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5 Best Doormats for Dogs: Top Dog Mats for Muddy Paws [Updated] (2023)

Does your dog love to play in the mud? Well, that can be a problem. But don't worry! We've got the best doormats for dogs!

As much as we love Fido to enjoy and just play around the backyard, it can be a hassle for pet owners not just to bathe them but also to clean the mess they've made in your home.

The best doormat for dogs allows dogs to lead active and happy lives without compromising cleanliness and hygiene in your home, especially if you live in an area where the dog is prone to getting pretty dirty pretty fast.

Hard-working doormats for dogs effectively act as the best barriers to dirt and wetness, usually brought into the house by your pets.

The Importance of a Good Doormat

Top Best Doggy Doormats To Keep Your Home Clean and Dry“Buying a dog doormat shouldn't be that difficult.”

Unfortunately, it actually might be a little more work than you think.

Unlike regular doormats for “people,” there are now doormats that are specifically made to handle your dog's level of “dirtiness.”

Dogs that get to spend a lot of time outdoors collect dirt, debris, and water on their paws, which gives you more reasons to get a dog paw cleaner mat.

The best dog doormat must be durable and can absorb a lot of liquid.

On top of that, you also want to find a pet doormat that blends in with your home's decor or, at the very least, doesn't look bad in the front.

After all, every guest that comes into your home will be stepping on it too. Best to have a dog mud mat that can do the job.

Here are the best dog doormats that we will be discussing in this article:

5 Best Dog Doormats
Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat
  • Best Overall Dog Doormat
  • Absorbs liquid twice as fast as typical doormats/rugs
  • Made of microfiber
  • Has anti-slip rubber back

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My Doggy Place - Microfiber Door Mat
  • Best Runner Up Dog Doormat
  • Machine washable
  • Made of quick drying microfiber
  • Available in 3 different sizes

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  • Most Versatile Dog Doormat
  • Can be used inside cars, under crates, as a dog mat, and kennel flooring
  • Has an anti-slip rubber backing

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Gorilla Grip Soft and Absorbent Indoor Chenille Doormat
  • Best Absorbing Dog Doormat
  • Does not leak through the other side

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Soggy Doggy Doormat
  • Best Antibacterial Dog Doormat
  • Absorbs up to 7 times its weight

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there are now doormats that are specifically made to handle your dog's level of “dirtiness.”

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The 5 Best Doormats for Dogs for Your Home

Are you bothered by a dirty dog doormat because of muddy paws? There are plenty of dog paw cleaner mat options to keep your home clean and dry. 

You'd be amazed at how purchasing a new dog paw cleaning mat could save you from all that cleaning. Plus, it can become a great addition to your home design.

When selecting a doggy doormat for your home (and your pet), you must also keep measurements in mind. Not only should it fit your doorway, but it should also fit your dog(s).

If you have more than one dog, you don't want to get a small doormat because you'll soak it on a rainy day in no time. Here are a few stylish options for a dog doormat for muddy paws.

Check out this list of the best dog doormat choices that have been reviewed and ranked.

best doormat for dogs


1. Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat

This highly absorbent, non-skid, and hard-wearing doormat from Dog Gone Smart is our top pick for the best dog doormat on the market today.

It comes in three sizes of 31”x20”, 36”x26”, and 60”x30”.

It comes in earth colors of brown, gray, khaki, and maroon.

The top surface has a simple paw design, while the heavy backing has a non-skid gripping feature.

This dog paw cleaning mat has an absorption rate of more than twice the usual capacity of most rugs and doormats.

It is made of top-quality microfiber that dries quickly, with durable construction that makes it the perfect choice as an anti-mass dog rug or mat.

Buyers who’ve tried the product loved it so much that they had to order more.

It works just as advertised – it absorbs dirt and water, keeps in place, washes easily, and dries fast. While the Dog Gone Smart Dirty Dog Doormat has been lauded as a multipurpose mat for keeping floor surfaces clean and dry, it functions best on doorways.

The heavy backing keeps it in place while the top surface traps mud, dirt, and stuff from dirty paws.

best dog doormat

What Customers Are Saying

The newer version of this doormat features rubber backing, which increases the mat’s anti-slip properties. Most buyers find this a thoughtful addition.

Though a few old-timers would like to stock up on the original non-rubber-backed version because they think it has worked great just the way it was. That only shows how great a buy the doormat was to them.


