and comfortable space inside of a vehicle. It may take some time for your pup to adjust to a console seat, but after your pooch gets used to their new console car seat, they will be more of a perfect passenger.

Lastly, center console car seats for dogs can help you keep your vehicle clean from dirty paws and dog’s hair. And if your pet likes to chew on things or scratch them, your upholstery can suffer some serious damages when your pooch gets nervous on the road.

How to Choose the Best Console Dog Car Seat?

Unfortunately, unlike regular pet car seats, dog car seats for console is more of a new thing and currently there aren’t many options available. Still, when you're shopping for a console seat for your pooch, pay attention to some of these below features.

Size and Comfort

A console dog car seats must be spacious so your pet can feel comfortable and remain calm during car rides. The lack of space could make your pooch feel more restraint than it needs to be, as well as nervous and cause anxiety. Your dog should be able to curl up in the car seat or, at the very least, lie or sit comfortably.

Keep in mind that dog car seats for console are for small dogs only, unlike traditional pet car seats (booster seats). This is understandable since the size of the seat is limited by the size of the car’s console. Thus, make sure to always measure the size of your car console properly before you buy a console dog car seat.

Pet owners of small dogs will have more choices when it comes to design, color and type of these seats. If your pooch weighs over 20 pounds, finding a console dog car seat for them is nearly an impossible task, so instead you may need to look for a traditional dog car seat.

Ease of Use and Storage

When you're shopping for the best dog car seats for console to have in your vehicle, pay attention to the way it is used and how easy it is to set it up, especially if you don’t travel with your pet often and you have to pack it away and set it up each time you do.

Most good console car seats can be easily attached and unattached with buckles.

In addition to this, you can find car seats that are fold-able to provide easier storage when you don’t use them, whether you decide to store the seat in your trunk or at home. High quality console seats will be easy to fold and won’t break after a few weeks of use.

Safety Features

The most important factor to consider, and the reason to even buy a console dog car seat, is how this seat can ensure your dog’s safety. This usually depends on the attachment system the seat has and most of the console dog car seats have a seat belt that allows you to lock them in safely.

Other important security features are adjustable security leashes you can latch to your pooch to make sure that they are safely seated during the ride. These will also prevent dog's car sickness because it means less moving around, especially on bumpy roads.

The Best Console Dog Car Seat Brands

Before we go about recommending the best console dog car seat brands, it is important to note that this is a relatively new type of product. In fact, the market is pretty much dominated by Snoozer, the company that came up with this idea and even has a patent on console car seats for dogs. Fortunately, they offer a very versatile selection.

1 Console Dog Car Seat (Cream Fur)
by Snoozer

One of the best console dog car seats is also one of the most affordable. This car seat comes in two sizes – small and large. The small seat has interior dimensions of 5”H x 7”W x 13”L, outer dimensions of 7″H x 9″W x 15″L and it is suitable for dogs up to 7 pounds. The large seat has interior dimensions of 5”H x 9”W x 16”L, outer dimensions of 7″H X 12″W X 19″L and it is suitable for dogs that weigh up to 12 lbs.

Snoozer Console Lookout Car Seat, Black - Large
4,654 Reviews
Snoozer Console Lookout Car Seat, Black - Large
  • Removable cover is machine...
  • Included safety strap for...
  • Large: 7″H X 12″W X 19″L...

In addition to this, the seat is available in various colors and styles. Finding the right décor for your car shouldn’t be a problem with so many choices. This console seat comes with a removable, machine washable cover and you can choose whether you want Polly cotton, vinyl fabric or quilted exterior. The interior is lined with soft, quality Sherpa material, while the core is filled with comfortable foam.

The seat comes with straps that allow you to secure it to your center console. There are is also a strap to keep your dog in place once he gets inside. While we mostly had a positive experience with this product, the straps need to be tightened well or the seat will slide backward. Make sure that you measure your console properly or the straps will seem too loose.

» PROS: Affordable, Comes in Multiple Sizes and Colors, Machine-Washable Cover, Easy to Install

« CONS: Straps May Get Loose If Not Tightened Properly


2 Luxury High Back Console Car Seat for Dogs
by Snoozer

This luxury console car seat is perhaps the best of all when it comes to quality alone but it is a bit on the expensive side, which is why we have put it in second place on our list.

