Keeping your dog safe is your top priority as a pet owner. But how can you keep such a curious and naturally inquisitive animal safe? Dogs love to romp and explore, and it's your job to allow them this joy without the opportunity of danger. Some owners have fence in their yard to keep Fido safe, but if you can't do that, the best dog tie out can be another option, albeit only used as the last resort and with supervision since it's not without its dangers, too.

Some homeowners associations do not allow visible fencing. If you live in a rental property, your landlord may not allow you to put up fencing. No matter what the reason is, sometimes putting up a fence is just not an option. But, you still need to find a way to keep your dog safely within the boundaries of your yard.

Best Dog Tie Out

An electronic collar system (i.e. invisible dog fence) is another option, but many dog owners are against this form of control due to its downsides. So, what other choices do pet owners have? The best thing to do is to take the dog outside on a leash, but due to time or for other reasons, this may not always be a viable option.

Odds are, your dog is going to want to spend a lot more time outside than you will. Using the most reliable, safe and best dog tie out or stake as those listed below can be a viable alternative, but you must first familiarize yourself with its pros and cons:

Dog Tie Out/Stake Price Quality Rating
Aspen Pet Petmate 9mm by 18-Inch Easyturn Stake $$$ B- 4.1/5
BV Pet Heavy Extra-Large Tie-Out Cable $$ A 4.4/5
Super Heavy XXL Tie-Out Cable for Dogs 250 Pounds $$ A+ 4.5/5
IntelliLeash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tie-Out $$$ B 4.2/5
Pet Champion Large Reflective Tie Out Cable $ C+ 4.0/5

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The dangers of using dog tie out confinement

Tie-out conferment is convenient, but before you set your mind on using canine tie-out in your yard, note that it's not without its downsides and has potential dangers for your pet. Even the best dog tie out and stakes pose a significant risk when used incorrectly, such as:

  • Strangulation. Without supervision, your dog is at risk of strangling himself. Your pet will not realize that he's tethered when deciding to chase after a squirrel.
  • Animal attack. Your dog is at risk of being attacked by other animals such as coyotes and will have limited or no way to protect himself.
  • Restriction to food/water. Even when you leave food and water for your tethered dog, it's possible that he'll accidentally push those out of reach or wrap himself around an object thereby shortening his reach radius.

This article on explains more potentially dangerous scenarios that can result from using a dog tie out incorrectly and without supervision. For more thoughts on this, there are some dog forum threads such as this and this with owners telling their own stories of both dangerous and safe ways to use the best dog tie-out options.

The key to using canine tie-out confinement is to understand its inherent dangers and supervise your pet when he's tethered. Do not leave your dog tied to a stake or anywhere else for long periods of time. For more thoughts on the safe ways for using dog tie-outs, take a look at this article from West Wing Dog Training.

More on using dog tie-outs/stakes safely

The Best Dog Tie Out and Stake Choices

When you tie your dog outside, there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. For starters, he should not be outside for long periods of time without proper shelter. Any dog that will be tied out for more than 30 minutes at a time should have a dog house to rest in.

The dog house that you provide needs to be the right size for your pet. It also needs to be well insulated. Insulation will not only keep your dog warm in cold weather but also cool when the weather is hot.

You also have to think about the weather. The proper shelter will keep your dog out of the beating sun and blustery cold weather, but there is more to it than just that. If it's going to be warm, your dog will need plenty of freshwaters. If you live in a region where it gets quite cold, you'll need to ensure that your dog has a water source that won't freeze.

Having access to water is a must, and your dog should also have access to comfortable bedding. As you can see, making sure that you have the best dog tie-out is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to keeping your canine companion safe outside.

The Best Dog Tie Out and Stake Choices
top 5 safest dog tie-out stakes and cables

1Aspen Pet Petmate Easyturn Stake

Aspen Pet Petmate Easyturn StakeIf you are an on-the-go pet owner, Aspen Pet’s Easyturn Stake Tie-out Cable will allow you to secure your dog even while you’re away. This tie-out cable allows what most active dogs crave for – the freedom to play, run, jump, and frolic by themselves – without the risk of dogs going astray. It has remarkable features you’ll surely love and your pet will enjoy. The package comes with a sturdy 20-foot high-grade galvanized steel cable with weather-proof polyvinyl sheathing. This is attached to a heavy-duty 9-mm diameter x 18” containment stake. The stake has a blue easy-grip plastic handle on one end and screw-type anchorage on the other end that makes staking easy and fast on any type of soil.