  • Non-skid backing
  • Available in 3 sizes and 4 colors
  • Made of top-quality microfiber that dries quickly


  • Some reviewers prefer the original backing over the new rubber backing
  • Other buyers have noted that the quality of the rug has gone down when compared to the original model

More dog doormat reviews from pet owners:

“Love it! My dogs have a dog door & often track in dirt/stuff from the yard. This works great to capture stuff from their…”

2. My Doggy Place Microfiber Dog Doormat

My Doggy Place Microfiber Dog Doormat

This easy-to-wash and quick-to-dry dog mat from My Doggy Place is made of durably-stitched Chenille microfiber.

It has excellent absorptive capacity for moisture and mud – exactly what is needed in homes with pets.

The ultra-grip backing keeps it in place and makes heavy-traffic areas in the house – such as entryways, foyers, mudrooms, and halls – safe for everyone.

The mats come in fetching colors of brown, charcoal, navy blue, oatmeal, and red. There are medium and large sizes, and a runner size is also available for alleys or wider doorways than usual.

Families who own dogs know how important it is to keep the home clean without curtailing their pets’ freedom to go in and out of the house. So, a dirty dog doormat will do just the trick!

What Customers Are Saying

Buyers were happy to have finally found a mat that met their expectations. They say that the My Doggy Place Microfiber Dog Doormat significantly reduces the amount of dirt that gets into the house every time their pet walks in. And it’s so soft humans love how it feels under their feet, too.

best dog doormat

Not only does it keep the home a lot cleaner, but it also cleans off quite easily too. By simply shaking off superficial dirt, you could reuse it right away.

It is machine-washable, and washing it by hand is also hassle-free.

Reviewers did not have a horrible chemical smell when you first took this best dog doormat out of the package, and a few people complained that the rug unravels after multiple washing items.


  • Machine washable
  • Quick to dry
  • Made of durably-stitched Chenille microfiber
  • Available in 3 sizes and 5 colors


  • Some buyers noted that this best dog doormat has a strong chemical smell when first taken from the packaging.
  • More than one reviewer claimed their rug unravelled after a few washing items.

More dog doormat reviews from pet owners: 

“If you are needing this for “muddy paws” or “wet feet” – you will NOT be disappointed — but my pup LOVES it for his bedding as well….and so…”

3. EXPAWLORER Dog Doormat for Dirty Dogs

EXPAWLORER DOG MAT - dirty dog doormat

One rug, several uses – this microfiber dog doormat from Camon is super absorbent and can soak moisture and mud instantly.

Because of this characteristic, it is not only endorsed as a doormat but also finds its place inside cars, under crates, as a pet mat, as kennel flooring, and as an all-around rug for use around dogs.

You can order it in dirt-disguising colors of chocolate and tan and sizes of Medium and Large. It has non-slip backing that keeps things safe when this mat is placed in entryways.

Pet rugs and mats are designed to create barriers between outdoors and indoors and trap water and dirt from pets’ paws before they get inside. This rug does that and more.

Homeowners who have used this for some time say that dogs love to linger on the soft rug. When they leave, they also leave behind dirt, moisture, mud, and lots of hair. The EXPAWLORER Dog Doormat can easily be shaken clean.

What Customers Are Saying

Buyers are often surprised at how this simple item does its work so effectively every single day.

What they find more surprising, though, is how the same rug they bought two years ago still works in their doorway with the same effectiveness.

best dog doormatThis best dog doormat has expectedly faded a lot since the first day it stood on its post, but it has not failed to dry wet feet or trap dirt and hair.

Dogs also find the rug a comfortable place to lie on while they keep an eye on the door.

Some buyers were not pleased with the absorbency of this rug.

They say it does not work as advertised. However, there are very few of these reviews, and the majority of feedback is very positive.


  • Available in 2 sizes and 2 dirt-disguising colors
  • Non-slip backing
  • Many buyers have had this rug for years, and it is still going strong


  • Some buyers were not pleased with the absorbency of this rug.

More dog doormat reviews from pet owners: 

“I placed this on the stairway landing where our dog likes to lie during the day to keep an eye on the front door. She scratches at the rug and does her “getting comfortable” rituals throughout…”

4. Gorilla Grip Soft and Absorbent Indoor Chenille Doormat

Gorilla Grip Dog Doormat: Best Doormats for Dogs

The Gorilla Grip Soak Stopper doormat is extremely absorbent. It is designed with an extra absorbent top layer to help capture mud and moisture from muddy boots and paws. Moreover, its dense chenille pile absorbs excess moisture to help keep your floors clean from unwanted messes.

