Best Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming Dogs in 2020


– Professional dog clippers are much more expensive but have more advantages than regular ones.

– Choose from our top 5 selection of the best professional dog clippers below.

– Other cheaper alternatives to these professional dog clippers are available online.

– Building the habit of regular grooming is more important than your grooming tools.

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This is not a general dog clippers review.

Rather, this is a compilation of the best professional dog clippers, which might be expensive for an average pet owner but are the top choices for professional dog groomers.

The main advantage of professional dog clippers over regular (and often) cheap dog hair clippers is obviously the build quality, but there's more.

Premium pet hair clippers will have the below advantages over cheaper ones:

  • A lot more accurate and can shave closer
  • Do not overheat (as fast as cheap clippers)
  • Usually have a larger variety of high-quality clipper blades
  • They have year(s) long manufacturer warranties and guarantees

Not that we're saying you should throw your regular clipper and buy an expensive one. Not every dog owner who grooms their pups at home really needs professional dog clippers, you know.

If you decide that an expensive pet clipper is not for you, take a look at our dog hair clippers roundup for cheaper, good-quality options.

Or, if you're only interested in clippers without wires, you can try cordless pet clippers.

And if your dog is scared of grooming because of the loud clipper sound, silent clippers may be best.

Regardless of what you use, what's important here is you have a regular home grooming ritual that both you and your dog follow so he can get used to it.

As Dr. Neil Marrinan of Old Lyme Veterinary Hospital in Old Lyme, CT, said in an interview:

“90 percent of the work will be before, and away from, the actual 10 percent of grooming,”

So make sure to get him used to the sight of your grooming tools first and foremost!

But if you're only starting and aren't too confident yet, I suggest leaving the grooming to the experts.

Sorry, I digress.

Anyway… Below, we've ranked the 35 best professional dog clippers as rated by myself (a home dog groomer), our customers, other dog owners, and other pet groomers.

This list accurately reflects the best products that money can buy, and I have personally kept using several of these pet clippers at home.

The 5 Best Professional Dog Clippers
Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable Lithium-Ion Battery (078004-000-000)Oster Volt Lithium Ion Pet Clipper Kit for Dogs
  • Best Overall Professional Dog Clippers
  • Recharges quickly
  • Great for larger dogs
  • Cordless capability makes it convenient
Check Price
Andis 23280 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal/Dog Grooming, Burgundy, AGC2Andis Pet Super AGR+ Professional Dog Clipper
  • Best Runner Up Professional Dog Clippers
  • Battery lasts for 1 hour usage
  • One year warranty
  • Clippers are quiet for anxious dogs
Check Price
WAHL Professional Animal KM10 2-Speed Brushless Motor Pet, Dog, and Horse Clipper Kit - TurquoiseWahl 9791 KM10 Professional Dog Hair Clipper Kit
  • Best Professional Dog Clippers for Matting
  • Clippers don't heat up after long use
  • Lightweight making it easier to hold and maneuver
Check Price
WAHL Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat & Horse Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit (#41870-0423) - Grooming Supplies for Pets - Pet Grooming Clippers - 90 Minute Run Time - PurpleWahl Bravura Professional Cordless Clipper Kit
  • Best Professional Dog Clippers for Face Trimming
  • Stays very quiet while on
Check Price
Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper – Rotary Motor with Shatter-Proof Housing, Runs Calm & Silent, 14-Inch Cord - For All Coats & Breeds - 120 Volts, BurgundyUltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Clipper
  • Best Dog Clippers for Heavy-Duty Hair Jobs
  • Great for any dog coat
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How I Started Using Professional Dog Grooming Clippers Myself

My dog, Walter, an Australian Shepherd who is perennially cheerful and silly, used to go to a professional dog groomer to get his hair trimmed.

He loathed it.

It wasn't the groomer's fault—she was doing her job—but Walter openly resented the process and the clipper-wielding groomer trying to make him look presentable.

How I Started Using Professional Dog Clippers MyselfAustralian Shepherds aren't small dogs, and having to physically carry him into the grooming studio to be shaved off (complete with light pink walls and several vanity mirrors, as a hairdresser for humans would have) was really irritating, albeit somewhat comical; that is if you weren't the one with your arms full of dog.

We decided to groom our dog at home, where it wouldn't be so expensive and he wouldn't complain endlessly.

Everyone hated the dog groomer—him, because he didn't like the sound professional dog clippers, made when they were cutting his hair and us because we didn't want him making a federal case about his haircut every six weeks—so out of exasperation, we chose to do it ourselves.

The idea behind that plan was that Walter would do less damage if he knew who was grooming him.

We chose an exceptionally quiet tool for the job, the Andis Pet Super AGR professional dog clippers (one of those listed below in my list), and Walter ended up behaving really well.

He actually started to fall asleep halfway through.

Since then, we no longer take him to a professional dog groomer (something that I'm sure she's also grateful for), and we do our pet clipping at home.

