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Top 5 Best Silent Dog Clippers


Depending on how you approach it, grooming your dog can be a very enjoyable and worthwhile task. However, if your dog is scared of the noise traditional dog hair clippers make, you'll need to find the best silent dog clippers or at least manual dog clipper to be able to groom your pet in peace.

The Best Silent Dog ClippersWhile some dog owners prefer to take their dogs to a professional pet groomer, it's not affordable for everybody. More dog owners today choose to groom a dog themselves at home. Not only is it cheaper, but DIY dog grooming is a great way to bond with the dog among other benefits.

Pet experts agree that dogs that haven't been exposed to grooming early on will usually fear many aspects of the procedure. In particular, dogs are scared of dog hair clipper noise and vibration.

Some professional dog clippers may work better than cheap options due to a sturdier design and less noise, but that's not always the case. If it's too late to acclimate your dog to regular pet clippers, then using the best silent dog clipper is the only way to go.

In this article, we'll further discuss how to reduce dog's grooming anxiety, a dog's fear of electronic clippers and review the below five best silent clippers for dogs:

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What causes hair clipper related anxiety in dogs?Why are dogs scared of pet clippers

The problem that most dogs find with pet clippers is not only their noise, but also the vibration of the clipper. There's no other reason dogs fear clippers other than the fact they don't understand why some device produces a suspicious noise and moves slightly.

Interestingly, some professional pet groomers also noted that dogs are less anxious when they are groomed with cordless pet clippers instead of those with a wire. Either way, you'll need to pinpoint the reason your dog is scared of grooming through some trial and error.

It's important to note that you should never force an anxious dog into grooming through fear, because it will not fix the problem “the more you do it.” What it will do instead is simply increase his anxiety further, making future grooming close to impossible.

To help you reduce grooming anxiety in dogs, we've done several videos and written extensive guides on the best practices, which I recommend you taking a look at:

Briefly, the best way to reduce dog's grooming anxiety, and particularly dog's fear of pet clippers is to approach this slowly and gradually. Do not force your dog into anything that he seems uncomfortable with, and let him take his time.

How to pick the best silent dog clipper?

There are two categories of what we consider “silent dog clippers.” First, it's electronic, motor-powered dog hair clipper that has been designed with noise-reduction in mind. Second, it's the manual dog hair clipper that looks and works like grooming scissors.

In this article, we'll take a look at both categories of the best silent dog clippers and discuss which may be a better fit for your pet. Note that silent electronic pet clippers still produce some sound and some vibration, although nowhere near the amount of regular dog hair clippers. Yet, some dogs will still have anxiety even towards silent pet clippers.

If your dog is fearful even of silent motor-powered dog hair clipper, then the only solution to this is using manual dog clipper that works like a scissor. They may not be as effective or quick to use, but your canine is likely to be much less anxious when groomed.

Dog's grooming anxiety is very common, even though most pet owners still continue to use regular dog hair clippers without considering their pet's comfort. Removing that noise with the use of best silent dog clipper can ease the job for you, make your dog feel comfortable, and turn the problem of dog grooming into positive experience.

What is the Best Silent Dog Clipper?
2017's top 5 dog hair clippers that won't scare your dog

1Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Clipper
by Scaredy Cut

Type: Manual dog clipperScaredy Cut Silent Pet Clipper

The first, and one of the most popular silent dog clippers, is the Scaredy Cut Silent Pet Clipper. With a demonstration video available on the Scaredy Cut website, these dog clippers are easy to maneuver and use, though you may need a little practice first if you’re more used to the electric grooming ones.

The Scaredy Cut clippers contain a pair of sharp scissors and a set of comb attachments. There are seven of these attachments (#1, #1-1/2, #2, #3, #4, #5, #6), each a different length so as to allow clipping from half an inch to an inch. You simply clip the attachment onto the scissors and snip off the hair that needs to be trimmed, creating a straight, even cut.

The combs aren’t sharp, so even if your pet decides to suddenly bolt off while you’re in the middle of cutting his hair, it won’t scrape him. The combs aren’t the only attachment that is specialized—the scissors themselves are adjustable and have two different blades, one serrated and one smooth.