This rug is designed for daily use and has a durable, textured rubber backing. The Gorilla Grip Soak Stopper bath rugs are constructed with durable TP Rubber Backing.

It also has premium microfiber fabric. Meaning it is not only ultra-absorbent but also dries quickly. Additionally, its color is fade resistant!

So how will you clean this rug? No worries! This doormat is machine washable! Simply machine wash and dry for a quick and easy clean.

Furthermore, the thick plush pile is extremely soft and cozy under bare feet. Even your pets will love this extra cozy layer on cold floors. It measures 30 by 20 inches for a perfect fit in various spaces such as mud rooms, entryways, and garages.

What Customers Are Saying

Best Doormats for Dogs: Gorilla Grip Soak Stopper Absorbent Chenille Indoor Doormat

A few reviewers complained about the cut of these rugs. They say they are a bit off and don't lie completely square.

One reviewer said the backing did not work as advertised, and the rug slipped around on the floor.

Many reviews state that the dog paw design in the middle of the rug does not last after a couple of washings.


  • Made of thick and dense microfiber strands
  • Equipped with a waterproof liner to prevent leaks
  • Various colors to choose from
  • Machine washable
  • Quick-drying
  • Measures 30″ x 20″ and other sizes


  • Some reviewers note that this dog doormat is much smaller than anticipated
  • One reviewer said the backing did not work as advertised, and the rug slipped around on the floor.

More dog doormat reviews from pet owners: 

“Soft, plush, NON-SKID…..and most importantly for me…it is machine washable and great in the dryer at low heat (I have the 3’x5’ rug). We use this rug for our Great Dane’s huge and often muddy or sandy paws.”

5. Soggy Doggy Slipmat

Soggy Doggy Slopmat - Best dog paw cleaning mat

Dogs in the house spell dirty paw marks on the floor and furniture. It’s not hard to imagine, then, how rainy days turn for the worse with muddy and wet paws adding to the house chores.

The Soggy Doggy Slopmat has proven to be the perfect match for wet and dirty paws, whatever the weather.

The Chenille microfiber absorbs water seven times its weight, is odor-free, and has anti-bacterial characteristics. This best dog doormat measures 18”x24” and comes in colors caramel and dark chocolate.

Pet owners bought this to use for various purposes – as a doormat, rug underneath feeding bowls, sleeping mat, or seat cover when travelling by dogs in the car.

The Soggy Doggy Slopmat is highly absorbent and free surfaces from any mess that usually happens with dogs around.

What Customers Are Saying

The mat absorbs a lot of water and dries easily. It does not have a waterproof liner, so buyers say they use plastic or rubber sheet underneath the mat for excessively sloppy dogs.

best dog doormat

This size would be the perfect placemat for small breed dogs with room to spare for drinking and feeding bowls. It makes for a great crate liner, too, because it is warm, soft, and comfy.

The Soggy Doggy Slopmat is your catch-all dog mat for all that’s wet and dirty, not to mention that it’s better looking and more hygienic, too, than your old musty towels.


  • Made of Chenille microfiber
  • Absorbs 7 times its weight in water
  •  Odor-free
  • Has antibacterial characteristics
  • It measures 18″ X 24″ and is available in two colors


  • Not equipped with a waterproof liner, you'll have to use a rubber or plastic sheet to prevent leaks.
  • This mat is ideal for small and medium breeds but not large enough for bigger breeds.

More dog doormat reviews from pet owners: 

“If your dog slops enough water, the water will go through this mat and onto your floor. There is no solid back to the mat. My pug, a small dog, slops enough water before…”

How to Choose the Best Doormat for Your Dog

While we think that any dog owner would be happy with all of the doormats listed above, you still need to know how to choose among the various doormat options.

Keep the following tips and considerations in mind as you shop for doormats for your pooch-filled house.


One of the main goals behind your new dog doormat is to keep dirt and liquid outside where it belongs.

Paying attention to the absorption abilities of the mat will help you prevent a soggy doggy doormat.

It will also prevent messes from being tracked inside. If you want to get technical, you measure absorption with the GSM absorption rate.


Between the fact that the doormat soaks up water and the mud and dirt it collects, you want to think about how to clean it.