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Top 5 Best Professional Dog Grooming Clippers

1Oster Volt Lithium Ion Pet Clipper Kit for Dogs
by Oster

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable Lithium-Ion Battery (078004-000-000) These lightweight professional dog clippers have a lithium-ion battery that will keep them running for a long enough time to get your clipping done. It's cordless, and it comes with a charging stand. The blade used is a #10 (though the blades are removable and interchangeable with other Andis and Oster blades), and there is an oil and brush included for oiling the clippers.

Customers and other dog parents who purchased the Oster Volt Lithium Ion Pet Clipper Kit have found that although this professional dog clippers kit comes with oil and a brush, they don't have to do a lot of maintenance on the clippers themselves because they're pretty high quality.

The recharging cycles are quick and consistent, making for continued use that won't cause the dog hair clipper to overheat and burn you or your dog.

Professional groomers who have used these at their business 40 hours a week have also noted the resiliency of the clipper and its lack of overheating.

Each charge lasts around two to three hours, more than enough time to groom your dog (or two or three).

Because the blades don't get as hot, you won't have to worry about taking a cool-down break when you don't need to charge it.

Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable...
413 Reviews
Oster Volt Cordless Pet Clippers with Detachable...
  • Cordless design ideal for...
  • Single-speed 2,400 SPM motor...
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion...
  • Compatible with all Oster A5...
  • High torque design with lower...

Pet owners who have used these dog hair clippers have remarked on how convenient the cordlessness is.

Not having to bother with an electrical cord getting in the way is a big relief to most dog owners tired of maneuvering the cord around their pets' legs.

This also makes it easier to hold and use, and the Clearcoat protectant won't let the clipper become smudged or fall out of your hands by mistake—a really good feature; no one wants to drop these and have to buy another, though if you do, there's a one-year warranty.

Customers with bigger dogs also weighed in.

Big dogs have more fur and surface area to cover than small dogs, so even if their coats aren't as high maintenance as the smaller, poofier dogs, they're still big determinants of whether or not the blade is going to hold up.

The owners of larger dogs said that these pet hair clippers are a blessing—they run for a long time and don't overheat, meaning that even though they have to cut through large swaths of dog hair, they're very durable.

This adds up, considering that the clippers' speed is a fast 2,400 strokes per minute.

One owner with a female Giant Schnauzer (average height: 25.5″, average weight, 75 pounds) said, “There is no doubt that this could handle the heavy [clipping] job of a horse as well.”

This blade is definitely a solid investment in your future dog grooming needs.



2Andis Pet Super AGR+ Professional Dog Clipper
 by Andis

Andis 23280 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper, Professional Animal/Dog Grooming, Burgundy, AGC2 This is the clipper I used on my dog, Walter, and I can tell you from personal experience that it is fantastic. It's a little pricey, which is its biggest con.

Still, suppose you're switching to home grooming. In that case, this is a long-term investment that pays off big-time (plus, if you add it up, the money you spend on these professional dog clippers is easily outmatched by how much going to a professional groomer adds up to over time).

It has a 3,800 strokes per minute blade speed and a 4×4 drive that gives it more rotation capabilities.

It's designed for very heavy usage (all day), and the battery lasts one hour before needing to be recharged at the charging station, as this is also cordless.

Also, it's compatible and interchangeable with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades, but the one it comes with is CeramicEdge #10.

Warranties for all of these best professional dog clippers from Andis are one year (magically, we didn't have to take advantage of the warranty).

After trying Andis Pet Super AGR+, I found the blade of these second-best professional dog clippers to be unusually nice and quiet.

It only took us 20 minutes to groom Walter once we got good at it, so the one-hour battery life was fine.

It didn't get too hot to hold and didn't scare Walter, who was already on edge after seeing someone wielding clippers.

Because these dog hair clippers are designed not to overheat, they don't need a fan or vents to cool them off—that's why they can be so quiet and seem “peaceful” to canines.

Andis 23280 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade...
1,947 Reviews
Andis 23280 ProClip Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade...
  • Cool and quiet...
  • Perfect for all coats and...
  • Detachable blade design for...
  • Super two-speed rotary motor...
  • 14' heavy-duty cord for ease...

Other customers agreed with my satisfaction.

There is only one speed, which would seem like a drawback but is a plus because the switch can't be accidentally hit to switch the speed (something that happens surprisingly often with handheld dog hair clippers—not good if you have them near your pet's face).

All the blades are detachable, which is convenient for pet owners.

Professional dog groomers—including one who has been in the business for more than forty years—all remarked on this clipper's durability.

Just like with the Oster clippers, it's nice not to have to bother with cords getting tangled around everything.

However, Andis also makes available an AGR+ battery pack and a cord adapter if you want, for whatever reason, to make it corded.

One customer described it enthusiastically, calling the AGR+ “the Mac-Daddy of all animal clippers,” and said that he was considering using it on one of his horses.

This enthusiasm is understandable, especially for pet owners like myself who needed something durable enough to last a while but fast enough in terms of strokes per minute to get their pet clipped.

These second-best professional dog clippers will definitely do that for you.