Gel finger inserts are included so that your fingers aren’t uncomfortable while you’re grooming your pet. The tension system inside the scissors is also adjustable by tweaking the screw in the center of the tool.

Here's a quick unboxing of Scaredy Cut silent dog clipper video:

What do dog owners say?

Best Silent Dog Clippers for Grooming Your FidoScaredy Cut Silent Pet Clipper are one of the best-rated pieces of grooming equipment because they make absolutely no noise and do not intimidate pets at all.

Also, pet owners who purchased these clippers say that they enjoy being able to groom their dog at home. It's a good way to bond with your dog as opposed to shuffling him off to the groomer’s for a majority of the day.

These silent pet clippers cut through matted hair well without getting stuck or making an uneven cut. Matted hair can become very unsanitary and dangerous for a dog to have, so possessing tools that prevent that hair from continuing to pose a hazard is imperative. These clippers make it easy for even the least talented of hair cutters to be able to do a neat job.

What is the Best Silent Dog Clipper?Consumers did mention that it takes a long time to trim a large breed dog with these clippers and advised to do it in sections so that your arm doesn’t cramp up. Also, if you have large hands, you might want to forego these scissors or find someone with smaller hands to do the clipping, especially if it’s going to be a long grooming job. A few customer ratings did mention that the holes in the scissors were a bit tight on their fingers.

Most helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “I have two maltese dogs who get groomed every 6 weeks at $100 a trip. When I came across this product on amazon I was a bit skeptical, yet hopeful at the same time. My skepticism was completely unfounded. I've…”


2Tiny Trim – Ball-Tipped Small Pet Grooming Scissor
by Scaredy Cut

Tiny Trim - Ball-Tipped Small Pet Grooming ScissorType: Manual dog clipper

The second best-rated silent dog clipper – Tiny Trim Grooming Scissor – is also non-electronic, and it's actually also from Scaredy Cut, except it's cheaper and doesn't have the attachment. These manual dog hair clippers work well on matted hair especially.

As you can see from the picture below, these clippers are in the same style as the above mentioned Scaredy Cut manual clippers. Instead of being essentially a pair of scissors with a guard, these clippers are designed more like scissors.

These clippers are designed for dogs with thin hair, although they will work for course hair as well it will just be a little more difficult. They are suitable for both long and short haired dogs and are well-built from stainless steel for strength and durability.

What do dog owners say?

What is the Best Silent Dog Clipper?Similar to the Scaredy Cut clippers, dog owners who purchased these have mentioned that Double Arrow Pet Grooming Hair Clippers aren't great for larger dogs either. These clippers are small and can be a little hard to use on a big dog that requires a lot of grooming. This seems to be a common concern with pet owners who use manual clippers.

They are comfortable to hold and are made of easy-to-clean stainless steel. These clippers are best for an owner with a dog that doesn’t require a lot of maintenance other than the occasional matted-hair clip and quick groom. They would certainly not be suitable for someone looking to give their golden retriever a summer cut.

I don't care for manual clippers. I'd rather have electric.

If neither of these silent manual dog clipper will work nor are you able to tear yourself away from the electronics, there are brands of nearly silent pet clippers that are electric, yet won’t scare your dog.

Most helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “In order to cut the fur on the sensitive parts (ear, nose, face and paw) of our dog, I have been trying to find one of these ball-tipped scissors for ages. I have recently bought TINY TRIM and was already satisfied…”


32-Speed Outlaw Dog Animal Clippers
by Oster

Oster 2-Speed Outlaw Dog Animal ClippersType: Electric, corded silent dog clipper

The top-rated silent electric dog grooming clippers are the Oster 2-Speed Outlaw Dog Animal Clippers. This type of clipper has a silent motor design and is very lightweight.

Despite its quietness, it is a powerful piece of equipment and comes with ten different comb attachments.

These clippers come in a set with grooming shears, a carrying case, a step by step DVD, a cleaning brush and oil. They offer a professional grade design and a one year manufacturer's warranty. These Oster clippers are designed to handle everything from heavy duty clipping to quick precision trims.