Many of the best options are machine washable. Others may require you to spray them with a hose or scrub them yourself.

While machine-washable ones are obviously more convenient, having to hand wash the mat may be worth it if you love everything else about it. Most mats will need to hang dry.


Some doormats for dogs are made to maximize rugged durability, while others focus on appearance or style.

This depends somewhat on what you prefer, but any of the mats mentioned above are stylish and durable.


Think about where you want to place the mat as well. Some dog owners prefer to put them outside their door to keep the mess outside. Others prefer indoor mats to protect their floors.

There is no better option. Just make sure you choose a mat designed to be used where you plan to place it.

Don't forget that the front and back doors are not the only places you can put dog doormats.

Some pet owners put them under food and water bowls to contain the mess.

If you want a mat for this purpose, choose one that absorbs moisture well.


As you look at doormats, you will spot a range of materials. Some people prefer soft microfiber strands, while others prefer microfiber bristles. You may also consider options like rubber.

The best material for catching dirt your dog wants to track inside depends on your personal preference. Just consider whether you want it to be machine washable, as this depends on the material.

Non-Slip Bottom

It would help if you made it a point to choose a doormat with a non-skid bottom. This will ensure that you can keep the mat in place, even if your dog runs inside full of puppy energy. A rubberized bottom is one popular method of adding a gripper non-skid backing to these mats.


You will typically find dog doormats in a range of sizes. Your choice will depend on how much space you have available wherever you plan to place the mat.

Style and Pattern

There are styles, patterns, and designs for all tastes. Just think about your preferences and how they will look with the rest of your house. You can choose something as simple or intricate as you want.

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Common Questions about Indoor and Outdoor Doormats for Dogs

We understand that buying dog doormats can lead to numerous questions. You may not know if you need advanced microfiber technology or which mats will be gentle on your dog's paws. The following FAQs should help you find the right mat.

What's the Best Doormat for Dogs?

The best doormat for dogs depends on your preferences. Some people are happy using ordinary doormats, even with dogs.

Others prefer something specifically designed to contain dog-related messes. We know you will be happy with any of the abovementioned mats.

How Do You Know What Size Doormat to Buy?

Most people suggest you get a doormat as wide as your front door, if not wider. If you are especially concerned about mud tracked inside from various directions, consider a larger one.

If you want to get one, you can wash it in the washing machine. But you should know how large a mat your machine can accommodate.

How Does a Dog Doormat for Muddy Paws Prevent Bringing Dirt Inside?

The first step to preventing your dog from bringing dirt inside is to find a super absorbent mat you love and place it in front of the door. Get another one and put it by the back door.

Ensure to clean and air dries the mats regularly so they don't accumulate more dirt.

To keep your floors clean, supplement the mat with a dog paw-cleaning area. This can be as simple as some old towels you wipe your pup's paws on before letting his head inside.

dog paw cleaner mat

How Do You Clean a Dog's Paws Before Coming In?

The easiest way to clean your pup's paws and keep your floors clean is with a paw cleaner cup.

These are cups with brushes inside. You just put your dog's paw in the cup and take it back out.

After you repeat this a few times, the bristles should remove the dirt.

Another option is to keep some rags by the door. Use them to wipe off the paws before letting your pup go inside.

You can even keep a small bucket of water outside by the rags to remove tough messes and maintain clean floors.

dog mud mat

Does a Dog Mud Mat Really Work?

A dog paw cleaning mat is a great “station” or stopping point for dogs from outdoor activities to indoor living.

Especially when trained well, you can prompt your pooch to wipe off their muddy paws in a dirty dog doormat.

Expect that even the best dog doormat does not remove 100% of the dirt in your dog's paws.

However, a quality dog paw cleaner mat will certainly make your home more hygienic and give you less trouble on the cleaning part.

Choosing the Best Doormat For Dogs – Final Thoughts

Tired of caring for a dirty dog doormat? Well, you may need to start investing in a quality dog paw-cleaning mat.

If you find out which one is the best doormat for dogs, it can be a very useful household item, especially if your pooch loves going outdoors.

Fortunately, having the best dog doormat is not hard to come by. If you decide to purchase a dog mud mat for your home, you can simply consider one of the options in this list. 

A dog paw cleaner mat is readily available and affordable to any pet owner. Once you have absorbent dog doormats, you can maintain and enjoy a clean and dry home.

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Doggy Doormats

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