The tie-out cable attaches to the stake with an integrated 360-degree swivel ring, which will allow your pet freedom of movement and a lot more ground to explore without getting all tangled up. The Aspen Pet Petmate Easyturn Stake is also available without the tie-out cable, that is, if you already have one to pair with this shaft or need an extra or replacement.

Pet owners find this a very remarkable stake, and they say that this is just the right thing to rein in their active dog without completely restraining its energy and mobility. It can wander safely and comfortably without intruding into some areas, such as a newly-planted garden or a newly-washed patio floor. By leaving one end of the leads at their doorway, they can even let their dog out without having to step outside.


  • Comes with a sturdy 20-foot high-grade galvanized steel cable with weather-proof polyvinyl sheathing
  • Features a heavy-duty 9-mm diameter x 18” containment stake and an integrated 360-degree swivel ring
  • Easy-grip handle makes anchoring this bet dog tie out easy
  • Can hold dogs weighing up to 100 pounds

  • Some reviewers claim dogs weighing less 60 pounds were able to pull this stake out of the ground
  • Multiple reviewers noted that this was quite difficult to screw into the ground

best dog tie outMost helpful review about this best dog tie out: “I wanted to be able to let my dogs outside without my having to go out with them every single time. I was looking for a rotating stake with a long tie-out. I bought two of these, one for each of my dogs. I am already…”


2BV Pet Heavy Extra-Large Tie-Out Cable

BV Pet Heavy Extra-Large Tie-Out CablePossibly one of the joys in the life of a pet parent is watching his or her dog enjoy running or roaming about in the open. But then again, there’s the concern about the dog’s safety because accidents can happen at any time. A good tie-out cable should address that, and this extra-large tie-out cable from BV Pets Supplies does just that. This 30-foot quality-tested all-steel cable has swivel-type clips on both ends. This is very strong, yet lightweight, and is ideal for large dogs of up to 125 pounds. It features a reflective anti-corrosive vinyl covering designed for more visibility and optimum safety at night. Plus, it’s covered by a 1-year limited warranty.

Satisfied dog owners say that they like the quality and durability of the BV Pet Heavy Extra-Large Tie-Out Cable, and they find the reflective and anti-rust covering great as a bonus for extending the cable’s life longer. Whether the cable is secured to a post or containment stake, 30 feet of 360-degree mobility is ample freedom that your dog will definitely love – although restrained in a way.

best dog tie outAs a result of this relative freedom to move about, dogs’ behavior showed marked improvement. Incessant barking, scratching, and biting of stuff have been much reduced – they’re obviously happier and more contented in their present arrangement.


  • 30-foot quality-tested all-steel cable with swivel-type clips on both ends
  • For dogs weighing up to 125 pounds
  • Features a reflective anti-corrosive vinyl covering
  • Covered by a 1-year limited warranty

  • A couple of disgruntled reviewers say that the metal pieces on this dog tie out rusted quite quickly
  • Angry consumers reported design flaws that caused the cable to tangle and/or break

best dog tie outMost helpful review about this best dog tie out: “Three months ago I purchased the heavy 30 foot tie-out leash. I was specifically looking for material impossible to chew through, and this was perfect while it lasted. Tonight, I was surprised to look outside to…”


3BV Pet Super Heavy XXL Tie-Out Cable

BV Pet Super Heavy XXL Tie-Out Cable for Dogs up to 250 PoundsHere’s another ultra-strong tie-out from BV Pets Supplies that can take on heavy pulling from dogs weighing up to 250 pounds. This is made of a super heavy-duty all-steel chain and quick-release swivel clips. For added safety during walks on dark nights, the chain features a brightly reflective and anti-rust covering for increased visibility. The crimp and swivel clip covering provides stronger leads and rust protection as well. This chain-link runs a good 25 feet for more controlled tethering, which also limits unnecessary and annoying entangling.

There’s no beating this super resilient cable. According to many dog owners who’ve tried several brands in the past, this has stood up to the most stubborn and strongest of mutts longer than any other product of the same specifications. The BV Pet Super Heavy XXL Tie-Out Cable for Dogs up to 250 Pounds endures wear and tear very well and does not crimp or rupture in the chain or even in the vinyl covering.

best dog tie outNot only is this tool well-made and priced reasonably to fit their budget, but it has also put a stop to their dogs’ great escapes. Finally, their furry escape artists found their match. There’s a 1-year limited warranty on all items purchased – you can either go for a replacement or have your money back, no questions asked.