3Wahl 9791 KM10 Professional Dog Hair Clipper Kit
 by Wahl

WAHL Professional Animal KM10 2-Speed Brushless Motor Pet, Dog, and Horse Clipper Kit - Turquoise

This clipper, made by the Wahl Professional Animal Company, has an extended motor life of 10,000 hours (approximately). It's German-engineered, so if the rumors are true, you know it's good.

They emphasize “brushless” because it means that the motor has an extended life, requiring less maintenance than you would normally give it.

Wahl dog hair clippers cut through mats and can even do full-body shaves on your dog (but you should go to a groomer for that).

These professional dog clippers are versatile enough to get into delicate areas while also powerful enough to get through tough-to-clip sections of your pet's hair.

After trying out the Wahl 9791 KM10 Professional Clipper Kit, it appears that customers are thrilled with their purchases and have given these professional hair clippers glowing reviews.

They find that the blade doesn't get overheated easily, and the grooming experience is simpler because they don't have to struggle with mats.

WAHL Professional Animal KM10 2-Speed Brushless...
1,809 Reviews
WAHL Professional Animal KM10 2-Speed Brushless...
  • Powerful Dog Grooming...
  • Pet Grooming Clippers: For...
  • Precision Blade System: Comes...
  • Reliable Dog Grooming...
  • Over 20 Years of Wahl: For...

When it comes to oiling the blade, one customer had a suggestion that she (and people who tried her advice) found successful: use coconut oil to oil the blade.

It's cheaper, good for your pet's coat, nontoxic, and does a better job than most of the “special” oils that dog hair clipper brands sell you.

I've tried coconut oil once and found it to work well, oiling the blades of my own dog clippers. Coconut oil is a magical substance in general, and blade oiling is just another one of its many uses.

Back to the professional dog clippers.

Because you don't have to replace the brushes on this motor, it's quieter and more resilient than motors with brushes.

One customer found that she didn't have to stop every few minutes and switch out the blades to cool the professional dog clippers down.

This was a relief, considering that before, she said, her brush-motor clippers would get so hot that she couldn't even hold them.

Though this might seem abundantly clear, no pain should be “mandatorily” involved in the pet grooming process, neither on our side nor on the dog's side.

These Wahl dog hair clippers eliminate the need to constantly stop for fear of burning our hands off.

Some dog parents remarked on its ability to snip right through, even through sections of hair.

Though you should always brush your dog before grooming, there are always spots (mats) that make that impossible.

The brush on Wahl clippers for dogs zips through and removes them without pausing or getting stuck.

Others expressed reassurance that although these third-best professional dog clippers are expensive, it's a fantastic investment for those looking to make home dog grooming the norm for their pet.

It's also lightweight, making it easy to hold and maneuver until you're done grooming. No wrist fatigue is necessary!



4Wahl Bravura Professional Cordless Clipper Kit
 by Wahl

WAHL Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat & Horse Corded/Cordless Clipper Kit (#41870-0423) - Grooming Supplies for Pets - Pet Grooming Clippers - 90 Minute Run Time - Purple


These fourth-best professional dog clippers are so sturdy they can be used on a horse, apparently. The clipper does 5,000 strokes per minute and is delicate enough to work on the face, feet, and any other areas that need extra attention.

It's quiet and durable. The kit itself contains six attachment combs, oil, a brush, a charging stand, and a few other essentials.

The Wahl Bravura Professional Clipper Kit has received a great response from pet owners.

Customers looking for the delicacy to do facial work on their canines have found these professional dog clippers to be well up to the task of doing so.

One customer described it as “the best choice out there for anyone who has to shave skittish animals on a regular basis… I have had about a dozen clippers in 30 years, and this is the best.”

It's cordless, making it convenient and easy to handle, and it also is quiet. That, according to the majority of dog hair clipper reviews, is one of the most attractive elements of this product: silence.

There also isn't a lot of vibration, so you won't feel your joints shaking as you try to groom your dog (which is easy for anyone who already has shaky hands or is prone to dropping things).

Dog hair clippers are sturdy and well made—they're from Hungary, but the blades are manufactured in the USA—and won't get overheated.

WAHL Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat &...
1,108 Reviews
WAHL Professional Animal Bravura Pet, Dog, Cat &...
  • Professional-Grade Dog...
  • Pet Grooming Clippers:...
  • Dog Grooming Clippers: Enjoy...
  • Additional Grooming Tools:...
  • Over 20 Years of Wahl: For...

Dog hair clippers that roar loudly, vibrate uncontrollably like a broken radiator, and make your hand feel like it's dipping in a pool of hot lava when you hold them were the only clippers available to pet owners for a while.

But, as modern technology has improved, so has clipping and tools such as these.

These clippers are usable on the face because of their quietness and lack of vibration—not surprisingly, dogs don't want a screeching, shaking thing in their face.

Pet parents also had a lot to say about how long-lasting these best professional dog clippers were.

The battery is extremely durable and doesn't die easily.

Also, even though the blade is delicate, customers with pets that are larger (e.g., horses) or have tough fur (one lady's extremely fluffy cat) have said that the blade powers straight through without stopping.

These electric clippers are extremely versatile, not just for what kind of pets they can clip but for the jobs they can do.

