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5 Best Flea Trap Types for Serious Infestations

You’re giving your dog the heartworm pill, and you bathe them regularly, so why are there still fleas in the house?

Unfortunately, these pests tend to hide in our hair, clothing, carpet, and bedsheets, just like a bedbug would.

Not only that, but they can survive outside too. And if you have a flea infestation in your home, they can sometimes be challenging to get rid of.

While they work in similar ways, one of the differences between bed bugs and fleas is that the latter can leap quite a long distance when they sense danger, and they strategically hide their eggs in places that they know won’t be disturbed.

However, fleas are far easier to get rid of than bed bugs, and you won't have to burn your whole house down to do it.

Don't call an exterminator just yet.

After you've treated your pooch for fleas and know you've gotten rid of them from the dog's fur, you'll need to treat the house for potential flea infestation immediately.

Depending on your situation, you can combat these annoying little pests by trying some of the best flea trap types.

Fleas Don’t Just Live in Your Home.

If you’ve been putting down flea powder, setting out one of the best flea trap types, and regularly grooming your dog but still can’t seem to get rid of that flea infestation problem, you may need to look beyond the inside of your house.

Wildlife and heavily wooded areas can create an easy, comfortable environment for these pests to hop around from host to host.

For this reason, you’ll want to find a pet-safe pesticide to use in your yard, so your dog doesn’t have any bad reactions.

Fleas Don’t Just Live in Your HomeIf possible, try to throw out your vacuum bags for every cleaning session.

To save money, you can also purchase small, handheld vacuum cleaners where the reservoir can be opened, emptied, and cleaned regularly.

Should you ever choose to use smoke bombs or “foggers” instead of flea traps, follow every step of the instructions and remove your animals from home before turning them on.

Place yourself a safe distance from the exit before activating the canister; there have been cases in which homeowners have not made it out the door in time and passed out on their porches.

In general, even for big flea infestations, some of the above-mentioned best flea trap brands will be effective.

In rare cases that they're not, you may need to try a more drastic approach, and if you do, have someone assist you with this project if you’re living in a larger residence so that if things do wrong, they’re able to help.

Different Types of Flea Traps

Glue flea traps

Glue traps:

You’ll find that glue traps are probably the most commonly used type of pest removal tool. Since a glue flea trap doesn’t contain poison, it's virtually harmless to pets as long as they don’t step in it.

While they’ll also catch other annoying bugs like gnats and roaches, the downside is that you might end up with more than just bugs if you happen to have an issue with mice or rats.

They are effective than getting fleas to stick to them but not always effective at attracting fleas in the first place.

Poison flea trap

Poison traps:

These usually come in sprays or food form, and they’re a bit more dangerous for pets and children in your house. As a “food,” you’ll find that pest poison comes in the form of small pellets.

They’re meant to be placed along the inside of cabinets, drawers, and cupboards, which isn’t usually where you’ll find fleas. Food traps are less ideal, but flea poison sprays are definitely effective if your dog or cat isn’t licking at them.

Poison flea traps can also come in gel and powder forms, but they have the potential to leave behind a residue that may or may not be dangerous, depending on the situation.

Foggers or “smoke” flea bombs are popular and used quite often because of how quickly they work to kill just about any pest in your home, including fleas, but you'll need to isolate areas of the house or even leave it for several days when using them.

Electric flea traps
Simone Hogan

Electric flea traps:

We've covered the best electric flea traps before, and just about every electric flea trap available is dependent on the use of light to attract them.

Once the flea senses the warmth, they jump to the source only to find themselves zapped or stuck to a glue trap.

This is by far one of the most effective ways to attract fleas into a spot, but not always the best way to kill fleas as they often escape these traps.

The two go hand in hand and appear to work pretty well when used together. You’ll also find electric traps that produce sound waves that are disturbing and irritating to insects that prefer a nice quiet place to live and hide. You might also be able to find electric zappers for fleas, similar to the ones used for mosquitoes.

It’s important to take care of your flea infestation problem in the house as soon as you notice them because they can lead to further health complications with your pet.

Aside from the usual concerns like tapeworm and heartworm, some animals and humans are allergic to flea saliva.

Also, the longer you way, the harder it will be to get rid of them as fleas continue to leave eggs and spread around your home.

So here are the best flea trap types that are effective at dealing with such infestations.

Top 5 Best Flea Trap Brands for Infestations

1. Fleabusters RX Odorless Pest Poison

Type of trap: Powdered, flea poison

Powdered flea poisons are definitely versatile and convenient, but as far as flea traps go, you have to be careful about loose powders, especially if there are kids or pets near the treated area.

Fleabusters RX is mostly made up of a boric acid, a common flea, roach, and pest repellent for households.

It isn’t like a glue trap in the sense that you have to strategically place it somewhere that your pet won’t get to it.

All you need to do is sprinkle it across your carpet or floor, give it about an hour (or a full day if you’d like) then vacuum it up.

Fleabusters Rx for Fleas Plus, 3 lb
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Of course, neither your pets nor your children should have access to the area until all borax has been removed. Afterward, your family can come back inside right away; be sure to follow the application instructions. Multiple uses may be necessary before you’re able to see a major difference.


  • One year satisfaction guarantee, or your money back!
  • Doesn’t need round the clock use


  • A bit expensive for Borax, can be found at lower prices
  • Doesn’t have the same effectiveness as electric and glue traps


2. Ever Pest Ultrasonic Pest Repeller

Type of trap: Sound and vibration activated

Few things are more irritating than trying to find a flea trap that is effective but won’t get stuck to your dog’s fur or end up in your child’s mouth.