Oster 2-Speed Outlaw Dog Animal Clippers are made to cut any all types of fur and any length coat. They feature a new lightweight housing design that is cooler running, quieter, and vent free to prevent hair from blowing. They can also be used on humans, cats, and other animals as well.

What do dog owners say?

If your dog is skittish, but not too skittish, he will do well with Oster 2-Speed Outlaw Dog Animal Clippers. However, if your dog is very sensitive to even the slightest whir of a motor, it’s advisable to stick with the aforementioned Scaredy Cut or Double Arrow clippers.

Also, a few consumers mentioned that they noticed that the blades of these clippers get warm after you use them for a long period of time. This is common with dog clippers, and doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't buy them, but it is something you should take notice of.

Most helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “Extremely fast delivery, Would purchase from seller again. High quality especially for the price! The extras that come with it are fantastic! Make sure you purchase some extra, good quality oil because the tube that comes with it is…”


4ZMG Rechargeable Pets Electric Clippers Low Noise
by Petbon

ZMG Cordless Pets Electric Clippers Low NoiseType: Battery-powered, cordless silent dog clipper

ZMG Cordless Pets Electric Clippers Low Noise is your next bet if you can't pick any of the above. Because Oster dog clipper is not the cheapest one on the market, you can consider these as a good alternative.

This is an electric dog hair clipper that produces low noise. It's not as silent as manual dog clippers, but it's certainly makes far less noise than regular ones.

On top of that, it's just a good quality clipper for this price, especially since it comes with a few perks. Some of those includes the fact that it's cordless, which makes it easy to What is the Best Silent Dog Clipper?groom your dog quickly. The batteries serve a decent amount of time, and the silent clipper is easy to recharge.

I haven't tried this silent dog clipper myself, so I would strongly advise to browse through the other dog hair clipper reviews on its Amazon page and see what dog owners thought of the produce before you make the purchase. Take a look at this one below.

Most helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “We have four cats and two Golden Retrievers. We always shave two of the cats, a Ragdoll and a Persian. If you google how to shave a cat the first video should be my husbands mad shaving skills. Sometimes we shave…”


5Glendan Ultra Quiet ECO Friendly Clippers
by Yaya

Glendan Ultra Quiet ECO Friendly ClippersType: Battery-powered, cordless silent dog clipper

Another great option for pet owners on the budget is Glendan CP-8000 Ultra Quiet dog hair clipper from YaYa. This is a Chinese made cheap clippers for dogs, but they get the job done.

They are certainly the most inexpensive dog hair clipper set I could find that was still well-rated and liked by other dog owners. It's also eco-friendly, which can be an appealing selling point for a lot of us.

These silent dog clippers aren't as good as the above mentioned ZMG (although the price is very similar) and definitely nowhere close to the quality of well-established brands like Oster or Andis. Nevertheless, if you cannot afford the more expesive ones, and manual dog clipper is not to your taste, this could be a great option.

What is the Best Silent Dog Clipper?Glendan is also cordless/rechargeable, which can be a pro or a con depending on how you like to groom your pets. Its handle is very comfortable and has an anti-slip feature which makes the whole grooming process far less stressful for you. But once again, I highly recommend you browse the reviews and see what other dog owners thought of this silent dog clipper before you make your final decision. Here's one for your to read.

Most helpful review (read the full review on Amazon): “I am so glad I purchased the YaYa CP-8000 pet clippers. I no longer have to go to the Vet to have hair knots trimmed out of my cats fur. These clippers are safe. My cat allowed me to remove all her hair knots. It is quiet and…”


Best Silent Dog Clippers vs Manual Dog Hair Clippers
which one is better for your dog and why?

What Are the Best Silent Dog Clippers or Manual Clippers for Noise-free Grooming of DogsAs we have established above, some pets are naturally scared of the whirring noise that traditional dog clippers make, and a pet moving around while you have a sharp object in your hand in close proximity to their body is not safe.