One customer offered a word of advice for using these professional dog clippers: make sure to oil the notch on the cutter of the Wahl's blades.

Otherwise, it can drag or pull.

As was aforementioned, several customers have tried coconut oil and have found it to be a successful, nontoxic way of oiling places on the clippers that you need to be oiled.

The Wahl dog clippers' blade, if you follow the directions and keep it in good shape (as with all equipment), will last a long time without dragging or tugging.

It's an all-purpose best dog clipper for owners who want to make their home pet grooming all-purpose as well.


5UltraEdge AGC Super 2-Speed Detachable Clipper
 by Andis

Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge Super 2-Speed Detachable Blade Clipper – Rotary Motor with Shatter-Proof Housing, Runs Calm & Silent, 14-Inch Cord - For All Coats & Breeds - 120 Volts, Burgundy These quite fifth-best dog clippers are good for heavy-duty jobs that require a lot of time and effort. They come with an UltraEdge blade but are also compatible with UltraEdge and CeramicEdge blades.

The blade drive is a 4×4, meaning basically that you get more rotation with it, and it can do a more versatile and flexible job on your dog's contours.

Another Andis product is on the list, but it seems that the Andis AGC Super 2-Speed Professional Clipper is just as popular.

Dog owners who own these best professional dog clippers remarked on their versatility/flexibility, saying that it not only worked on the ears and feet areas that required precision, but it also did a bang-up job on the tail area as well.

One customer with a long-haired German Shepherd (tons of hair, supposedly) remarked that even though she—the customer—didn't have much training in grooming her dog and clipping pet hair and had never done it before, the dog clippers were so easy to use that she picked up on it right away.

She used a #7 blade for her dog's fur and was amazed at how quickly and thoroughly these went through it.

Another customer with a Portuguese Water Dog was impressed at how it cut through the matted fur with no problem.

Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge Super 2-Speed...
2,276 Reviews
Andis 22685 Professional UltraEdge Super 2-Speed...
  • DETACHABLE BLADE: You can...
  • LESS NOISE: Pets or animals...
  • EASY TO USE: OFF = OFF and ON...
  • WIDE USAGE: The trimmer is...

Unlike other best professional dog clippers listed above, these professional dog clippers can get a little bit warm. Still, they cool right down, especially if you use the Andis Cooling Spray.

These dog hair clippers are quiet enough that you can clip around the facial area without any “trauma,” as one customer put it. The blades are easy to change and won't give you any trouble if you want to switch one out for the other.

A piece of advice a customer gave was to use the skip tooth blade for thicker coats.

If it's a touch-up or a full trim you're looking for, these professional dog clippers will do a quick and easy job of it.

They're powerful for any coat type, with customers who parent dogs of all breeds and hair types commenting on the ease of use and durability.

Some other pet parents also weighed in on Andis's customer service side, remarking that customer service was readily available and pleasant to help them, which is always a plus when buying higher quality, more expensive items like these.



30 Alternatives to Professional Dog Hair Clippers

I know what you're thinking.

The cost of going to the groomer can be too expensive, but so are the above-mentioned best professional dog clippers!

Don't worry; there's always a cost-effective solution to these dilemmas.

If you're trying to learn to groom a dog at home, then you may not need a set of the best professional dog clippers that cost upwards of $200 yet.

Instead, pick something cheaper but of equally good quality.

Below are some of our favorite alternatives to the above five best professional dog clippers I've mentioned:

1. Oneisall Pet Grooming Clipper Kit Low Noise

Get Them Here

oneisall Dog Shaver Clippers Low Noise Rechargeable Cordless Electric Quiet Hair Clippers Set for Dogs Cats Pets This professional dog clipper alternative is affordable and won't jolt or trigger fear in your dog since it doesn't have a loud whirring sound or a strong vibration. You can groom your dog with ease with this device, which can be used wirelessly.

If you need to recharge the clipper's built-in battery, simply plug the device via USB.

This sharp but safe clipper also comes with extras like a comb, scissors, four guide guards, and an oil bottle to ensure that it runs smoothly.

2. BOUSNIC Pet Dog Clippers for Grooming

Get Them Here

BOUSNIC Pet Dog Clippers for Grooming - Quiet Cordless Dog Grooming Kit for Hair Cutting, 2-Speed Dog Hair Trimmer, 8-Length Professional Dog Shaver for Puppy Small Medium Large Dogs Cats Pets BOUSNIC dog clipper set has all the grooming tools you need in one box. This device is ergonomically designed for easy use and comfort. It's also equipped with a cordless function, with a running time of up to 240 minutes.

The blades are sharp and made from stainless ceramic, so they're durable and long-lasting.

This device has a quiet motor that allows for stress-free grooming.

Work on your dog like a pro with the set's other accessories like shear scissors, thinning scissors, nail clippers, nail file, and a cleaning brush.

3. Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Clippers

Get Them Here

Sminiker Professional Rechargeable Cordless Dogs Cats Horse Grooming Clippers - Professional Pet Hair Clippers with Comb Guides for Dogs Cats Horses and Other House Animals Pet Grooming Kit This is a heavy-duty dog clipper with stable power and steady control, and it's very well-reviewed by other pet owners. The blades are titanium grade and come with four types of blade guards to trim your dog's hair safely.

