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Best Dog Clippers Comparison: Andis vs. Wahl vs. Scaredy Cut

Grooming your dog at home will save you a lot of money in professional grooming expenses. Most owners perform simple tasks like brushing and bathing at home, but getting your pooch a professional haircut can be quite expensive. With a little know-how and the best dog clippers, you can trim your pet's fur and save yourself a bundle.

Of course, you'll have to educate yourself on the grooming regiment that is required for your dog's breed and how to perform those tasks properly. If you need information on a specific dog grooming tasks, check out the DIY Grooming section of our website for more detailed information, guides, grooming videos and more.

Today, I'm going to discuss three of the best dog clippers available to pet owners for DIY dog grooming. If your dog's coat needs trimming, one of these pet clippers is sure to work for you. However, the clippers that you choose really depend on the type of grooming you'll be doing and your dog's size and behavior. But, I'll get into that in a minute.

How to pick the best dog hair clipper?

How to pick the best dog hair clipper?First, let's talk about the criteria that you should be looking for when shopping for the best dog hair clipper for your Fido.

Again, this depends largely on your personal preferences, your dog's breed, and how much grooming you'll do.

Ideally, the pet clippers must be light enough that your hand will not get easily fatigued, which is very common. They must also fit comfortably in your hand for precision and accurate trims.

This may seem like a no-brainer, but you need to buy clippers that are specifically made for dogs. Do not use hair clippers made for people. If your dog has thick or course fur, you should also select a heavy-duty clipper that is made specifically for this coat type.

You'll have a choice between two options in two categories:

  • Corded clippers or cordless clippers
  • Regular clippers or silent/manual clippers

The cordless pet clippers are usually more expensive, but they're also much more convenient. You won't need to worry about you or your pooch getting tangled in the cord. Silent/manual pet clippers are best for dogs with serious grooming anxiety because they won't produce as much, if any, noise.

My search for the best dog clippers

The Best Dog Clippers ComparisonI've chosen to do my dog clippers review using three different pet clippers.

While they are all good quality products, they all have very different uses as well. It's really difficult to say that one pair of pet clippers stands out above the rest, because every pet owners need a set of dog clippers that will meet their individual needs and be appropriate for their dog's coat type.

Every dog is different, and every groomer has different needs. The best dog clippers for my pets may not meet your grooming needs. That's why I chose, in my opinion, the best dog clippers from each of three categories:

I've put these clippers through their paces. Not only have they been tested on our dogs, but I've also tried them on our cats. I even tested them out on human hair! I've been using them for about two months now, and it's been equivalent to hours of testing on each set of dog clippers. As you see, I really tried to ensure a thorough analysis.

The information that I'm sharing with you today has been discovered through firsthand experimentation with these three best dog hair clippers.

I've also culled through hundreds of dog clipper reviews from other pet owners to see if my experience was exceptionally good. What I have found is that overall, these best dog clippers are well liked by pet owners and are often used by professional pet groomers.

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Best Dog Clippers Comparison
Andis vs. Wahl vs. Scaredy Cut

Best Dog Clippers Comparison Andis vs. Wahl vs. Scaredy Cut

Similarities Between the 3 Best Dog Clippers

Honestly, there aren't a lot of similarities between these products at all. Usually the top products in a category share some of the most common and most convenient features. This time, I've chosen three very different products because they each offer their own unique features that will be important for different groomers and different dogs.

You'll notice that the Andis and Wahl clippers are the same style. They are both electric clippers that work to groom your pet quickly and effectively. They both have multiple blade lengths and come with an array of guards. I'll get into the differences between the two in a moment.

If you haven't watched my video review yet, you probably wonder why I included the Scaredy Cut clippers in this comparison. They look like scissors, right? They're very different from the other two electric clippers, but trust me when I tell you I have a good reason to include them here. You'll see!

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Differences Between these Best Dog Clippers

Here's where this article is going to get interesting.

First, let's discuss the Scaredy Cut clippers. They look like a pair of scissors with a clipper guard clipped onto the end, which is exactly what they are. These clippers allow you to trim your dog's hair, ensuring it's all the same length without the noise of electric clippers.

As I mentioned, the Andis and Wahl clippers are the same style, but there is one big difference in these products. The Andis clippers are cordless, while the Wahl clippers need to be plugged into the wall.

Cordless clippers are a huge advantage for professional and inexperienced groomers alike. They're also beneficial for nervous pets who may become stressed with a cord brushing against them while getting a haircut.

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Andis Pulse Ion Clipper Review

I'm going to start with the Andis clippers. They come with the most accessories, and they're also the best option if you're going to be grooming multiple dogs. Personally, I also like the weight and feel of these clippers the best.

As I mentioned, the biggest advantage of these clippers is that they are cordless. They are powered by a rechargeable lithium-ion battery lasting more than 2 hours of non-stop grooming time. I tested this claim myself, and I can say that it is true for a new set of clippers. The battery may lose a little of its capacity as it ages.

If you're not going to be doing a lot of hair cutting, these clippers have more features than you'll ever need. You can save yourself a lot of money by buying a set that doesn't offer as many unnecessary features.

If you're a professional groomer or a DIYer that grooms multiple dogs, you'll be pleased to see how many features Andis has included with these clippers to make your job as easy as possible.

For example, the adjustable blades can be changed to lengths of 40, 30, 15, 10, and 9. This will save you a lot of time changing blades.

Andis 24820 EasyClip Professional-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit, Frustration Free Packaging, Purple

As you can see in my video review, these best dog clippers come with a convenient base that charges the battery and holds the clippers.

The battery charges fully in just over an hour, which is pretty speedy!