The seat comes in two sizes. The large size is suitable for dogs up to 12 pounds and has inner dimensions of 17″L x 9″W x 5″H (front), 10”H (back). The X-large size is good for dogs up to 20 pounds and comes with inner dimensions of 15″L x 12″W x 5″H (front), 10”H (back). Outer dimensions of the large size are 20″L x 12″W x 7″H (front), 12″H (back), while the X-large seat has outer dimensions of 18″L x 16″W x 7″H (front), 12″H (back). The seat also comes in six different colors.

This console car seat for dogs comes with a removable microsuede cover, which is machine washable. The same goes for the inner Sherpa pad, which is also very soft and comfortable. The inside of the seat is filled with durable foam.

Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Lookout, Black...
1,414 Reviews
Snoozer Luxury High Back Console Lookout, Black...
  • Luxury removable microsuede...
  • Non-skid bottom and high back...
  • PLEASE measure your dog and...
  • Security strap included
  • 20 L X 12 W X 7 H inches,...

This seat is suitable for larger consoles but you still need to measure both your console and your dog properly. The item comes with safety straps to secure your pet to the seat, while the high back servers as an obstacle to prevent your dog from jumping out.  The seat is also secured in place with straps and a non-skid bottom.

Perhaps the only drawback of this product, along with the higher price point, is the fact that it may be too big for most regular cars. This may not be a problem if you drive an SUV but if you don’t, make sure to measure the console properly before you buy this car seat.

» PROS: Comes in Multiple Sizes and Colors, Machine-Washable Cover and Inner Pad, Easy to Install, Non-Skid Bottom

« CONS: Expensive, Too Large for Some Cars


3 Luxury Console Pet Car Booster Seat
by Snoozer

This is the mid-range option from Snoozer when it comes to console car seats and you can get it in small and large size, as well as many different colors. The large size has inner dimensions of 5″H x 9″W x 16″L, outer dimensions of 7″H x 12″W x 19″L and it is a good fit for dogs that weigh up to 12 pounds. The small size has inner dimensions of 5″H x 7″W x 13″L, outer dimensions of 7″H x 9″W x 15″L and can hold dogs up to 7 lbs.

The seat is filled with durable but comfortable foam and comes with a removable and washable cover and inner pad. The cover is made from microsuede, while the inner pad is made from Sherpa material. This console seat can be safely secured to the base and the lid of the console with straps but it also has a non-skid bottom to make it more stable.

Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat, Small Luxury,...
4,654 Reviews
Snoozer Luxury Console Pet Car Seat, Small Luxury,...
  • Removable cover is machine...
  • Removable pad insert is also...
  • Safely secures to seat base...
  • Stylishly tufted top,...
  • Outer dimension: 7″H X 9″W...

Your dog can be secured with safety straps that will keep him in place during the ride. While we did like this console seat, we found that it is a bit small even though we measured it correctly.

» PROS: Comes in Multiple Sizes and Colors, Machine-Washable Cover and Inner Pad, Easy to Install, Non-Skid Bottom

« CONS: Runs a Bit Small


4 Booster Dog Car Seats for Console
by Meago

The only console car seat for dogs good enough to make our list that wasn’t made by Snoozer is this product by Meago. This car seat is only available in one size – 17″L x 10″W x 6.7″H (front), 9.5”H (back). This seat also comes in three different colors – black, plaid and army green.

Meago Pet Console Booster, Portable Small Pet...
123 Reviews
Meago Pet Console Booster, Portable Small Pet...
  • 1.For small pet only :Fit for...
  • 2.Interaction safe Seat:It...
  • 3.Material:Soft cashmere and...
  • 4.Exterior Dimensions: 17″L...
  • 5.Stay tight:2 special pulg in...

The seat is lightweight and easy to fit with any console, as long as the size is appropriate. The seat is only meant for small breeds and dogs that weigh up to 12 lbs. The cover can be removed and washed in a machine. You can put the seat in place thanks to the hook that makes it fixated to the console lid. The seat also includes a safety belt.

This console seat is good but the foam shape got a bit distorted from being boxed up. It also runs a bit small, so take that into account when you measure your dog.

» PROS: Available in Multiple Colors, Machine-Washable Cover, Easy to Install, Non-Skid Bottom

« CONS: Only Available in One Size, Runs a Bit Small, May Get Distorted a Bit from Being Boxed Up


Dog car seats for consoles are different to standard pet booster seats, and they can keep you and your pooch safe and secure during car rides. Console dog car seats are a relatively new product on the market but there are already a few great options to choose from, mainly from Snoozer since that is the company that came up with the idea initially and currently owns a patent on these type of dog seats.

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