  • Suitable for dogs weighing up to 250 pounds
  • Made of super heavy-duty all-steel chain and quick-release swivel clips
  • Features a brightly reflective and anti-rust covering
  • 25 feet long

  • As with any of the best dog tie out stakes, there are reviews from pet owners who say their dog was able to break this cable
  • Some dogs were able to twist around until the clip popped off their collar

best dog tie outMost helpful review about this best dog tie out: “I have 2 of the strongest pulling Pit Bull Mixes and have gone through most everything on the market just to get them outside in the yard (one is a fence climber and the other one sprouts wings and flies over…”


4IntelliLeash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tie-Out

IntelliLeash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tie-OutThe first thing you’ll look for in the best dog tie-out cable is the safety that it provides for your pet. It should be capable of holding your pet securely without restricting his movement within the designated space. Unlike other containment stakes in the market, IntelliLeash’s Intelli-Stayk introduces a unique Surface-Lock technology that prevents bending, pulling, or breaking of the stake. The stake has a raised platform that prevents cables from entangling and swivel clips from breaking. Constructed of tough premium-grade 10-mm chrome-plated steel, this is truly a fine piece of pet-containing mechanism.

Installing the Intelli-Stayk is quick and easy. It has an easy-twist and ultra-wide looped handle that makes it hassle-free to drive drown to the ground without the need for tools. With your foot, press on the Surface-Lock cup into the stake, making sure that the two lock together properly, and then twist the stake into the ground until secure. You may then clip the cable right onto the IntelliLeash Intelli-Stayk Dog Tie-Out or onto the ring attached to the shaft. It’s that simple, and your eager beaver dog is good to go.

Since this item is lightweight and small enough to fit in the car’s glove compartment, dog owners find it convenient to bring it along on camping trips or outings. This allows their pet to enjoy the outdoors freely without getting lost in the woods.


  • Unique Surface-Lock technology that prevents bending, pulling or breaking of the stake
  • The stake has a raised platform that prevents cables from entangling and swivel clips from breaking
  • Made of tough premium-grade 10-mm chrome-plated steel

  • Multiple reviewers had a very difficult time screwing this stake into the ground
  • As with all dog tie-outs, there were reports of dogs being able to pull this one out of the ground

best dog tie outMost helpful review about this best dog tie out: “My dog outsmarted this thing. She dug around the orange cap and then circled around the limits of her leash pulling in different directions until she finally yanked it out of the ground. She then proceeded to…”


5Pet Champion Large Reflective Tie Out

Pet Champion Large Reflective Tie Out CableEnsuring your dog’s safety is one way of showing how much you care for your hairy pet companion. You can’t simply put it in a crate all day, of course, so a reliable tie-out would be a really good idea. Pets could run to their heart’s content but within the radius you designate. This tie-out from Pet Champion is tested to do this job. It’s made of 100% pure steel cable and swivel clips and designed to hold large breed dogs of up to 90 pounds. The entire 25-foot cable, including its crimp, is covered with anti-corrosive vinyl which makes it easier on the hands. More importantly, this sheathing also protects it from constant exposure to rain and prevents rusting.

Dog owners find this cable very convenient when they go camping. They usually pair it with a stake, but they also use it to tie around a tree or post and just let the dog do its business. Some have used the Pet Champion Large Reflective Tie Out Cable with a dog training collar to get their dogs to exercise, and they got great results. Their dogs barked less and were more behaved.

best dog tie outDog owners appreciate having this cable, especially during times when they want the company of their dogs but would rather not be holding a leash or constantly checking on them. Such instances are when they’re in the company of friends or enjoying the sights with other people. Holding a pet on one hand and attending to guests don’t always go together, so that’s when this good old cable becomes very indispensable. It allows hands-free movement while still seeing to it that the dog is safe and just a few paces away.


  • Made of 100% pure steel cable and swivel clips
  • Designed to hold dogs weighing up to 90 pounds
  • 25 feet long
  • The cable is covered with anti-corrosive vinyl

  • Pet owners found the cable and clips to be quite heavy, and they don't recommend this best dog tie out for small breeds
  • Buyers noted that the cable kinks and then is stuck in that position, and sometimes it causes the cable to fray

best dog tie outMost helpful review about this best dog tie out: “We got this for our rowdy pitbull. Let me first start by saying, our pit mix is STRONG! He likes to pull to and jump and he's just 100% muscle. He can pull a 250 pound man across the floor.…”

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