It also comes with 4 attachment combs:

  • (1/8″) 3mm
  • (1/4″) 6mm
  • (3/8″)10mm
  • (1/2″) 13mm

The blade snaps off easily for cleaning, which is common on all the best dog clippers.

I really liked the way that these clippers feel in your hand. they're comfortable for long grooming sessions.

I have petite hands, and most clippers feel heavy and bulky to me, but I was pleasantly surprised by these clippers from Andis.

I used these clippers for about 30 minutes at a time, and they didn't get hot.

This is important, especially for professional groomers.

Sometimes, clippers heat up to extreme temperatures and can burn the dog while you're grooming him.

Because they are electric clippers, they do make a buzzing noise. I demonstrate the volume of the noise in my video review above. They're not the loudest clippers out there, but they may bother dogs with grooming anxiety issues.

The biggest drawback to these clippers is the price. You can buy them on Amazon for about $91.06. As I mentioned, they are more convenient and made to withstand long grooming sessions. These clippers are made to be used by professional groomers, so you're going to have to pay more for the higher quality product.

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Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Clipper Review

One of these things is not like the other – and the oddball is the Scaredy Cut Clippers. They are scissors with attachable blades. While these aren't the most effective dog clippers, they are the best option for pets with severe grooming anxiety.

If your dog needs his coat trimmed and can't stand the sound of electric clippers, the Scaredy Cut Clippers are the perfect alternative.

SCAREDY CUT Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Dog, Cat and All Pet Grooming - A Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers for Sensitive Pets (Right-Handed Pink)

If you only need to groom around your dog's face and paws, it won't take much longer than it would with electric clippers.

Unfortunately, if you have to groom a long-haired dog's entire body, it's going to take you hours to give him a haircut with the Scaredy Cut Clippers.

They come with 7 detachable combs, including:

  • .5″
  • .55″
  • .6″
  • .7″
  • .8″
  • .9″
  • 1.0″

The professional scissors have stainless steel blades with a serrated edge. They cut through thick, course hair. I tried these on a friend's terrier, and they worked very well. I was really surprised, as his hair is thick and wiry.

SCAREDY CUT Silent Pet Grooming Kit for Dog, Cat and All Pet Grooming - A Quiet Alternative to Electric Clippers for Sensitive Pets (Right-Handed Pink)

I honestly think these would be a great addition to any groomer's toolkit!

While some dogs may be comfortable with electric clippers, I'm sure they would much rather have you trim around their face and ears with this silent option. I know my dogs prefer it when I use these, even though they are comfortable being groomed with electric clippers. I can tell that they are much more relaxed when I use the Scaredy Cut Clippers.

Aside from the added time it takes to groom with these clippers, the only drawback that I noticed is the weight of the scissors. They're made of high quality steel, which makes them a bit heavy.

This isn't a problem for me because I only have to groom around our dog's feet. However, if you have a lot of hair to cut, I bet your hand will get fatigued quite frequently while using these clippers.

You can buy these on Amazon for just $35. Every groomer needs a quality pair of grooming scissors in their toolkit anyway, so why not try these ones with attachable combs? Just remember, they're not the best option if you have a lot of hair to cut.

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Best Dog Clippers

Wahl Pet-Pro Clipper Kit Review
(my personal favorite)

This is my personal favorite, but it doesn't mean that it will be yours. I believe that this is the best dog clipper kit for anyone new to grooming and at-home groomers that do not have grooming intensive breeds.

If you do a lot of grooming on a regular basis, the Andis Pulse Ion clipper is going to be a much better fit for you.

However, for someone like me who only does minimal grooming on their pets, this is an excellent choice at a much more affordable price point. As I mentioned before, the drawback to these best dog clippers is that they have a cord which must be plugged into the wall.

This is extremely inconvenient if you're grooming for a long period of time, and you need to be careful that you and your dog do not get tangled in the cord while you're cutting his hair. I like clipping my dog's fur outside to save on the mess indoors. It's much easier to groom them outside with cordless clippers.

WAHL USA Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit - Electric Corded Dog Clipper for Dogs & Cats with Fine & Medium Coats - Model 9281-210

Wahl claims that these clippers are equipped with a self-sharpening blade. It's been sharp for the 2 months that I've been using it, but I can't vouch for how long it will last.

Likewise, they claim the blades are snag free. Our dogs have short fur, so I didn't expect it to snag. However, I have used these best dog clippers on our cat with long fur, and it has never tangled.

As you can see in the photo on the right, this kit comes with everything the DIY dog groomer will need. You get the clippers (with a cord wrap and blade guard), a pair of grooming scissors and a finishing comb, a clean brush and blade oil, and five combs. The combs come in:

  • 1/8″ (3mm)
  • 1/4″ (6mm)
  • 3/8″ (10mm)
  • 1/2″ (13mm)

WAHL USA Clipper Pet-Pro Dog Grooming Kit - Electric Corded Dog Clipper for Dogs & Cats with Fine & Medium Coats - Model 9281-210 All of this can easily be backed into the handy storage case that can be put away until needed.

You also get an instructional DVD with this kit.

I checked it out, and there is a lot of great information on it for inexperienced groomers.

These clippers are quite a bit heavier than the Andis clippers, but they're fine if you aren't planning to use them for a long period of time.

As I said, if you have to groom multiple dogs or you frequently cut your dog's entire coat, these won't be the best dog clippers for you.

While the Andis clippers are more convenient, they're also much more expensive.

You can buy these best dog clippers from Wahl for just $26 on Amazon.

They're a great set to start out with until you're ready to move up to a higher quality clipper.

As I explain in my video review at the top of this article, Our dogs have short coats, so I only use clippers to trim around their feet and occasionally to remove fur around a wound.

These clippers work very well for me, and I've been using them for nearly 3 years now.

I use them at least once per month, and they're holding up very well.

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