Review: Duke-N-Boots Dog Paw Scrubber

I hate it when my dogs track muddy pawprints through my house. This dog paw scrubber from Duke-N-Boots has saved me a lot of floor cleaning.

Paw washers like this one make washing your pet's feet easy before he jumps into your vehicle or runs through your house.

Paw washers aren't necessary, so if you're on a tight budget, you shouldn't feel obligated to purchase one.

However, these products usually aren't very expensive. Paw washers also make an inexpensive and unique gift for the pet owner who has everything.

I like the Duke-N-Boots dog paw scrubber because it is more versatile than other similar products.

The unique design allows you to clean your dog's paws and legs, plus it's very easy to clean before storing.

Duke-N-Boots Dog Paw Scrubber Review

Dog Paw Cleaner

This dog paw cleaner is great for removing dirt, mud, and other debris from your dog's feet.

I have one on hand in our entryway to clean my pet's feet before they come inside on a rainy/snowy/muddy day.

I have a second Duke-N-Boots dog paw washer in my car to clean their feet before they jump into my vehicle.

We often hike with our dogs, and my Labrador loves running with me on the beach.

This paw washer makes it easy to brush sand off their feet or scrub mud from their paws and legs.

I live in Maine, and in the winter, dangerous chemicals are on every sidewalk and driveway.

Ice-melting products can be extremely toxic to dogs, so this paw cleaner comes in especially handy after winter walks.

I've used a couple of other paw washers in the past, and I like the Duke-N-Boots dog paw scrubber best.

It has a few features that make it more versatile and easier to use than other similar products.

With this product, one size fits all paws.

Similar products have a cylinder shape that you plunge your dog’s paws in and out of.

They look like coffee mugs, and you must add water to clean your pet's feet.

The Duke-N-Boots Paw Scrubber's unique design allows you to slide the device all around your pet’s paws and up his legs.

This allows you to get mud, snow, and any other debris off of his legs and feet.

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Dog Paw Washer

Soft bristles provide a soothing experience.

As you can see in my video review above, our chocolate lab, Saddie, doesn't mind having her paws washed at all.

Most pets will need to be gradually introduced to this product, but they should eventually enjoy it.

In my video review, you can also see how easy this product is to clean.

We have 3 dogs, 7 cats, and 2 children, so easy cleaning is a must for me.

The outside of this dog paw scrubber is made of hard plastic, but the inside layer is malleable silicone.

The silicone scrubber is removable for easy cleaning. Just rinse it under hot water, and the debris will wash right off.

If need be, you can use a cloth and mild detergent to remove any stuck-on debris.

It's versatile, easy to clean, and affordable! How often can you say that about a product?

I've recommended this dog paw washer to many friends and family members. I've even given it as a gift a few times.

You can buy this dog paw cleaner from Duke-N-Boots on Amazon for $14.99.

It's affordable on any budget and even cheap enough to allow you to have one for your home and one for your car.

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