The Ever Pest Ultrasonic offers a toxin-free, mess-free solution for this problem!

Instead, this device emits a high-frequency sound designed to deter any fleas that have made themselves comfortable inside your home.

There are 2 Ultrasonic emitters included with each purchase, so you can place them wherever the infestation seems to be the worst.

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According to our editors that have tried this particular device, it hasn’t exactly been the best for getting rid of fleas (similar to other electric traps). Still, it will most certainly throw off the trail to any ants that might be entering your home through windows, doors, or cracks in your walls!


  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Non-poisonous
  • Easy wall plug-in setup, no batteries needed


  • Vibration might actually attract spiders
  • There is no real indicator that shows whether or not it is working.


3. Vet’s Best Flea and Tick Home Spray

Type of trap: Liquid solution, spray-on

Vet’s Best is a highly reputable brand and well-known among pet owners, especially those struggling to interrupt the flea life cycle.

You can use the spray anywhere inside or outside your home, and even though it is considered a pesticide, it's safe to use around your pet and your family!

Vet’s Best uses natural, pleasantly scented ingredients that fleas hate, including cinnamon, clove oil, and peppermint.

Spray it around your yard, on your furniture, or spritz some onto your carpet to kill any eggs that might be hidden within the fibers.

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This spray can be used on dogs and puppies over 12 weeks of age, but there are possible side effects.

Avoid getting any of this flea repellent in the eyes, and wash it out right away if you do.

If you notice your pet has trouble breathing or their skin becomes itchy and agitated, rinse off immediately and see a vet.

Obviously, you’ll want to get there much quicker if your dog is having respiratory problems! Vet’s Best doesn’t necessarily work in the traditional sense of a “trap,” but it will kill them on contact and keep the population low.


  • Repels ticks and mosquitoes in addition to fleas
  • Won’t stain your couch or sheets
  • Can be directly applied to fur (follow the instructions!)


  • Certain active ingredients can be irritating for some users, fine for others
  • Requires regular use, might be too harsh for pets with skin sensitivities


4. Hot Shot No-Pest Strip

Type of trap: Vapor, flea poison

The Hot Shot strip is loved by homeowners as it's one of the most affordable and commonly used for getting rid of not only fleas but other unwanted guests too.

Gnats, flies, and fleas are especially annoying pests because they’re so tiny and difficult to catch. This convenient little device slowly releases a low dose of poisonous vapor that is not harmful to humans or pets unless placed directly in front of the face.

Obviously, you’ll want to keep this far, far away from toddlers, puppies, extra chewy dogs, or anyone else who is likely to put it in their mouth.

Hot Shot No-Pest Strip, Pack of 1
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Hot Shot No-Pest Strip, Pack of 1
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Like with all other poison-based flea traps, there are serious pros and cons to consider to this one. It's definitely effective, but it will be dangerous to have it around your dogs or kids.

If you're using this to treat a specific area, it's recommended not to allow pets or children anywhere near those areas for several days.


  • Slow-release won’t dissipate all at the same time
  • Pets can’t reach it if it's set high enough


  • Better for attracting silverfish and gnats than fleas
  • It can be dangerous if not used properly


5. Wondercide Flea, Tick, and Mosquito Repellent

Type of trap: Spray, flea poison

Made with pleasantly scented essential oils such as Rosemary, Sesame, and Cedar, the Wondercide repellent comes in a close second place to the Vet’s Best spray.

Pet owners have previously expressed that the original recipe for this flea killer worked quickly without harming their dog or cat.

Wondercide Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito Spray for...
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Wondercide Natural Flea, Tick & Mosquito Spray for...
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Unfortunately, there have been mixed feelings about this product since they made a major change in their formula.

It could be that it just isn’t strong enough to do the trick or a major ingredient needs to be switched out.

Either way, it looks as though the company is working to improve the quality of Wondercide and make some changes. Consider giving it a try; it might be helpful.


  • You can directly apply it to the coat of a dog or cat
  • Made in the USA, has high standards for manufacturing


  • Works fine for fleas but might not do much for ticks
  • The formula quality has changed, no longer ideal for some pets

How to Pick the Best Flea Trap Brand or Type

Now that you’ve got your options, you might be wondering which one would be best for you personally.

This will largely depend on the seriousness of flea infestation in your house and your home situation, such as:

Do you have kids?

Are you able to isolate pets and kids from treated areas?

Do you want constant use of flea traps in areas where kids and pets cannot be isolated from?

Generally, among homeowners with pets and children, the Vet’s Best brand has a great reputation, and the company also has a large variety of pet-safe pest control products in addition to the home spray.

They offer carpet powders that are likely to do a better job than regular borax and are less harmful to your dog if they do end up licking up a small amount.

A telltale sign of a good flea trap product is how well it's known, and Vet’s Best is highly recommended by many, including our editors here at Top Dog Tips.

A Word of Caution for Using Flea Poison Sprays

Using flea trapsYou’ll see “inert ingredients” placed somewhere toward the end of the list, and it's not something to worry about in general.

It's typically just water or a liquid mixture that makes it easier to apply the spray.

However, you may need to worry about being around this liquid when using a lot for serious flea infestations and if the whole house is treated. And even more so when using around kids or pets.

If at any point you experience a “tickle” in the back of your throat that leads to coughing or respiratory irritation, cease using any flea poison product.

Open up windows and doors if necessary, and try to ventilate your home as best you can. Regardless of the brand, certain chemicals don’t mix well with some people and their pets, especially those prone to allergies and skin sensitivity.

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Top 5 Best Flea Trap Types for Serious Infestations


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