This clipper has a quiet motor, low vibration, and sleek design for easy grip and handling.

It's also cordless so that you can work on grooming your dog properly.

The battery recharges for five hours, and it's good for 70 minutes of use.

4. ENJOY PET Professional Hair Grooming Clippers

Get Them Here

Dog Clippers Cat Shaver, Professional Hair Grooming Clippers Detachable Blades Cordless Rechargeable with Guards, Combs for Dog Cat Small Animal, Quiet Animal Horse Clippers (Gold) Enjoy Pet's clippers may not be as high quality as the above-mentioned best professional dog clippers alternatives, but it can last for seven hours following a three-hour full charge.

It's supposed to last longer than regular dog clippers, and its battery can sustain repeated charging for up to 500 times.

This device also has 33 sharp blades, while other clippers have only 24. It works best for dogs with thick and long hair.

The package also comes with accessories like scissors and a comb.

5. Weivone Dog Grooming Kit with LED Display

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Weivone Dog Grooming Kit with Led Display, Heavy Duty Pet Grooming, Upgrade Motor for Dog Grooming Clippers with Low Noise, USB Rechargeable Cordless Pet Clippers for Small (Blue) This dog hair clipper is powerful for its price, considering that its speed setting can reach 6500 rpm. It features a removable ceramic blade and is considerably quiet as compared to other clippers, perfect for dogs who dislike loud and strange noises.

It's perfect for working on dogs with tough coats. The battery for this device lasts for three to four hours on a full charge.

This clipper has an LED display that shows the battery percentage of the device.

6. Maxshop Dog Clippers Low Noise

Get Them Here

Maxshop Pet Grooming Clippers, Professional Quiet Rechargeable Cordless Pet Hair Clippers with Comb Guides Scissors Stainless Steel Blades Kit for Dogs Cats,Pets Long Short Hair Shave (White) You can't go wrong with the price of this affordable, professional-like quality dog clipper. It's lightweight, perfectly fits the grip of small hands, and is super quiet. The clipper comes with four comb guards for different hair lengths, a charging cord, scissors, a comb, and a small brush to clean the blades.

The average charging time for the batteries is at least five hours, while continuous use time is about 70 minutes.

7. AIBORS Dog Clippers for Thick Coat

Get Them Here

AIBORS Dog Clippers for Grooming/High Power, 5-Speed Professinoal Dog Grooming Clippers with LCD Display Low Noise Cordless Pet Hair Clippers Trimmer for Small Large Dogs Cats (Grey) The AIRBORS dog clipper has a powerful ceramic alloy blade that you can use to trim summer curly, tangled, and matted hair. It's also equipped with a powerful 7000 rpm motor, so it can cut dog hair without jamming or pulling hair.

The blades are also detachable so that they're easier to clean as needed.

There are also 5-speed settings to choose from, and this clipper can run up to 5 hours of use when fully charged.

It also has a cordless feature, so clipping your dog's hair won't be a hassle for both of you.

8. DOG CARE Smart Dog Clippers

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DOG CARE Smart Dog Clippers for Grooming with 3 Speeds, Auxiliary Light, Cordless Professional Clippers, Low Noise Rechargeable Heavy-Duty Pet Hair Shaver for Cat 2023 Upgraded You might be wondering what it means by a “Smart Clipper.” Well, with these clippers from DOG CARE, all you need to do is click the button and let it do most of the hard work for you. It will automatically adjust the speed based on the type of coat, the area, and the length that you are trimming.

Cool, right?

It also features auxiliary lighting so you can see clearly when trimming tricky areas like the paw.

This dog hair clipper promises good performance on most types of pet hair with its powerful motor, moving ceramic blade, and fixed stainless-steel blade.

It's great for cordless long-time use with its built-in battery power.

Despite its strong motor, this clipper delivers minimal noise that won't startle your dog during grooming.

9. Andis EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clippers

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Andis (Pet) 22690 EasyClip Pro-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Blade Clipper Kit,Purple Andis is another popular name brand for animal grooming, and we've tested many of their clippers here on the site before. Their best professional dog clippers are also mentioned above, and this 7-piece set boasts a break-resistant device with a heavy-duty cord, which is a good alternative.

This clipper feels a bit heavier than the other famous name brands, but it has been designed to withstand many years of use.

This is perfect for grooming dogs with light to heavy coats. Despite its bulk and power, this clipper offers a quiet operation.

10. Wahl Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet Clipper

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WAHL Professional Animal Deluxe U-Clip Pet, Dog, & Cat Clipper & Grooming Kit - Red and Chrome Another name brand I've mentioned in the top five best professional dog clippers list. Walh's deluxe u-clip alternative dog clipper works best for long-haired dogs like Cavaliers, Labradors, Maltese, Shih Tzus, and Spaniels.

It's also effective for dogs with fine hair that might need light-body clipping, ear and paw hair trimming, and touch-ups around the face.