You may be able to save your pet a lot of stress by simply switching to a one of the best silent pet clippers for dogs.

Selecting a pair of dog clippers isn't just as easy as “silent versus loud.”

You need to consider your dog's size, their coat length, and the condition of the dog's fur. For more information on selecting the right type of hair clippers for your dog, read our column Pet Hair Clippers for Dogs: Quick Buying Guide which may be helpful.

Once you've selected the right dog clippers for your pet's grooming needs, you can decide whether or not silent clippers would be a good choice for your Fido. We'll discuss what silent dog clippers are and the top rated silent clippers that are available on the market.

What exactly silent pet clippers for dogs are?What exactly silent pet clippers for dogs are?

If you're not familiar with silent dog clippers, or any type of manual dog clippers, then you need to at least be aware of what they are and what the difference is between them and regular clippers.

Silent dog clippers are a dog grooming tool that doesn’t have the loud whirring or growling noise that other dog hair clippers make. These clippers are often manual and occasionally electric, and the electric brands are all nearly silent.

No electric dog hair clippers will be 100% silent.

Only the best manual dog clippers will produce zero amount of sound, but they also cannot be considered for the same category (they're closer to scissors that clippers).

What are manual dog grooming clippers?

What are manual dog grooming clippers?
Grooming a dog with Scaredy Cut manual clipper.

All manual clippers for dogs, such as those from Scaredy Cut we've discussed above, are a type of scissors with an attachment comb.

Many professional pet groomers agree that this type of silent dog clipper is one of the best choices for pets that need their hair cut, yet are very skittish about the noisiness of typical electric groomers.

Though these types of manual dog clippers might seem like they require more work than the electric ones, that’s not always the case. The time spent chasing your pet around far exceeds the time spent quickly snipping through his coat and grooming him manually.

There are other types of cordless silent dog clippers that run on batteries, but just as the ones above, they are not 100% silent. Your dog will still be able to hear the noise and buzz of the pet clipper; however, groomers agree that they are much less intimidating than normal clippers that loudly buzz, whir, and make a lot of racket.

If your pet is not extremely skittish, but simply uncomfortable around the noise of traditional dog hair clippers, then these types of silent clippers may work for you.

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Grooming an anxious dogHow to groom dogs in silence with low noise clipper

The key to deciding how to groom your pet depends on the type of fur he has. Short haired dogs don’t need as much regular grooming as pets with long, straight, continuously growing hair do.

However, it’s a general rule of thumb that you shouldn’t do anything drastic (like completely shave your dog) without seeking the help of a professional groomer. You wouldn’t want to cause an injury or make a mistake that could lead to damage, or further increase grooming anxiety in dogs.

Above we've already discussed several brands of best silent dog clippers that have been well received by other pet owners. Consumer reviews tend to be more honest than simply the descriptions of the product as written by the advertiser, which is why I highly recommend you read them before choosing the best silent pet clipper for your dog.

That said, you can always use a dog grooming table to further improve your own and your dog's grooming experience and make him more comfortable. However, it will highly depend on a specific dog whether he finds grooming table as more intimidating or not.

Reading through the above list will give you a good idea about the best silent dog clippers to purchase for your pet. The advantages and disadvantages are listed so that you can easily discern which one will suit your pet’s particular needs. The silent clippers listed are both manual (scissors and comb attachments) and electric.

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Have you tried any type of silent dog clippers?

If your dog is afraid of the noise of traditional clippers choosing a silent pair is a great way to help alleviate some of the stress. Whichever pair you choose, be sure to take a proactive stance on your pet’s grooming. Check daily for any skin problems or matted hair. Alternatives for that could be a good quality grooming mitts or hair conditioner.

If you own or have used a pair of silent clippers that you really enjoyed, please share your story in the comments below. And, if you've used a pair you didn't care for, we'd love to hear why. We're trying to provide more information for other dog owners on what to pick.

For more information on dog grooming supplies and how to choose them, take a look at Top Dog Tips' dog grooming supplies buyers guide – you'll learn everything you need about what type of products you should own for your dog's daily grooming needs.

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