Clean Muddy Paws with the Paw Boss


Dog washing products are becoming more popular, but most of them involve a device that uses the same water to wash all four paws. The water is clean for the first paw, but it continues to get dirtier after each paw is washed.The Paw Boss is specifically designed to clean each paw with fresh, clean water.

When used with antibacterial soap, an outside test laboratory proved that the Paw Boss removes 99.9% of the fungi and 99.5% of the bacteria from your dog’s paws. The fact that you wash each paw in fresh soapy water is what makes this product so effective.

The unique design of the Paw Boss allows you to tip the product up to fill the paw washing cup and then tip it the opposite way to drain the dirty water. It holds enough water to wash about 8 paws, so it's ideal for multi-dog households.


  1. Samantha, great writeup on this new product that just came out. We have one of these and absolutely love it. We can literally wash every paw with CLEAN soapy water right at the back or front door without having to go back and forth to the sink. AND you are right, no other product can do that. Great product and i noticed it is even made in the USA- AWESOME!

  2. Kevin,

    Thank you for the compliment. It’s nice to hear from someone that has actually tried the product and enjoyed it! It certainly has a unique design, and I’m always on the lookout for dog products, or any products, that are made in the USA. Thank you!


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