This device has a powerful 7,200 strokes so that clipping is quick and precise.

But the dog clipper won't make much noise or produce heat that can irritate and upset the dog while grooming.

The kit comes with two extra adjustable blades, six-blade attachment guides, blade oil, scissors, and a clean-up brush.

11. Wahl Easy Pro Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit

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Wahl Easy Pro for Pets, Rechargeable Dog Grooming Kit – Electric Dog Clippers for Dogs & Cats with Fine to Medium Coats - Model 9549 It's important to mention another alternative for the best professional dog clippers from Wahl for an affordable price. This Wahl's pet clipper pro-series set is the brand many professional dog groomers prefer for its precision blades and high-quality construction.

This name has been a leader in the animal grooming industry since the early 1900s.

The pro-series set is ideal to use for smooth, short, and combination coats in pets.

The blades of this dog clipper are made from high-carbon steel, and the body is designed with a comfortable grip so that you can groom the dog's hair at different angles.

12. WAHL Lithium Ion Pro Series Cordless Dog Clippers

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WAHL Pro-Series ClipperThis kit is made for full-body clippings. Powered with a lithium-ion battery, this provides pet owners the flexibility to groom their dog anywhere since it can run on cordless power for at least two hours of continuous use.

This clipper has a self-sharpening, snag-free blade so that it can cut and trim all types of coats with precision.

But it's great for trimming the hair of Collies, Poodles, and Shepherds, as well as dogs with silky long coats.

The Lithium-Ion series also comes with four additional blade guides, a comb, scissors, and a cleaning brush.

13. listerpro Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper

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listerpro Cat Grooming Clippers Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Dog Grooming Clipper Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Tools for Small & Large Dogs Cats Pets This powerful little machine is designed to be lightweight for the user's comfort and control. It features 3 replaceable blades (6mm, 5mm, 1mm.) The cordless design also provides about 5 hours of runtime per charge, enough for a novice to trim his dog.

It's easy to clean, and its motor requires little or no maintenance.

This dog clipper is best to use for Bichons, Spaniels, Terriers, and Shih Tzus.

14. Dream Reach Pet Grooming Clippers

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Dream Reach Pet Grooming Clippers, Low Noise Dog Clipper, Electric Cat Hair Shaver Kit, Pet Hair Trimmers for Small Medium Large Dogs Cats with 2 Comb Attachments (A-200W) The Rirgi dog clipper is useful for both home and professional groomers. This device is completely user-friendly, so you can maintain your dog's neat and tidy hair at any time.

This set comes with four guide combs that are quite handy for first-time users of dog clippers.

You can trim your dog's hair properly with the right guide set at 3mm, 6mm, 9mm, and 12mm.

This is a powerful tool with a sharp blade, but it's very safe to handle. It's also featured with low noise technology so that your dog won't be afraid to be groomed.

The set also comes with a grooming glove.

15. oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming Thick Heavy Coats

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oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming for Thick Heavy Coats/Low Noise Rechargeable Waterproof Cordless Pet Shaver with Stainless Steel Blade for Dogs and Animals The Oneisall dog clippers are fitted with high-quality stainless steel blades specifically designed for thick, heavy coats. Its cordless design is also suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It can be charged fully after 2 hours with a maximum usage time of 240 minutes.

However, this stainless steel blade cannot be disassembled, so it is better to just call their customer service if you encounter a problem. (This clipper is subject to warranty for 24 months!)

16. WAHL Pet-Pro Corded Clipper & Battery Trimmer 

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WAHL Pet-Pro Corded Clipper & Battery Trimmer Pet Grooming Combo Kit for Dogs with Light to Thick Coats, The Brand Used by Professionals - Model 9284 What we like about this clipper is not that it's Wahl, but it also comes in 2 sets: one corded clipper and one battery-operated trimmer. The included bonus trimmer is much smaller, perfect for when making precision cuts around the paws, ears, and eyes.

It also features self-sharpening, high-carbon blades, perfect for double coats of small to large breeds.

It's also mainly made in the USA, so you'll be assured of its quality and performance.

17. Highdas Dog Grooming Kit Clippers

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Dog Grooming Kit Clippers, Low Noise, Electric Quiet, Rechargeable, Cordless, Pet Hair Thick Coats Clippers Trimmers Set, Suitable for Dogs, Cats, and Other Pets (Gold) This cheap alternative to the best professional dog clippers offers ceramic blades. It's best to use for all types of pet hair. However, there is a noticeable noise that might bother some dogs.

The brand also recommends using scissors first when trimming the fur before using this clipper.

18. Oster Finisher Model Pet Hair Trimmer

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Oster Finisher Model 59 Pet Hair Trimmer (078059-100-000) If you're looking for a faster but cooler way to clip your pet's hair, consider this Oster dog clipper. It features precise blade cuts for a clean finish, which also makes it perfect when trimming ears, eyes, face, feet, and other delicate areas.

Although this is corded, what we liked about this Oster model is it's lightweight and comfortable to grip.

19. Gooad Low Noise Dog Shaver Clippers

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Gooad Dog Grooming Kit, Professional Dog Grooming Clippers, Cordless Dog Clippers for Thick Coats, Dog Hair Trimmer, Low Noise Dog Shaver Clippers, Quiet Pet Hair Clippers Tools for Dogs Cats,red This kit from Gooad includes 4 colorful clipper guards. The body itself also comes in different colors: red (pictured on the right), black, and green. It has a ceramic blade that can be adjusted according to your preferred length.

It's also detachable for easier cleaning and replacement.

This clipper also features a Digital LCD display that shows speed and battery level. It can also last for 4 hours when fully charged.

20. HANSPROU Dog Grooming Clippers

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Hansprou Dog Grooming Clippers, Professional Dog Clipper for Thick Coat 12V Plug-in Pet Trimmer High Power Pet Clippers Low Noise with Guard Combs Brush for Dogs Cats and Other Animal This particular one in the picture is a plug-in dog clipper from HANSPROU, but there are also cordless, battery-operated ones you can opt for. It features a titanium alloy blade and a 35-tooth ceramic moving blade that is detachable for changing and cleaning.

There are also 5 levels of shifts and 8 guard combs that come with this dog clipper.

21. GOOAD Dog Clippers for Grooming for Thick Coat

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Gooad Dog Clippers for Grooming for Thick Coat/High Power 7000RPM Dog Hair Trimmer Rechargeable Dog Shaver/Low Noise Dog Grooming Kit for Dogs and Cats/Pet Supplies The GOOAD Dog Clipper Kit comes with 8 tools, including combs, protective caps, cleaning brush, and scissors. It has a 33-tooth titanium blade, which is more than the standard 24 to 26-tooth of other clippers.

This clipper also requires a 3-hour charge and can sustain up to 180 minutes of use.

You can also take advantage of its CD display to learn the use and charging status.

22. Bousnic Dog Clippers Professional 2-Speed

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BOUSNIC Dog Clippers 2-Speed Cordless Pet Hair Grooming Clippers KitOwn this complete set of Bousnic grooming kits, so you don't have to spend a fortune on dog grooming salons. Aside from the clipper, this kit has four different guiding combs, a cleaning brush, stainless steel combs and scissors, an oil bottle for the blades, and a USB cable.

The clipper has an LCD panel indicator that shows battery usage. The battery powers up at 1200mAh.

Bousnic offers a lifetime warranty for this device.

23. Andis 24820 EasyClip Professional-Animal Clipper Kit

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Andis 24820 EasyClip Professional-Animal 7-Piece Detachable Ceramic Blade Clipper Kit, Frustration Free Packaging, Purple As you may have noticed now, we love the Andis brand, so it's difficult to pass up on this one. This clipper has a 12′ power cord and a detachable blade system. It also has a single-speed motor, which some might think of as a disadvantage.

But honestly, this stability makes it easier to use because it doesn't bother dogs.

This kit also includes a hard storage case and 4 attachment combs.

24. oneisall Dog Clippers for Thick-Matted Coats

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oneisall Dog Clippers for Grooming for Heavy Thick Coat, 2 Speed Low Noise Dog Grooming Kit Rechargeable Cordless Dog Trimmers with Metal Blade for Dogs,Pets Another clipper from oneisall that we like is this one meant for thick, matted coats. It features a metal blade that can cut through even the thickest of hair effortlessly.

This clipper also has a 2-speed setting indicated by light: the white light represents speed #1 for long, thin-matted hair, while the red light is for speed #2 for thick and heavy hair.

25. E-Hunter Dog Clippers for Grooming 

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Dog Clippers for Grooming with 12V High Power Plug-in for Thick Heavy Coats Quiet, Pet Electric Professional Hair Grooming Clippers kit with 10 Metal Guard Combs Brush for Dogs Cats Pets (Navy) This professional-grade clipper features 35-tooth titanium alloy blades that are easy to change and clean. It also comes with 2 adjusting modes and 6 guard combs for variations in hairstyle for your dog.

The body is made of aluminum alloy, making it durable and reliable.

This dog clipper is also subject to a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.

26. Veeconn Dog Clippers Grooming Kit

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Veeconn Dog Clippers Grooming Kit Hair Clipper-Low Noise Paw Trimmer- Rechargeable - Cordless Quiet Nail Grinder Shaver for Cats and Other Pets This dog clipper offers the utmost convenience for many pet parents and their pups. It's a hair and nail clipper in one, thanks to the changeable head attachment. It comes with 3 different trimmer heads, 4 guided combs, and 1 nail grinder.

You won't be afraid to use this clipper to cut your dog's hair since it's easy to use and portable, too.

27. Otstar Professional Dog Grooming Kit, 3-Speed

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Otstar Professional Dog Grooming kit, 3 Speed Rechargeable Cordless Dog Clippers Low Noise Low Vibration, LED Screen Indicate Power/Lubricating/Cleaning The Otstar dog clipper can be used by pet parents at home or professional groomers at the salon. The device is made of anti-wear brass, so you can be assured of its longevity and durability. Let your pet have a wonderful grooming experience with this device.

The whole set includes the clipper, the charging base, and USB power and accessories like the brush, two types of scissors, nail clippers, and file, and its four guiding comb attachments.

28. Gimars 2-in-1 Cordless 3-Speed Dog Clippers

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Gimars 2 in 1 Cordless 3-Speed Dog Clippers with Small Paw Trimmer Blade, Low Noise Quiet Rechargeable Pets Hair Thick Coats Trimmers Dog Shaver Clippers Kit for Dogs Cats Pet This dog clipper from Gimars has 3-speed modes that can reach up to 6500 rpm. It has high-quality titanium blades and removable ceramic ones and can last for a 90-minute usage when in full charge.

The Gimars pet clipper is also waterproof, meaning it can be cleaned underwater when necessary.

This feature is important because it also has a suction function, which can remove excess trimmed hair from your pet.

29. HOLDOG Professional Heavy-Duty Grooming Clipper

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Dog Clippers Professional Heavy Duty Grooming Clipper 3-Speed Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Tools for Small & Large Dogs Cats Pets with Thick Coats First-time dog groomers would surely benefit from this HOLDOG clipper, thanks to the user-friendly clipping combs and trimmer blades. It also features a 33-teeth titanium-ceramic blade and a ceramic movable blade, including a curly wavy coat and long coat design.

This needs to be charged for 3 hours to use for 3 to 4 hours.

30. GTS Dog Clippers Dog Grooming Kit

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GTS Pet Clippers Professional Dog Grooming kit Adjustable Low Noise High Power Rechargeable Cordless Pet Grooming Tools, Hair Trimmers for Dogs and Cats, Washable(IPX5, with LED Display. The last on the list of alternatives to the best professional dog clippers is the GTS clipper, which features a newly designed head that combines steel and ceramic blades. The combination reduces the heat that commonly occurs when there's friction between the blades.

The new design also allows the blade to remain sharp and durable despite repeated uses.

This device comes with a rechargeable base, so you can properly set down the clipper when not in use.

It also features an IPX5 waterproof function that enables you to wash off the hair on the product quickly and safely. This device utilizes a low-noise motor that only produces less than 50 decibels of noise for a better grooming experience for your dog.

It also comes with a free replacement service for quality problems for 12 months and lifetime technical support.

FAQs about Professional Dog Clippers

Can I use human clippers for dogs?

It is not recommended to use human clippers on dogs as they are not designed for the thicker and coarser fur of dogs.

Human clippers may not be strong enough to cut through a dog's fur, which can cause discomfort and uneven cuts, and they may also overheat and cause burns or skin irritation.

Also, human clippers may not have the appropriate blade sizes or attachments for different areas of a dog's body, which can make it difficult to achieve the desired grooming results.

It is best to use clippers that are specifically designed for dogs' thicker and coarser fur and have the appropriate blade sizes and attachments for different areas of our pup's body.

Is it better to cut a dog's hair wet or dry?

It is generally better to cut a dog's hair when it is dry rather than wet.

When the fur is wet, it can become matted and clumped together, which can make it difficult to achieve an even cut. Wet hair can also shrink as it dries, which can make the hair appear shorter than intended once it is dry.

Also, wet hair can cause the clippers to become clogged with hair, which can make it more difficult to achieve a smooth cut.

But when the fur is dry, it is easier to see the natural shape of the dog's body and to achieve a more precise cut.

It is also easier to brush and comb the fur when it is dry, which can help remove any tangles or mats before cutting.

However, some grooming techniques, such as hand-stripping, require the fur to be wet.

In these cases, it is important to use the appropriate tools and techniques to achieve the desired results.

In general, it's best to follow the manufacturer's instructions for any grooming tools and to consult with a professional groomer if you are unsure about the best techniques for cutting your dog's hair.

What is the difference between dog clippers and dog trimmers?

Dog clippers are larger and more powerful than dog trimmers and are designed to cut through thicker and coarser fur, such as the fur on a dog's body or legs.

They typically have a wider blade and a stronger motor, which allows them to cut through dense fur more easily.

Dog clippers are often used for full-body grooming, such as trimming a dog's fur to a certain length or style.

Dog trimmers, on the other hand, are smaller and more lightweight than dog clippers and are designed for more precise trimming, such as trimming around a dog's face, paws, or ears.

They typically have a narrower blade and a less powerful motor, which makes them easier to maneuver in tight spaces.

Dog trimmers are often used for touch-ups and detail work, such as trimming around a dog's eyes or paw pads.

Best Professional Dog Clippers for Grooming: Before You Go…

As you can see, there are more than enough options to choose from.

The first couple of options we went with may be expensive, but they are those pairs that last a long time, so you'll get your money's worth if they last for years.

You don't necessarily need to be a groomer to invest in some of the best professional dog grooming clippers out there.

But if you are thinking of starting your own in-house grooming salon, then you can pick from this list of commercial dog clippers.

Let us know in the comments if you own any of these clippers and what your experience was!

Also, if you're interested in reading more about dog grooming, we have a couple of cool articles you can read next. Check out the links below!

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